Will PROMOTE Your Product like my own. Willing to Spend $$Thousands For Partnership Deal.

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UPDATE 1: OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED: You must be willing to create a Sales video for your sales page. ( This can be just a slideshow with voiceover)
UPDATE 2: You MUST be the creator of the product. I prefer to work with someone who is passionate about their niche and product and has also spent a good amount of time working on it.. I find these people to be the best to work with.

HOWEVER If you bought rights to the product, you must be the only person who has the rights to sell the product. (i.e EXCLUSIVE Seller) No one else should have the exact copy of your product.

UPDATE 3: I’ve been approached by some marketers who already has a product but won’t improve or MARKET their product because they feel it’s not worth their time, UNLESS I choose to partner with them..
Here’s the thing.. I won’t spend my money on who will ONLY market their product IF I choose to partner with them, i want product owners who will go on to market their product regardless if I choose to partner with them or not. This tells me that you’re really serious and will do whatever it takes to make it work

Hey Fellow Warriors

Do you have a product you want to launch, But no idea how to market the product? Let me PARTNER with you and Market the product for you. I will PAY for your MARKETING.

I have a lot of cash in hand and I will invest in marketing using my Own money to bring more sales for your product(s) in return for a Long term Partnership Agreement 50 -50 share from profits (Negotiable) . I'm looking to help you promote your product and be a LONG TERM partner.

A little About me:
I've been around the internet marketing since 2009 and I personally create multiple businesses online and OFFLINE. I used to be an auditor and then transitioned to a digital marketer for a startup company for 2.5 years before I went full-time online. If you have a look on my warriorforum profile you know I've been around for sometime now and I run a coaching program with a ton of success stories from my students.
I'm just letting you know you're dealing with someone who has been in the game for sometime now.


I'm looking for high quality product creators who already have created the product and are looking for someone to help market it in return for a partnership deal. I've got the experience marketing information products on Clickbank as a vendor myself and currently working with a business partner creating programs outside the MMO niche.

I do prefer to work with product owners outside the Make Money Online/ Business opportunity space.
HOWEVER this is just a preference. I'm open for any niche and product as long its 100% Ethical.

IMPORTANT: the product has to be on Clickbank because of the following reasons:

1) Clickbank is established and has a lot of JV/ Partner Contact agreement function ( so I know I will get paid on time, everytime as a Partner)
2) Clickbank has their own Payment merchant, sometimes in this business our Paypal account can get limited and sales wont go through, I don;t want any disruption in sales
3) Clickbank has a database of established Affiliates

The conditions below are IDEAL BUT not a requirement
You will need to use Clickbank as your merchant ( Youll need to pay a $50 listing fee )
The product has to be a digital product
The product is in an EVERGREEN niche. I want the product to be able to make money in the next 5 - 10 years MINIMUM (with little to no updates) so it will be worth my time.
You will handle ALL customer support and hosting your download materials ( Sales page, Download Pages etc)
Your product has to be at least 80% Complete
Youre proud of your product and willing to put your face on camera ( this tells me you really believe in your product)

A Few Things I Can Bring To The Table As A Business Partner
Affiliate Recruitment < This is what Im good at and this will actually be my main focus if we partner together
Extend and grow your SALES FUNNEL so you can squeeze more money for every Visitor who visit your sales page
Create High ticket offers for your backend and help you execute this ( Im currently working with a business partner and I've helped him create a backend funnel with High ticket offers in place) He had no idea this was even possible in his niche.
Business Advice and ongoing support as a business Partner.

NOTE: I'm Looking for 2-3 Serious partners at this moment of time , If you're keen let me know by
Replying to this thread ( I'm subscribed to this thread) and I'll get back to you ASAP.

If youre sending me an email please insert the subject line "Clickbank Partner Proposal" So i know whats it about do sent me details of your product. Sales page or the actual product sample itself and give me as much details as possible. Most importantly tell me why the product is in demand?

I'll get in touch with you and we'll hop on a quick skype call.

Remember you don't pay me anything. I will do a lot of the work for you in terms of marketing if we agree to work
together. There is time and money investment on my side, so I really want to partner with good product creators.

All information shared with partnership will be PnC of course.

I Look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

-Brandon Sean
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    Hi Brandon,

    I'm interested!

    Please kindly check out you mail, I sent you a PM.
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    Hi Brandon,

    I am about to launch my product this month, it will be a breakthrough in IM Niche, Brand New tool to generate Original & High-quality Content.

    I will PM you with more details.
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    Hey Brandon, will PM
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    Hi, I have a premium domain if you wish we could do it a news worthy and healthy online place. Kindly PM me for more query. I hope you had got the idea!
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    Please check inbox and reply. I am willing to be your partner.
  • Profile picture of the author Slavko Desik
    Wrote you a PM Brandon. Waiting for your reply.
  • Profile picture of the author affdaft
    Hi Brandon,

    I am thinking of starting a forex signals website. I'm a FX trader first of with a live verified track record of two years and I'm ranked in the top 10 by a leading signal website.

    The good thing about the service I will be providing is that it is recurring payments so the subscription payment could be a 50/50 split for the lifetime of the subscribers account. It should be a pretty easy sell giving the stats and currently I manage around $1.2m (which can be shown). So now looking to create a signal service at a monthly cost to the public. I also have many happy clients so the testimonials are already in place.

    Let me know if it's something you may be interested in.

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    Hi Brandon,

    I have a software company and we have a product that may be a fit for you www.businefy.com

    We are using AI to make business processes more efficient.

    Let me know if you are interested,

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