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Original Launch Video

Two obvious things you face as an Internet Marketer:


No matter what the product, service or course is about:

Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing, Pay Per View, Social Marketing, Product Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Persuasion Marketing, Webinars, Teleseminars, Membership Sites, Auto Blogging, Keyword Research, PLR Content, Software Creation, Autoresponders, List Building, Mobile Marketing, Traffic Generation, Conversion Tools, Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Link Building, Mini Sites, Social Bookmarking, Product Launching, Outsourcing, Continuity Programs, Local Search Marketing, Copywriting, Blogging, Link Farms, Media Buying, Twitter Tools, Licensing, Content Creation, Seminars, Squeeze Pages, WordPress Plugins, Coupon Marketing, CPA Marketing, Niche Marketing, Lead Generation, Viral Marketing, Bum Marketing, Scraping Content, Black/Grey/White Hat Marketing, Recruiting Affiliates, Upselling/Downselling, Newsletter Marketing, Cookie Stuffing, Competition Spying, PR Marketing, Domaining, Site Flipping, Web 2.0, Niche Research, etc. etc.

How do the owners and JV partners launch and continue to promote them?

You don't see people with a PPC course, launch using PPC.

You don't see people with a CPA course, launch using CPA.

You don't see people with an SEO course being launched with PPC, CPA or SEO.


They launch and continue to market by mailing their list and getting their JV partners to mail their lists as well.

It's all about having a list to work with.

It always has been and will be!


As an Internet Marketer, you already have too much to deal with:

Testing, Tracking, Server Maintenance, Site Maintenance, Article Writing, Site Content, Niche Research, Audio Creation/Editing, Video Creation/Editing, Free Reports, Graphics, Blog Posting, Budget, Keyword Research, Upsells, Cross-sells, Newsletter Writing, Autoresponder Content, Analyzing Your Market, Segmenting, Copywriting, PPC Campaigns, Recruit Affiliates, Customer Relationships, Legal and Compliance, Manage other Sites, Find JV Partners, Fulfillment, Acquiring Testimonials, Link Building, Handle Sales/Refunds, Product Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Site Design, Handling Merchant Account, Figure What to do Next, etc.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

It's an overwhelming feeling and your time is limited.

So, with so much stressing you out and so much on your plate already, how do you do the most important thing, building a list?

You need to tap into what is already being done by the "big boys", you get JV partners to build your list.

Ok, so you don't have time to go and find JV partners, contact them, wait forever for them to reply (if they ever do) and then to finally be rejected because they are "too good" for you or whatever lame reason they give you.

I mean, you got into Internet Marketing to create a lifestyle, right?

So, with all the in mind, here's what I put together for you.

I created a free service that handles everything for you. All you need is a site/blog that is Internet Marketing related*.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Here's how ListCrew.com builds your list for free:

1. The service handles all members and does all the JV connecting automatically 24/7 (no rejection and no need to accept partners).

2. The service handles all subscriptions and adds your subscribers DIRECTLY to your autoresponder, you own them, you DO NOT share them. They are YOUR subscribers.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Here are some actual user videos:

James Martell of JamesMartell.com

James Martell Video

Martin Avis (w/follow-up video) of IMKickStart.com

Martin Avis Video

Martin Avis Follow-Up Video

John Barker of AdwordsIncome.com

John Barker Video

Sid Christiaens of MobMagnet.com

Sid Christiaens Video

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

What you need to do next is join the others already using the ListCrew.com free service and put your list building on autopilot.

And to be even more cool, I am going to give you 5 days of priority list building (which is normally a paid option).

Here's what you need to do in order to qualify for the 5 days of high priority list building:

Reply to this post with the following:

1. Your name

2. Your web site or blog URL

3. What autoresponder service you use.

Go ahead and Hit reply and answer the 3 questions above.

* Set up an account with ListCrew.com so that you are ready to go.

** Your site/blog needs to be be geared towards Internet Marketing where you teach about Internet Marketing, Report on Internet Marketing, Sell Internet Marketing as an Affiliate, Sell your own Internet Marketing product(s).

P.S. Here are some recent screen shots of one of my lists using ListCrew.com

*** January 28 - February 10, 2011

*** January 11 - January 24, 2011

*** September 7 - September 20, 2010

*** June 4 - June 18, 2010

*** May 22 - June 5, 2010

*** March 25 - April 8, 2010

*** March 9 - March 23, 2010

Here are some Warrior experiences using the Free ListCrew.com:

Hi Troy,

I just wanted to update you with the progress I have made with List Crew since setting up a few days ago.

The first thing you should know, is that the site I elected to use it on "The newbie manuals.com" has been somewhat neglected by me of late and is getting little to no traffic..... silly mistake on my part I would have to agree......but, get this.......

I have had 17 double opt in subscribers .... with no traffic.......this is simply awesome, especially as my previous attempts at list building have been somewhat naff.

Anyone who reads this, really ought to Join Listcrew.com if they are serious about wanting to build a list....the best part is it is free!!

Troy, all I can say, is a very big thank you.

Graham Maddison


Hi Troy,

I joined List crew a while back, you may remember I had a site with little or no traffic which I elected to use as test. back then I was amazed at how quickly I was able to build a list using List Crew.

I continue to be amazed, and just want to say a big thanks. I now have a list of subcribers whom I market to on a regular basis.

List Crew works period.

Cheers and many thanks again

Graham Maddison

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

For anyone still sitting on the fence about this

Troy has come up with a fantastic and free concept

I have had ListCrew running on my site for about a week now and it has definitely at least tripled my double opt-ins

So, don't just sit there thinking about it - do it, or you'll probably regret it

Steve Holt

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Hey Troy just thought I would drop in and say thanks and give you and everyone else a update on your service. I have been using List Crew for a while now and my list is growing fast and the best thing is I do not have to concentrate as hard on building my list. Great to have time to focus on other things while I let you grow my list on autopilot.

Great job Troy keep up the good work!

Chris Jenkins

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Awesome Service! Already seeing results in a day! Troy is owning this! Great Idea!

Shane Hale

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Hay Troy,

I joined your service a little over a week ago and I think its awesome.

I'm now building my list faster than ever before.
You made an adjustment to my account and reset my credits. First Class.
If everyone on the net worked as you do it would be an amazing place.
Warriors take note, Troy understates and over delivers.

Thank you.
Regards Pete Phillips

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Hi troy thanks, for the service, it looks really cool, already got subscriber in now

Benny Priyatna

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Thanks Troy

Just started a couple days ago and your system is working great.

Getting new members to my list every day.

Warner Carter

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I have to say, I have a 60 page ebook that I wrote a while back, and I've never gotten around to doing ANY promotion for it.

On a whim, I set up the script from List Crew and promptly forgot about the book again. When I checked back in today, I had 28 new subscribers.

And outside of signing up for List Crew, I did absolutely NOTHING else to bring those subscribers in.

Imagine what List Crew could help me do if I were actually trying!!!

Mike Long

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Highly Recommended!

I am by no means a newbie, so I wanted to test this service out on one of my new blogs announcing my new product launch.

The results have been nothing short of spectacular!

Thank you Troy!

Gary Gregory

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Thanks Troy for setting up my List Crew account real quick - so far, it's 7 double opt-in subscribers in 24hrs...
>> way to go <<

Jimi Tele

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Just a quick update on how this works...

I signed up just the other day - and I'm already getting 2 subscribers per day from this free service - so far - so good.


Steve Meade

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

This is great! I've been a member for a few days now and have had signups every day.

It is much more responsive than the viral list building sites I have tried and the best part is the member's aren't being bombarded with crap.

Very glad I came across this thread!

Troy Steele

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I have used Troy's service in the past and thought very highly of both the service, as well as Troy as a person.

Great work on the ListCrew platform Troy!

Randall Kowalenko

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Hey Troy...I just checked and I've got me 146 autopilot subscribers now.

Doesn't get much easier than ListCrew that's for sure.

Mike Murphy

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Hey Fellow Warriors,

I am making this post to let you know about my experience with Troy's program so far...I signed up for the free account on his site a couple of days ago - quite a bit skeptical at first. However, I'm always looking for ways to build my IM list, especially for free

It literally took me all of 10 minutes to sign up and get everything working right on my website, so that was really cool. And to top it off, I've already had 13 opt ins the last 2 days!

I know that's not massive list building, but for a brand new list and offer I'm really happy about it. I've used other viral list builders in the past without any instant results. I also know with these methods that the longer you do them, the growth in subscribers comes exponentially.

I highly recommend that you get an account while they are still free!!!

Jason Hornung

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Troy McDonald is probably one of the most generous persons I have come across within the WarriorForum community. Great 1on1 support to non-paying members.

Within the first 5 days, I have received ~30 opt ins - which has been the equivalent to some of the paid giveaway events. The difference? Troy's basic plan in free.

I was so impressed with the service that I plan on upgrading to a paid plan in the future. And that means a lot coming from me - as I rarely pay for anything on here.

Don't believe me? Try it out for free; why not add this to your arsenal of list-building tools?

Jeff Grabowski

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Hey Troy!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to try this program!

Almost immediately (within an hour) I started seeing new signups to my mailing list that I know were not from my regular methods.

Then over the next few days I was getting about half of my optins from your program! It is incredible.

Thank you so much and I am looking forward to using this program on all my lists.

Kelvin Nikkel
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