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/Reopened for a limited time/
Let me help you to build the list!

Hello everyone,

Some of you will recall last year I organized a number of group adswaps.

With this post, I want to announce you that I will
reopen for limited time, few events of free services
for group adswap.

For those who are not familiar with the term "Group Adswap".
A Group Adswap is simply an adswap between multiple swappers.
Each swapper contributes a gift and agrees to promote on a certain day.

It's like a JV giveaway where only a limited number of
swappers take part. The benefit is that, in most cases,
each swapper gift is downloaded by every unique visitor.
Everyone gets a lot more exposure.

For better understand I have prepared this short
proces map. I hope that helps.

If you want to take part all you have to do is offer a very
valuable and unique freebie. My role is to create and host a
website where I will put up everyone's free offer.
(name, picture, short description)

The benefits are obvious. It's like getting the results
from ten separate ad-swaps, and there is no need to
spam subscribers with e-mails of 10 times per adswap

We will keep it limited at only 5 to 10 gifts, so we will have
a good sign up rate for our offers.


If you're interested, for this event, you need to provide me following

1. List size & average click trough
2. Your Name
3. Your photo 80x80 px
4. Your product photo - 150x150 px
5. Product name - 50 characters
6. Product Description - 300 characters
7. Link to Your Landing Page
and any dates that will help us for the swap.

For registration you can e-mail me to: gelunastac [at] gmail [dot] com


1. There is no fee. I offer this free service to help each other to build our list.

2. We do not accept gifts with many products. (a gift with many items are accepted only if they are in the same package, for example, 2 volumes of the same product)

3. We only accept partners who can provide 100 clicks or more for this event

4. Layout will be in descending order of filling slots

5. Slot is considered reserved when I get all the required data about you.

6. The group adswap is open to the public on scheduled date and closes after a week.

7. I reserve the right to amend these rules if necessary.

Below you will find information on the next groups adswap, EDITED:
Event scheduled to be open for public: when all spots are taken
We have: 5 (five) more seats


PS. You can see last one event that I've done here:
VIP Giveaway 2.0

PPS. You can also see another threads about for the last year, group adswap here:
#warrior joint ventures #> #100 clicks #adswap #group #interested #limited #place #vip
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  • Profile picture of the author Robert McMillan
    What an innovative idea Gelu I can hardly wait for this and the results I anticipate ... Thanks so much for the invitation
    • Profile picture of the author paulpower
      Hi Gelu,

      This is truly a very inspiring idea, maybe you should look into the idea of hosting a group swap for those with a very small list and help them build their list.

      Maybe a group swap for newbies, with a list size of up to say 1,000?

      What do you think? Email me at if you wish to discuss this further, can't om you sorry to say.

      Take Care,

      Paul Power.
  • Profile picture of the author Jay Latour
    Great idea Gelu, looks good. I'm interested in participating.

    • Profile picture of the author Gelu Nastac
      Hello Jay & Welcome,

      If you want to participate, must send me your details.
      The slot is considered taken when you sent me your details.

  • Profile picture of the author Jay Latour
    Ok thanks. I see the slots are all filled. Will get on board quicker next time.

    • Profile picture of the author Phil Ainsworth
      Just wanted to say thanks for organising this Gelu!

      Only a couple of days in and I am very happy with the number of new subs I'm receiving (and I'm sure the other partners are too :-))

      Think I'll be running one of these group adswaps in the near future.. it's working really well :-)


      Phil Ainsworth
  • Profile picture of the author VaultBoss
    Hi Gelu!

    I wanted to thank you for the last event you put up...
    I have witnesed a surge of traffic and signups coming IN from it - and all I needed was just a simple email I sent.

    In terms of results, I would say I received a bit more than 2.5 times more than from a regular swap ... so maybe not quite 10xtraffic, but still, a very good ROI so to speak.

    I can send anything from 250 up to 500 unique visitors - on a single day - to a swap partner, depending on their own return traffic ... and expect normally to have back a similar amount, resulting in about 50% or more signups...

    So say for a 100 visitors swap, I am expecting at least 50 new subscribers from a good partner.

    Still... the average is lower than that > Sometimes unfortunately even down to 25, due to multiple factors, but especially when the partners are not maintaining a high quality list themselves...
    (impossible to know in advance)

    However, on your last event, I got 124 new subscribers, from only 189 clicks which was 65% optin rate - a good sign of the better quality of subscribers and more targeted, pre-warmed traffic.
    It means you have chosen the members well, my friend - Thank YOU for that, thank them all too!

    And all it cost me was just a simple email...

    Kudos! GREAT idea, feel free to invite me again, anytime buddy!

    Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso
    SEO Video Tips
    • Profile picture of the author Gelu Nastac
      Hey fellow warriors,

      I will reopen this and I will organize 2 - 3 events without any charge.
      If you are interested, have a responsive list bigger than 1k subscribers in IM niche, then send me an PM or email.

  • Profile picture of the author onlinebizgiant
    Thanks Gelu,

    I'm in as I know you are a real deal

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