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This is your JV invite to promote "Self Improvement With IST" through win-win-win-jv affiliate network and make a lot more than your initial affiliate check for the same effort. This is a unique offer your list will love. When I say unique, I really mean unique. Every aspect of the offer is unique.

Unique to your buyers/list members.

1. Your list members/customers get the first one on one session free(Value $77). Let your friend, relative or business associate know about the free one on one session and help them over come whatever that is holding them back from their full potential - be it making more money, losing weight, quit smoking, resolving relationship issues, taking their business to the next level - they will be thankful to you forever.

2. IST is a revolutionary technique - non-conventional, non-evaluative - the student will have a chance to look his/her life events and experiences in a new light and understand what is holding him/her back and set the stage for self transformation.

3. We promote it through our win-win-win-jv system which means your buyers get back a lot more than what they pay for the service through monthly profit sharing passive income, in addition to great service.

Unique to you - the JV/Affiliate:

1.It is super easy to promote & convert IST because you can offer the initial IST session free to your list members/customers(Value US$77)

2.We offer 2 tier commission.You get paid for your direct sales and on the sales of your referrals.

3.You will be making a lot more than your initial affiliate check for every single sale through our win-win-win-jv. system in monthly profit sharing passive income. You sell once and get paid forever for every single sale you make.

Here is your link for jv signup and additional info:

Self Improvement Tips

I would love to have you as a jv partner/affiliate and help me promote "Self Improvement With IST".
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    We have repackaged and relaunching "Self Improvement With IST" and looking for more JV partners and affiliates.

    You are welcome to try our free one on one session, if you are interested, see the quality of our program first hand and promote it with confidence
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    I'll check out your link.

    I have a small list of 95% women who I have gotten on my list either by attending one of my several boot camp locations, attended one of my weekend Women's Weight Loss Retreats, heard me speak at their corporation on WL and opted in on one of my WL products.

    My whole "schtick" is the emotional mastery to weight loss prior to the mechanics of diet and exercise so your message may already resonate with most of them. Anyway, send me a PM if you're interested in discussing. Thanks!

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