Serious JV Partner To Split 20k/month

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I'm looking for a serious-minded professional who wants to build a real partnership/business, if you have the skills to:

1. Set up a membership platform for IM coaching
2. Create a professional website, squeeze page and FB fan page
3. Create monthly drip course content, with videos and/or webinar

**No outsourcing pls, respond only if you have the required skills and fortitude to stick to it**

I will provide 1000+ rabid students paying $20/month.
We will split approx $20,000 a month down the middle i.e. 50/50.
Marketing is all about having a unique system, and there's a sweet
twist here, to be divulged to the selected partner.

Great potential to scale up rapidly!!

If you have what it takes and want to build a sustainable and long term business/income, PM or give skype id in-thread.

#warrior joint ventures #20k or month #partner #serious #split

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    Please send me details to
  • Profile picture of the author momtraders
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    sent you a pm
  • Profile picture of the author Cormac L
    Pm sent.

    Sent pm.
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    Originally Posted by momtraders View Post


  • Profile picture of the author workson
    All PMs replied ....massive response, thanks folks
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    Hey workson,

    I can't PM you as Im new to this forum but I am very interested in this venture. I hold a masters degree in computer science from boston university. I was a founding engineer at a small startup who lead development on several projects. The company has since raised $5M funding and grown to over 30 employees. I am more than capable to build out any web application you had in mind. I am interested, let me know more, thanks.
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    We are a team of IM guys and looking for opportunity...please contact me at you - Derrick
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    Just sent you a PM. Greetings!
  • Profile picture of the author derrickzv
    Hi Andreas...I don't mean too spam you...Are you still looking for a JV partner?
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    I am looking for a JV to partner with on my existing website: Directory Submission Service - SEO Services - Link Building

    Severica Vintila
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    I am interested.... I have done this all before at the beginning of the year and got burned by my JV partner since everything was hosted on her servers in the U.K. and I am based in the U.S.

    I worked night and day to get that membership site running and would be interested in working with someone like you to finally profit from my efforts.

    PM me or connect with me on skype: jayrugg

    Talk soon,

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    Send me more details, please.
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    Can you pm me your skype? Already train many people locally here about seo like onpage and offpage with some good techniques.
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    have you found your jv partner? pls update us.
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    Hi, Please add me to Skype to discuss further.
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    I do not have Skype but I am interested.
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    I have PM'd you. This would be an awesome opportunity for both of us.
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    Very interested in this JV! Sent you a pm. Looking forward for your reply.
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    I sent to you a PM and would like to learn more about your business.

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