If you have good ideas, let us work together

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Hello Warriors,

If you have unique idea(s) that generate money, we can work together.

What is expected from you:
Unique ideas and clear plan

What will I contribute to this:
I have programmers and I will make the work done
I will pay for the WSO fee and launch WSO

What is the deal?
We will share the profit equally(50-50).

Please PM me if you are interested or if you have any questions.

PM: I am open to warriors whose WF account age is more than 6 months and have at least 50 posts. Others, kindly ignore this.
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    I just signed up but I have several profitable ideas you might like. I'm open to 50/50 if you are familiar with launching wso's. PM me if you're interested and we'll talk.
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    Hi, as I mentioned in the description, I am only accepting either War Room Member or a senior member on WF at this time.

    Thanks for your offer and I hope we can work in near future.
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    All PMs have been responded to.

    Still looking for people with clear plan and a good idea.
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    sent u a PM

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    I'm interested, looking for a few joint venture oppotunities, do you have skype?
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    All PMs have been responded to.
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    hi naga, nice to see you here, gd luck on your future jvs, will catch you.in.skype.
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    I am interested, check your PM.
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    @ Thesecret2marketing

    I replied back to your PM.

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    PM Sent!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
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    I am interested in speaking with you further, I have a good product in development, but are your terms negotiable? I am not able to just offer 50% as I have other people helping create and launch the product, then of course there are affiliate commissions from WSO pro and other affiliates....
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    I liked the idea, until you went against your word.
    You up-held it on the first person, but not the other two.

    Might get more responses if you do what you say....
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    Finalized three deals. It will be held until next month. Thanks for everyone who contacted me.
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    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH NAGA.....he promised to buy a business off me, made me close an existing Flippa Auction (that had bids), made me close a Website for sale thread, promised to have 50% of the payment for today..then messages me telling me he now can't pay...

    Wasted HOURS of my time with pre-sale questions about the website...went agaisnt my gut instinct because he seemed like a nice guy, then boom...typical time wasters!
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    ...At the end of the day, we are humans and stuffs come up every time. LaRocca, sorry about the problems you had with Naga but understand that things happen. He made a deal with you, decided to progress and then because of issues best known to him, he couldn't progress any longer...he apologised and even sent you $100 for wasting your time and explaining the situation to you...this doesn't sound like someone that is interested in ripping you off. If you have a good deal, there is no reason to coarse him by threatening him with legal action.
    Has it collected money from you? or have you already given him login details to the business deal in question? If no, then go easy on this guy, I think he is sincere. Personally, if he has offered you $100 just as a sign of good faith, he isn't a scam artist.

    On the other side, if your offer is that good, I am very sure you will see buyers with cash in hand who will strike a deal with you. As far as I know, only a few people will apologise sincerely and send you money as compensation without collecting anything from you up front...think about this bro...

    Best Regards,
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    "Even if I do find a buyer before Naga pays up, I will tell as many people as I can in my network of business to NEVER do business with you."

    Mr. LaRocca, No problem. Go ahead and do whatever you can. Whoever reads this thread will understand the things clearly. If you have guts, whenever you are telling about this, tell the complete story, starting from who approached, what happened to the deal, how you edited 15% to 25% in skype, how you changed the terms of JV after the deal is confirmed, how you changed the currency from USD to CAD. Tell them everything. Then ask them whom they do business with. Also tell them that you asked me to pay in paypal as a gift(so that i can not raise a dispute even if you ran away). And dont forget to tell them that I paid you 100 dollars and asked you some more time to pay the remaining amount.

    Guys, see his real face. he threatened me that he will sue me for $5000 USD instead of $1500 USD. Below is his skype message...

    [10/20/2012 8:51:04 PM] Anthony La Rocca: I am going to Sue you in small claims
    [10/20/2012 8:51:19 PM] Anthony La Rocca: for $5000 USD not $1500

    Mr, LaRocca, Do you remember you asked me at the end of the chat, 'Do you think I am stupid?'. Yes, you are a stupid and you lost a long term business partner with your short tempered behaviour.

    What you pointed out is right, Pacesetter is my partner. Do you know that we met each other here at Warrior Forum JV room 11 months back and are doing multiple ventures?

    Mr. LaRocca, I think you lost your conciousness when you realized that your buggy game will never be sold. You keep on building blocks in the air and also concentrate on promoting me negatively. I will never care of you after this. GO AWAY!
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    Of course, you are right. He is a business friend. 11 months down the line and I have not regretted...do you need further prove?

    Listen to reason bro, you are clearly angry and rightly so but things like this happen in business. Naga has been a great friend for 10 long months..the thread that started this relationship is here on the forum...you have nothing to gain by bad-mouthing him. If you do, people that have done sincere business with Naga on this forum and elsewhere will stand up against you and even if they don't, you are losing precious energy which you could invest elsewhere.

    No lawyer will hold Naga ransom because clearly, nothing has changed hands and he even paid you $100 as a compensation...for me, this has shown his true character. How many people have you met in life who will do the same? If they are many, you shouldn't have difficulty selling your business deals to them.

    Move on bro, someone else will come along if your deal worth it. I am not bitching you, I am being sincere with you bro.

    Sincerely yours.
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    Mr. LaRocca, If you are not trying to scam me,

    Why did you ask me to pay in paypal as a gift?
    Why did you change 15% -25%?
    Why did you change USD to CAD?
    Why did you threaten me that you will sue for 5000 USD instead of 1500 USD.

    I am now thinking I made a mistake by sending you 100 dollars. If you have business ethics, first refund my money and then, talk. Even if you don't refund my money, I don't mind, I will just think that I donated it to you for two days food. Have good food with your friends and family and don't forget me when you are having your lunch/dinner, because that was my donation to you.

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