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Major change to this section

Okay. A few people seem determined to play games with multiple accounts and re-posting deleted threads. On top of that, the rules in this section have been systematically ignored for a long time. So, from now on, threads in the JV section will need to be approved before becoming visible to the members.

Do not PM any of the moderators or go to the help desk asking when/if a thread will be approved, or why it wasn't. The rules are simple, and posted.

Note that approving a post does not mean that the forum or any of its moderators endorses the offer. It only means that the moderator who approved it wasn't aware of any reason not to do so when it was looked at initially.

You still need to use your own good sense. It's your time and resources you're investing. Choose wisely.

Note: We will not be approving posts from people who sign up and start looking for JVs without some track record of useful participation in the forum. If you don't have at least 50 posts, I won't even read the offer.

This is a "let's work together" section. Not a "way around the paid ads" section. The general definition of JV that we're using here is this:

Any partnership where two or more people bring various resources together to complete something none of them could - or perhaps want to - do on their own. They share in the effort/investment and in the profits.

Working together with others can help you get where you want to be much more quickly. But, as with any open system like this, some folks have abused that intent. So, we have some restrictions.

Update 12/21/2012: JV Giveaway events should be kept to this thread only. Please read the first post for current rules for that thread.

Offers that do not belong in this section:

Blind ads: If you can't say more substantive than "You'll make a bunch of money. PM me for details," you don't need to post it here. Or anywhere else on this forum.

Affiliate or MLM recruiting: Those go in the Affiliate Program Database

Ads looking for investments or loans: Way too many of these have been pure scams. For further info on that issue, read this post.

Ads that offer to teach you a system, and require that you spend X amount on paid traffic. Sounds reasonable, but those have typically included some rather nasty 'gotchas.'

Ads asking others to sell your products or run your ads through their account(s). Any type of account, including, but not limited to, eBay, Craigslist, AdWords/AdSense, CPA or PPC networks, and Flippa.

Selling anything, including solo ads.

Update 10/18/2012: Ad swaps are fine. Trading actual lists, or buying and selling email lists, is forbidden here. If we catch you doing it, you will be removed.

Update 7/1/2014: This includes selling leads, whether on a per lead or commission basis. A lot of people seem to think calling a sale a joint venture is a way to get around the rules.

This is also not the place to hire commissioned salespeople.

Any post violating these rules, or that just seems hinky, will be deleted. Re-posting deleted ads will get you, at the very least, a temporary ban.

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    Miscellaneous notes:

    Never pay anyone for anything in business through Paypal's Gift option. If you do, you immediately lose any and all protection you may have had through Paypal. You may also lose the tax deduction for the purchase, but you need to check with your accountant to be sure about that.
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    Are JV Giveaways OK?
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    Hi Was not sure what I can post here.
    I need to recruit some affiliates for my new product.
    Can I do that here or is there somewhere else on the forum?
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    I would like to post about a survey that I am conducting for the online portal that we are about to launch (we are into SEO Resellership). The survey is basically about designs and functionalities that an internet marketer would like to have. Is that kind of post okay to be placed here?

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    Software Developer wants to give away software packages to the first 50 to respond.

    In return, the developer just wants feedback.

    Is that ok for this section? If not, can you suggest where to post that FREE OFFER?
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    Hey Paul,

    First of all i am very thankful to you for posting rules

    I have a question about JV Section, can i post for JV partner Because I would need some serious partners for my products

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    I'm wanting to make a post offering my programming skills in return for working with a proven 'marketer' to learn more about it. Since I'm wanting to create a business with someone in return for utilizing my skill-set to make a product they have in mind, is that appropriate to post here?
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    Hi Paul

    I'm about to start offering some seo/website related services and need to find some JV's for a start, and plan on releasing a WSO or make a post in the services section in the longer run.

    Now the question is.
    Can I post it here. Keeping in mind that I am looking for people who can send some leads and receive some affiliate revenue or ask for a direct payment for mailing to their lists etc, and a few other things. Basically, it's not about affiliate only and offers benefit for both partners and no one will have to invest anything.

    So is that a kind of thing that gets accepted here?

    Also, I am relatively new to the forum as a member but have been a passive reader for a long time. Do I have to contribute more to the forum before posting here? Specially when the Jv I'm to post about is based on pure honest/quality services and there is something for both parties involved and no one has to invest anything upfront?

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    Thanks for responding!

    I'm not sure if I can ask this but, how many posts do I have to reach (with valid content that is useful) before my post be considered in your opinion? I was hoping since I paid for membership that it would show some commitment on my part. I'm ready to do what is needed to move forward.

    Thanks Paul.
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    Alrighty. I think you could measure it perhaps by the amount of likes and legitimate posts by the users. I've been helping in the website review section of this website to give real quality reviews to users websites to build a reputation a bit. Do you have any suggestions?
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    Hey Paul,

    I'm new to this forum and attempting a first post on this board regarding an adswap/JV... I'm new here so am not sure how long moderation takes for a post.

    Just wondered how long it generally takes?

    Kind Regards and all the best,

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    Hi Paul,
    Invitation to Private Mastermind Group okay?
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    I did a jv from here and gave the guy money via paypal - $300.

    He said he'd train me, give me a website, marketing guide.

    He send me a little pdf about how to promote a website viz reddit. The guide didn't work, he still had the website in his own name and appealed it via paypal saying I didn't get what I paid for, he refused to give me a refund and paypal closed the dispute and I lost my money.

    Not impressed!
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    Hi Paul,

    Can I post a JV Facebook Group here?

    Thank you,

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    I was wondering, would this be the appropriate section if I'm looking for someone to become a sponsor of a giveaway? If not can you please tell me which section to post such a request in? I can't finance the giveaway myself, but any sponsors would be getting traffic to their own url and exposure in return, so I wasn't sure if that was considered a joint venture or not.

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    Am I allow to start a thread to buy solo ads here?

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    I wanted to post this ad for a JV, but thought of getting your input even before posting. Please let me know if this is acceptable for this section of the forum.

    [ad copy deleted]
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    Hi Paul I want to know if its right to put on the JV sub Forum. Something like get $600 for giving me 60 clients to my WSO, price will be to the one who gets more sales only applicable if earns me at least 66 sales < is it in the proper section? IF NO where can I add this?
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    That's an affiliate offer. The affiliate database is one good place. You would probably do better, at least with WSOs, to network with other WSO sellers and in some of the off-forum JV/WSO groups. Send a PM to E. Brian Rose (from JV Zoo) for an invite to his Facebook group. That could be a good start.


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