JV request: Weight Loss niche, 3000 subscribers, 100+ clicks ad swaps

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Hi Warriors,

I have a list of ~3000 subscribers in the weight loss niche, and I'm looking for other list owners to do ad swaps with.

Some information about my list:

- ~80% women;
- got on my list by subscribing to receive a free weight loss diet;
- I am sending 1-2 messages a week to keep it highly responsive;

I will only swap for a free optin (no sales pages), can deliver 100+ clicks. I am not currently interested in promoting affiliate offers.

If you are not able to swap yet cause of your small list, I can get a solo ad spot for you, please send me a PM if interested, with the message you would like me to send.

If you are interested in doing an ad swap, please PM me with the following information:

- Your list size and how many clicks you can deliver;
- How your subscribers got on your list (what offer did they subscribe for?)
- Your message the way it should go out (subject, body);
- Preferable swap date;

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  • Profile picture of the author erikeightsix
    check out my signature, how much per click for the solo ads? I have a non-existent list right now...looking to build it up.

    I'm looking to fill this webinar, and you list would be perfect for it . Any ideas on how it could help you let me know.
  • Profile picture of the author acuman
    I have a weight loss site in my sig that I would love to promote.

    I also have another site that sells herbs and vitamin supplements with a mailing list of over 3,000 that I can do any exchanges with you.

    I am new to ad swaps and open to ideas. Thanks.
  • Profile picture of the author janesmith1894
    Is this still open? I'm looking to build my list up by offering a free 3-part weight loss video series and ebook. I have virtually no subscribers at the moment, so would you be able to do a solo ad?
  • Profile picture of the author CoachWoot
    Just worked out a solo ad spot with Alex. Worked like a charm! The information was spot on and it was a pleasure to work with Alex. Thanks for making my first experience here at Warrior Forum and solo ads a great one!
  • Profile picture of the author IM Lover
    Hi Alex

    Check your messages, I have something that can help, in the long run anyway.
  • Profile picture of the author JohnnyKing79
    Hey Alex,

    I've got a small list having been in the local fitness biz owning several boot camp locations around St. Louis. My list is 95% women and they all submitted by either opting in on my boot camp site, signed up after one of my corporate talks, attended one of my 2-day Women's Weight Loss Retreats or for one of my WL online products.

    I'm new to the online thing but would love to talk. If interested, shoot me a PM.
  • Profile picture of the author Alex Williams
    Hi Johnny,

    Thanks, I just sent you a PM.
  • Profile picture of the author Alex Williams
    Hello dollarsbiz,

    I have sent you a PM.

  • Profile picture of the author Joan Altz
    This sounds good, but I sell weight loss plr for resellers not the end consumer.
  • Profile picture of the author OpinionatedSOB
    Bought a solo ad for a client and are extremely happy with the results.
    Alex is easy to work with even being half way around the world and multiple time zones away from me. Everything went smoothly and easily. Will definitely be buying more solo ads.
  • Profile picture of the author cloudbacklinks
    do you sell ad spots?

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