Seeking JVs!

by Andy Money 1 replies is looking for JV partners!

About us:

We are a PREMIUM content creator that is unlike anything else on Warrior Forum.

Having gotten our start on Warrior Forum many years ago we have remained the ONLY content creator with an all American, native English peer-review team that certifies all content before sending it to clients.

This means being checked for grammar, spelling and even proper SEO/keyword density. We are not the cheapest, we are just the best.

The JV opportunity:

We are interested in a few different opportunities and are open to all kinds of ideas/suggestions. Here are just a few.

a.) Ad swaps. We have lists we can send out to if you want to swap.

b.) Free content. If you generate sales or leads, we will provide FREE content to you (a massive value in and of itself).

c.) Backend promotions. Have a product that is doing well? Promote us on your backend and in exchange we'll promote your products in our follow up emails/backend as well -OR- receive content.

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    I sell PLR and I sold a lot of it on Fiverr, but finally decided to quit Fiverr because of their restrictive policies.

    Now, I learned a lot during my time with Fiverr about what potential buyers want to know pre-sell, and also what they would like to have after-sale, and many of them wanted to know where they could get a good rewriter - someone who could take all of the plr material and make it unique.

    So I'm definitely interested in enlisting services for that and generating income based on that need from people who buy plr from me.

    I just put up a site and driving some targeted traffic, but I've got some testing to's not the best looking site, but plr sites usually are not. far Google analytics shows an average of 10+ minutes spent on my one-page website (WP blog, but set up more like a crude landing page).
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