Most awaited jv is here! Wordpress theme development jv!

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Hey Guys,

I am planning to get into wordpress themes and plugins development business. I have team of excellent graphic designers and programmers who can develop unique and excellent niche based wordpress themes.

My graphic designers are expert in photoshop, coreldraw, maya3d and 2d and adobe flash. And my programmers got excellent skills in html, css, jquery and php so as a team we can design excellent wordpress themes.

I am very well aware of the places and techniques to sell these themes and plugins but I am looking for a partner who is good in marketing and can sell these themes for a profit sharing. Reason to find a partner is, I can concentrate on development and we can create themes in bulk and can launch them on regular intervals.

If some one is serious to to learn more about this project, get in touch with me through PM or on skype and we can discuss this further from there.
And if got any query, please post here in the thread.

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    Is it possible to see some of the work that has been created by your team please.

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    Still looking for more people...
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    Hello Global Media - just sent you a PM. I look forward to your reply.

    Thanks ,
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    I am interested in looking at your profile. Please send PM with link or contact information. Thanks.
  • Profile picture of the author Procode
    Are you still looking?
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    I partnered with one guy...but then he never turned up when everything was ready to launched. I am still looking for professional and responsible partner.

    Hit me up if anyone is interested.

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    I'm a very experienced web developer, CEO of Web development company, and products owner with a good sales history. I have also active theme in Themeforest, I need more information about this partnership, I'm highly interested.
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    What would be the profit sharing ratio???
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    Just sent a message, please check.
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    I'm a very experienced web developer, and Computer Science and Enginnering graduate.I am highly interested to your offer.just sent you a email in your htomail
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    I plan to develop a computers/web related product that I plan to mail to my Customers do you think you guys can help?

    Let me know

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    Hi GM,
    I'm a freelance web designer myself and have seen the potential in the WP themes/plugins space...Would like to know more about the project and see your portfolio...Can you send me details at

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    This is probably not for you, for I'm back to Internet marketing after many years of happily living from what I had previously published, and if it wasn't for the #$% crisis I would live happily forever and ever. So I have not a great track record in IE to boast. But I have some experiences, knowledge and skills. (Much worse with money.)

    And I have a few ides, but this one is what I would like to tell you about. I would like to take a specific new, good WP plugin that seems very useful to many, for it is very useful to myself, and make it much better. The developer's licence of course, so everything would be legal. And I would like it to be made quickly, very professionally, and... In a form of some JV, for paying in cash for so much of professional work is not what I'm dreaming right now.

    Marketing of such good a product can't be any real problem, so I'm not worried about this. It's about making it still much better (I know what I would improve in it already) quickly that is the issue.

    If you can be interested, I would be glad as a lark. If not, and I'm only taking your time, please accept my appologies. All the best and keep up!

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