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I am getting ready to launch a hot new fitness product and I am currently looking for a JV broker to bring in super affiliates.

Where can I find good JV brokers? Who are some amazing JV Brokers that you guys would recommend?

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    well, there are couple I know, Willie Crawford is one of the trusted around the net,
    but he is looking to offer where prices are $197. The other one I know is reed floren
    but not sure about his requirement.
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    I'm a super affiliate with a weightloss launch scheduled for next Thursday June 18th. If you're interested, I may be able to reciprocate for your launch.
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    Zoobie I did talk with Willie Crawford and he wanted to be the JV broker for my new fitness product but the guy wanted me to pay him $2000 fee upfront on top of the commission he would be getting, which I thought was very wired and suspicious since all the other JV brokers I spoke with get paid strictly based on performance. He told me the $2000 was to cover his overhead costs which I thought was kind of funny and odd at the same time, because that's like if I was trying to sell my house and the real-estate agent wanted me to pay him an upfront fee on top of the commission to cover the overhead and advertising costs of selling my house.
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    Try to contact Sean Mc Alister.
    He may even connect you with Brian McElroy
    and other magicians.
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    Quite honestly if you could of gotten Willie for only 2k upfront you should of really considered it.

    I have done some JV Brokering in the real estate investing niche and when it comes to a launch, there can be considerable amount of time investment for the JV Broker depending on how they bring people in.

    If they stay involved during the launch to help you manage it, that is even more work.

    Now if you just talking about having someone bring in some affiliates outside of a launch, that is a little bit different. I can see balking at an upfront fee especially if they are not helping you manage the affiliate program.

    Personal relationships and contacts are especially important in a launch. Not everyone has them.

    My .02


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    I'm working on a launch right now and would be interested in pushing the infamous HP list out to some people for reciprocal...My launch is taking place this's a Tom Bell offer and Shawn Casey's HP list would be available for reciprocal if we can get 100 units out of you...let me know!
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    It's NOT unusual to ask a fee upfront, especially for a niche like fitness where theoretically the amount of money from a new launch is very high. If Willie is interested I guess that your product is at least $97/unit and also have some upsells, etc.

    Like other people said previously, it's great to have some guys like Willie by your side at the moment of launch. Just be sure you setup things the right way and you both speak the same language.


    PS: of course, you don't need only ONE JV broker, know what I mean??!
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    i would have to agree with the other guys to have someone who can give you some serious online 'weight' and fill your 'coffers' is certainly worth their weight in gold!

    i am in the position of not being in the IM niche but the eccommerce niche with my golfball business which i am currently trying to get JVs and affiliates for and finding it difficult as hell. mainly because JVs with huge lists are either not suitable or are USA only and i need UK/European customers.

    So count yourself fortunate that you have had someone like willie offer his services as well as other JV brokers offer there help etc
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    Hi guys,

    So when you pick a JVBroker, you can only pick one? Or can you pick a couple? if can pick two, then how would their commession be calculated?
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    I often times believe that a lot of people have the wrong notion of JV brokers. We are not the affiliates that you are wanting. We are the ones who put you in contact with the lists, the contacts and helping you manage a successful campaign.

    Paying upfront is normal, as you are asking for their time and our resources. One thing I have noticed is that most people who are serious about their business and launches don't balk at the JV broker's fees. There can be debates like you would never believe but do your research and go from there.

    Good Luck! By the Willie is pretty freaking cool.

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    I'm a Certified JV Broker by Willie Crawford and Sohail Khan. PM me.
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    I'm very interested in your offer, just sent you a PM!
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    Interesting discussion...

    On the topic of having more than 1 JV broker, I never want to
    slow down my clients sales, but I typically don't take on
    clients who use multiple JV brokers. In fact, my clients often
    pay me commission on sales of follow-on products that JV
    partners that I introduce them to sell later. They are
    typically that big picture.

    I don't see the logic in competing with a lot of other JV
    brokers in a niche where we may know a lot of the same
    people. It's counter-productive and is actually part of what
    drove to the development of contracts on Clickbank, where
    Clickbank handles all of the tracking and paying of product
    owner, affiliates, JV brokers, and any other partners.

    I helped beta test that system at Clickbank.

    As David Canham pointed out, a good JV broker starts by
    making sure that we're dealing with a product that the
    market wants, that the launch plan is completely flowed out,
    and that all of the infrastructure is properly in place.

    David is one of several brokers who endured 40 hours of
    classroom instruction on JV brokering with Sohail Kahn and
    myself, and that I continue to work with. Our approaches
    are slightly different but David does know how to track down
    and bring great affiliates onboard.

    Part of what makes me effective as a JV broker is the trust
    that I have built up with many super-affiliates and large
    list owners.

    These people let me know what kinds of product their lists
    buy, and ask me not to bring them anything else, and they
    trust me not to bring them garbage. They use me as a filter
    since they don't have the time to sift through all of the
    available, logical options themselves.

    I actually spend a lot of time getting to know product
    owners and potential super affiliates. I don't take on
    projects without proper lead time for that reason. I sort
    of stack the deck because I can.

    For example, next month, I'll be on a 5-day cruise between
    Tampa and Cozumel, where my main purpose for being on the
    cruise IS to netwwork with large list owners... many of them
    multimillionaires,and some of them with lists in the millions.

    They know and trust me because I honestly put their best
    interest first! I don't ask them to promote crap, and I
    help them to line up JV partners to sell a lot of their
    products. I also tell them if I think that their products
    are crap :-)

    In January, I'll be on the Marketers Cruise for 8 days. I'll
    be networking, taking photos and videos with, and getting
    to know several hundred internet marketers who are potential
    joint venture partners/affiliates.

    On the Marketers Cruise, we often stay up until the wee
    hours of the morning, in what we call our "Pizza and
    Profits" sessions. We sit around brainstorming and
    getting to know each other perched outside the ships pizza
    parlor which is often the best place to get food in the
    middle of the night.

    My personal clients do mostly sell bigger-ticket items
    simply because they are just as easy to sell when offered
    to the right customers in the right way, and it pays better.

    Many of my clients know more about and are spending big
    money on infomercials and/or direct mail. They understand
    those mediums better, and turn to me because I understand
    internet marketing (and mobile marketing) better.

    They don't mind paying for my expertise and consulting
    because they are accustomed to paying for notworthy

    Launching a product IS harder than you probably think
    if you are shooting for a high 6-figure, 7-figure or
    even 8-figure launch. The hardest part is building
    the momentum... assuming you have all of the other pieces
    in place.

    A good JV broker allows you to duplicate yourself, and
    keep you from making mistakes.

    Most people launching a product here on the forum probably
    aren't ready for a JV broker. Some may need an affiliate
    manager instead... or just a VA.

    Just a few thoughts
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    If Willie can bring you just one super-affiliate, it is all paid for.

    I totally agree with Willie that launching a product and getting affiliates (esp. super affiliates) on board is not that easy. I experienced that myself with my own WSO launch. It is not fun at all.

    Ken Sar
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    It was inspiring reading Willie Crawford's response. It reminded me that so much is possible. Having him on your side sounds amazing!
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    To be honest this is the first time I have ever read anything related to a JV Broker, seems an interesting idea and one that could without doubt be beneficial to someone launching some kind of e-product.

    I have never looked for Super Affiliates (Although I suspect I should sometimes) but I do have around 600 websites, some with millions of pages, so with a little interlinking and playing about I can soon secure top spot on Google for pretty much anything I need.

    Another area I know I am going wrong is I DO NOT capture peoples emails, names so I don't have any kind of list. Across all my sites I must amass 4000 email and names per day but I just delete once they have been dealt with.

    After reading this post and it's answers I think I will be taking a step back from my own.

    Best regards all
    Arran Wood
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    I am not in the Internet marketing world but getting a JVBroker sounds logical.

    I am a International Business Negotiations expert and deal with networks of people in many different countries. It is a different world but with all the same factors, requirements and needs. In both worlds you are only as good as your connections, partners and friends.

    Affiliates are used in all aspects of business and all over the world. Affiliates are specialized in what they look for and WHO they have on their list, what they are looking for and what these peoples budgets are. It is imperative to define your products target group and focus on them and them alone. This is what I see as the biggest mistake in internet marketing. I am not preaching here I am stating a fact that honest people who have "been there" will agree with.

    Defining your target group, defining their needs/wants and desires, focusing on them and the three factors mentioned and building a scalable marketing concept to reach these people based on their habits in the internet and their very predictable behavior will have a profound impact on your outcome as a successful or not so successful business person.

    I have only been here for a few months, but I see so many people whos first priority is to "make money". Is that a goal, an achievement or just a dream? Most successful people do what they love, live and breath. The money comes to them because they are dedicated and passionate. People want to learn from them because they can feel the energy and emotion projecting from them and infecting or better inspiring all around them.

    Yes we need affiliates, money and to some extent success but the goal "as far as I am concerned" should be personal fulfilment and the love of what you are doing.

    Just my opinion... hope I do not step on the wrong peoples toes, but I feel I need to get it our of my system.

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