Local service in Houston,Texas ...from Scratch ?

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Hello Yo'all !

i am a locksmith and i have started gathering the information and capital to open my own business and not working for others ...

after researching a little bit i have got A LOT of recommendations to ask around this forum .

so here it is ...

i am establishing my own website for the locksmith business i am looking for an expert in the field of local SEO (white & black) . i got 2 domains and searching for that expert that would be interested in selling or offering a "package" that will help me out with the establishment stage and running with it for a while until its will reach the point that it is located on a decent location within the local google searches and it is actually generating leads (phone calls)

if you are interested or you can recommend somebody that would be interested i would offer 20% - 30% from every job/lead for the specific person .

bottom line... contact me if you thing you can "do the thing" and make me rank as i have mentioned i am looking for people with skills on both sides of the marketing scale (white & black)
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    Be super careful when talking to anyone who is willing to do blackhat SEO for you. Wouldn't recommend going that route, but if you're set on it then at least find someone with a website/reputation.

    Blackhat SEO done wrong will get your site killed. There are a lot of people who will offer you a low price, but have no idea what they're doing. Ultimately, they do far more bad than good for your site.

    Just make sure it's someone who has been doing SEO for a long time and can prove it before you hire them.
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      Thanks for the concerns Jennifer , for that reason i have purchased 2 domains and i will go with each one in a different direction so after a while i will be able to compare (at least for my specific niche what is a better/faster/stronger route )

      sounds like you are on the more white side of the SEO am i correct ? do you have any experience in the local business promotion etc field ?
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    Why do you need SEO when I can generate all the locksmith phone calls you want in Houston? Send me a message if you're still looking.
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    I totally agree with Jennifer. BlackHat might give you instant ranking but later on crash making you lose investment. I am an SEO expert and can help with all your SEO needs. I just quickly did a little analysis and discovered that your niche is a bit competitive. so my first seo advice (free) get an expired domain name with good metrics to start with. Advantage - it has lots of link juice that will boost your ranking quickly.

    PM me if you need me to work on your project. I have lots of strategies to kick start your business.
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      I agree with Jenniffer, be very careful. having two sites is also, in my opinion a big mistake. Google and such are not stupid, when they find out and they will, they will put you so far down that black hole, you will never get out !!!
      Also, 20 to 30 percent is way too much to give up, lots of good people out there who will help for far less. be careful, there are a lot of sharks out there, and I am afraid, you are a bit of a minnow right now, be careful !!!
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