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    Rules for the JV section - Updated 12/21 STICKY

    Paul Myers in Joint Ventures

    REMINDER: This forum is not for selling ads. Ad swaps are fine, that's a joint venture. Directly selling ads is not. Rules for the JV Section Okay. A few people ... [read more]

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    Product Launch JV - Help Required

    martin_boyd in Joint Ventures

    Guys, I have been offered the opportunity to do a webinar for a product launch in April. The product owner will also be live on the webinar to build credability ... [read more]

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    3k IM list for adswap

    nikolaaa in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I have fresh 3k list that I have never before used for adwaps. Let me know if you are interested to do adswap. Best, Nikola

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    Adswap 2300+ Very Responsive List in make money online niche

    AlanB in Joint Ventures

    I have a list of 2300+ responsive subscribers in the "make money online" niche. I am interested in ad swaps on lists of similar size. PM me and we'll work ... [read more]

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    Opportunity in Sports Niche

    ayolov in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I made some solid market research in the sports market and found two great niches. I have developed a site as well as purchased 100 articles sports/health related. The ... [read more]

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    Will Do SEO Blasts in exchange for Solo Ads

    tomek in Joint Ventures

    Hello Warriors, I'm building my IM list and would like to give you an opportunity in exchange for solo ads. Here is the deal: For One Solo Ad I Will ... [read more]

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    Leads: 75 Million Consumer / 25 Million Business

    pseudo in Joint Ventures

    I have multiple data files totaling a little over 75 Million Consumer and 25 Million Business Leads. These can be sorted to whatever specification you're looking for. I'm open to ... [read more]

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    Cancelled, Doing a wso instead sorry

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    Looking for partner for new website

    imback in Joint Ventures

    Looking for experienced partner for a new website collegeofmarketing @ com Long term project revenue will be split 50/50 Paid forum for IM

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    [HEALTH & FITNESS] Need uber-high quality content for your blog?

    Have you got a blog that you want really high quality content posted on it, specifically in the health and fitness niche? I want to hear from you. I am ... [read more]

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    Huge JV List Building Event

    PaulMcDonald in Joint Ventures

    Hi guys! The Golden Treasure Giveaway is about a week off, and looking for contributors. Cash Prizes for top performers! This one is not your run of the mill giveaways...but ... [read more]

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    JV Partner Wanted With A Decent IM List

    Hi guys, I have an e-book I created which I am looking to promote and I am willing to split any sales 50/50 with a JV partner. At the moment ... [read more]

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    [Health & Fitness] Do You Want This eBook for Free that was downloaded 2,000 times in 14 days?

    Yes, you can have my very high quality 40 page eBook ($47 value) that was downloaded just short of 2,000 times in 14 days and has no gone on to ... [read more]

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    Hi folks, I have a free e-book for you to give away to your list or visitors to your website. Warriors have been loving this free guide in the ... [read more]

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    PPC Expert/Partner Needed

    webatomic in Joint Ventures

    I'm looking for someone to set up and run PPC Campaigns for me. Must be familiar with PPC competitive research tools, semrush, spyfu, keyword spy etc. Great deal of money ... [read more]

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    I provide incredibly high-quality content that you can sell to your list?

    Nate Simms in Joint Ventures

    Hey everybody: Here is the deal. I'm a writer. A good one, at that. I'm also a very poor PhD student who needs some cash to buy beer and chips. ... [read more]

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    Adswaps Available 1600 List in the IM/Listbuilding Niche

    glynlafferty in Joint Ventures

    I am booking adswaps for the rest of this month and next month If you are a genuine listbuilder and can provide screen shots of your list PM me or ... [read more]

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    JV - Programmer needed

    scotl47 in Joint Ventures

    The simple process is this. Membership area where you can put in your link and anchor text. It is saved in a main database with all the others. A single ... [read more]

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    Looking to start a new IM paid forum and training

    imback in Joint Ventures

    Need Partners PM for details. Must be highly qualified and have experience with IM and website development is a plus

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    Joint Venture with Successful Marketer

    Joe Motion in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I'm looking for a successful marketer to partner with me on my latest product. You can see the product in my sigfile. I've got large mailing lists but they're ... [read more]

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    What Can I Promote For You?

    Hi guys! These days I'm building my list, and I'm driving traffic to my blog and to my squeeze pages to get people to opt-in. However, I got some free ... [read more]

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    Looking for senuke pro license?

    Marko Vel in Joint Ventures

    Hey everyone If you are interested to share Senuke license with me, please contact me. Also, if you're interested in some SEnuke service when we share the license, that is ... [read more]

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    Thank You Page Swap

    russells in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors, I've got a free report in the affiliate marketing niche (Amazon Associates) and I want to exchange an 'unadvertised bonus' slot with you on your thank you page. ... [read more]

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    Free Targeted Subscibers - Thank You Page swaps...

    petelta in Joint Ventures

    Hi everyone. I am currently setting up Thank you page swaps with other marketers involved in the IM niche. If you haven't utilized thank you page swaps yet, you are ... [read more]

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    Personal Development Niche - Looking for JVs and Affiliates

    Mo Ali in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I'm looking for affiliates and JV partners for (Ad Swaps) 1) Affiliates - I've just released The Ultimate Success Kit on Clickbank and it offers a commission of $48.50 ... [read more]

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    Want Extra Cash? I'm Looking for HIGH QUALITY Product Owners To Partner With

    LegitIncomes in Joint Ventures

    If you have a HIGH QUALITY product, I'd like to add it to to my "stable" of products, and in return share a percentage of my own revenue with you! ... [read more]

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    Facebook Fan Page Swap!

    russells in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors, Listen, if you have a Facebook Fan Page based on marketing then I'm interested in striking up a Fan Swap with you. It's exactly the same as an ... [read more]

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    Over $2,300 In a Day Can't Be Wrong. JV's Come In

    I have added the ultimate Bonus to Traffic Training Course. It's called Current Event Profits. What I did was create a quick brand new website, got it to the top ... [read more]

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    Attention PLR/MRR Club owners, do you want more buyers?

    mmickey in Joint Ventures

    Hey warriors We are soon launching our hottest selling CPA product PLR rights sale and looking for 6 jv contributors that we can share profit and resources Please visit here ... [read more]

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    Looking a product that I can upsell for my WSO ?

    Raja Kamil in Joint Ventures

    Hi; I'm having a good day... After setting up my wso so others can promote my products, I'm hitting nearly 100 sales in one day... The problem is, I set ... [read more]

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    Music Industry List Swap

    Reach Fame in Joint Ventures

    Anybody got some music industry email lists to swap?

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    Are you US Based PHP / MYSQL / Javascript Programmer?

    Jack Bastide in Joint Ventures

    Hey Guys, I used to be a programmer myself (mainframe) back in the day. I know just enough PHP to make me dangerous I have several lucrative projects in the ... [read more]

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    AdSwap. 350 list and growing. Highly responsive! [IM NICHE]

    Hey, looking for an adswaps. I'm in internet marketing niche. My list is at 350 at the moment, but it's growing by 10-20 each day, so expect bigger list at ... [read more]

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    Thank You/Download Page JV For Free Offers

    Coby in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors, I'm looking for 2 or 3 people who are getting subscribers daily. I would like to place a small banner or text ad for your free offer on ... [read more]

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    Im Looking For An Investor (for advice)

    goindeep in Joint Ventures

    Hello The project in question is below. I need capital to give this project a boost and the resources it needs to grow and flourish. I know exactly where the ... [read more]

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    Who want to do a cross promotion with a site that is setup to pay 100% instant commissions-IM niche

    Gelu Nastac in Joint Ventures

    Hey everybody, Within hours I'm ready to restart in my IM work, with a site installed on BFM script. This site is set to pay 100% INSTANT commissions for partners ... [read more]

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    Anyone for long term list building - The Adswap+?

    Hi I have recently started a new list, which is currently up to 380 members and what I want to do is offer an going plan to build our lists ... [read more]

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    315 Internet Marketing Niche Adswap with Avg. 16.4% Open Rate and Avg. 7.4% CTR

    JohnnieWalker in Joint Ventures

    Hi guys, I have a very responsive small email list which is growing in size. I am open to adswaps but your offer must have a free optin product. Avg. ... [read more]

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    Adswaps With Russell Brunsen's Ultra Responsive 500k Plus Lists!

    ripperdav in Joint Ventures

    Hey there Warriors! I'm pleased to announce that I'm now working for Russell Brunsen of DotComSecrets.com. For those of you that do know me in here you'll remember in the ... [read more]

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    Sign up to your mailing list

    ScrapeBoss in Joint Ventures

    I have some customers in my offline business. I would like to introduce some IM products to them. Therefore, I would like to sign up to those who have mailing ... [read more]

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    Looking for an AdSwap (IM list of 190)

    Hello Warriors! I have a small, fresh list in IM niche (I'm providing auto blogging and blogging information). My list is currently a little over 190 subscribers. I'm looking for ... [read more]

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    Joint Venture needed

    john2009 in Joint Ventures

    I'm looking to expand their website templates business. A business orientated basically for some defined target people. I'm interested in creating a Joint Venture with another company or person that ... [read more]

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    What May I Help You With?

    Hi Warriors! I'm looking for a new partner in the list building niche. I know a lot about how to grow your list and can contribute with some great content ... [read more]

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    [JV CALL] Adsense Assassin - Need Sales Page Reviews and Affiliates

    kartikkhattar in Joint Ventures

    Hello Guys, I am proud to launch my first clickbank product, Adsense Assassin. I have got the sales page and the affiliates page up and running and would be really ... [read more]

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    Looking for people to review my credit repair guide

    kbs in Joint Ventures

    I need some honest opinions about my credit repair guide. Tell me what you think, is it easy to follow, does it make sense etc. I will be giving away ... [read more]

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    JV/ Ad Swap - Personal Development - 13.5k List

    Mo Ali in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I have a list of 13,500 in the Personal Development niche and am looking for adswap partners. I have spaces available for March. My list is highly responsive and ... [read more]

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    Looking For A P.I.C.

    Hello Warriors! I'm looking for a Partner In Crime in the Internet Marketing world! One I can start building a strong and hopefully long relationship with. Are you interested??? What ... [read more]

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    Seeking business partners, expanding online and offline multi-discipline corporation

    xInd in Joint Ventures

    We are currently seeking 3 more partners for our corporation as we expand and restructure our business to focus mainly on our own products and networks which we have been ... [read more]

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    I need content to my list (MMO niche for newbie and intermediate)

    visimedia in Joint Ventures

    Hi guys, I recently build my list on make money online niche for newbie and for intermediate. I need content for them, if you want to make a win win ... [read more]

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    Adswaps with list in IM niche (250 and growing - less than 1 week old)

    dtang4 in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I just started building my list (less than a week ago) and currently have a list of 250 subscribers. I am looking for adswaps with similarly sized lists. I ... [read more]

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    Looking for a Long Term Site Flipping Partner

    NikkiDelgado in Joint Ventures

    Hi Everyone, I have been flipping some sites for a while now and am looking for a partner who is interested in building up sites to a more established state ... [read more]

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    JV Partner - Offline Marketing Leads

    rleejr in Joint Ventures

    I can provide unlimited Google places leads for any city, state and category. I would like to partner with a SEO or Web Design Firm and monetize these leads. Please ... [read more]

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    Email JV Gout Niche - 1000 active subscribers

    footbag_man in Joint Ventures

    I have an email list in the gout niche and was wondering if you would like to enter into a joint venture with me? I will email my list telling ... [read more]

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    dowscalper in Joint Ventures

    I have launched a new program called 'Dow Scalper' which is expected to do well. Site URL: DowScalper Dow Scalper's sales page speaks for itself and kicks start with a ... [read more]

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    Promote my free gift to your list - Will do SEO work in return for you

    dtang4 in Joint Ventures

    I have a free product in IM niche to give away. It's a guide to instantly indexing a fresh new domain and includes an indexing script (that will also serve ... [read more]

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    Looking for swaps - Offline professionals (eg: Realtors, Ins Agents, Lawyers, etc.) 10k List

    MaxReferrals in Joint Ventures

    Very responsive list of 10k. U.S. based white collars professionals, eg: insurance agents, financial advisors, realtors, mtg brokers, etc. Looking for swaps, or buying solos from you. I do not ... [read more]

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    Lets do a webinar!! Amazing Opportunity!

    drum.deborah in Joint Ventures

    Please PM me if you are interested! I am not just looking for just any regular dude or dudette.....I am looking for someone who has a nice relationship with their ... [read more]