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    Rules for the JV section - Updated 12/21 STICKY

    Paul Myers in Joint Ventures

    REMINDER: This forum is not for selling ads. Ad swaps are fine, that's a joint venture. Directly selling ads is not. Rules for the JV Section Okay. A few people ... [read more]

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    Wanted - Affiliates who want lifetime income on every lead...

    Chris Ramsey in Joint Ventures

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Click here to sign up for the affiliate program The affiliate program currently has these products you can promote. The Easy Lead Finder ($60 Commission) ... [read more]

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    Successful WordPress Membership Plugin looking for whitelabel partners

    Glenn Pegden in Joint Ventures

    After years of producing and retailing one of the leading WordPress Membership Plugins, we've decided to make it available to other people who want to take it and re-brand it ... [read more]

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    How do you manage your adswaps?

    mikebrooks in Joint Ventures

    Hi Everyone, I'm now at the point where I'll be entertaining adswaps. My list in the IM niche is now at 1400. My question for you today is about how ... [read more]

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    Solo Ads Available 6k List 400 Clicks

    spiderweb in Joint Ventures

    I am booking Solo Ads for the next several weeks. My list is very active and are all buyers. With a good offer, well written ad and subject line, I ... [read more]

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    Got list of JV Brokers? Or best JV Broker?

    MrSonic in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I have a few software products in development. I need HUGE distribution/sales to help pay for my niece's physical therapy (her insurance only covers 100 days per year). What ... [read more]

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    PipsGeek Forex Launch - Thurs Sept 9th

    ashleybaker in Joint Ventures

    Hey boys and girls. After last months very successful launch (some converting 1/13!).. I annouce.. PipsGeek JV Page: hxxp://www.pipsgeek.com/jv.html Earn up to $112 p/sale I'll post here with update + ... [read more]

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    *HOT* New JV Opportunity! - Clear Your Calendars - 14% Conversions - $5 + EPC - Ready To Explode!

    Agoge Warrior in Joint Ventures

    My Online Business Strategy Announcing the Opening Of The MOBS Affiliate Program!! Hello Affiliates, The momentum of a summer filled with exciting climax about the impending release of Gary ... [read more]

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    6.7k IM List - solo spots available

    dylanloh in Joint Ventures

    Hey all I've a list of Internet marketing newbies over at my getresponse account. I guarantee I'll deliver at least a 100 clicks. (Usually delivers much more then 100 clicks ... [read more]

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    You promote me once, I'll promote you forever

    abo28 in Joint Ventures

    This message is for all the Warriors who have lists in the Internet Marketing or Make Money Online niches. MY PROPOSAL, IN A NUTSHELL >>> What should you do? ... [read more]

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    Profitable Blogging Secrets JV/Affiliate Launch Signup

    jwg299 in Joint Ventures

    JV/Affiliate Contest up to 90% Commission Come Participate in this years best JV/Affiliate Contest for "Profitable Blogging Secrets". Read Everything Below Carefully. Only those who sign-up will be entered into ... [read more]

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    75% RECURRING commission on a HOT IM topic!

    James Foster in Joint Ventures

    Hey dudes, It's James Foster. I just added an affiliate program to my interview membership site Profit Offline Monthly that pays 75% (a little over $20/month per sale - RECURRING ... [read more]

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    Silly question about the Joint Venture forum here...

    ShaneBoyd in Joint Ventures

    I would like to purchase a solo ad from a WF member here. However, how does it work? Do I pay the $X per ad PLUS a split commission on ... [read more]

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    1,899 IM list ready for immediate swaps!

    Chris Ramsey in Joint Ventures

    Those are my lists, every single one of which is internet marketing related. About 70% of those subscribers are also buyers of my products. I haven't done a ton ... [read more]

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    Looking For Ongoing Adswap Partners IM Niche 2k Plus List

    Looking For Ongoing Adswap Partners IM Niche 2k Plus List Must be trustworthy, and reliable and have a similar or larger sized list. I am a member of safeswaps and ... [read more]

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    Affiliate CONTEST INVITE~ WIN $100 (Minimum)

    Chris Ng in Joint Ventures

    Hi~ all warriors, This is my Affiliate CONTEST ~ WIN $100 (Minimum) - DAY 1 more details visit:HERE Regard, Chris Pure Profits Network

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    IM Niche product. Need testimonial

    Raja Kamil in Joint Ventures

    Hi; check out my new website here, hyperviralincome.com I need a few testimonials to make it look fancier. I'm ready to give the product for free in exchange for feedback ... [read more]

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    Looking for Partnership With Experienced/Quality Video Editor

    55opotty in Joint Ventures

    Hello Warriors, I want one video editor who to partner up with, for an exciting "little" project. The potential money rewards are quite significant (I'll leave this info for those ... [read more]

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    Does Your List Outsource? Give This To Them For Free!

    firstdrum in Joint Ventures

    We've been working fervently on what I feel is the best all-in-one solution available for managing your outsourced employees. If you have a list you'd like to reward, I'm willing ... [read more]

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    98,100+ List: Very Responsive IM/MMO Niche. Min 6k+ clicks, Average 9~10.5k. Solo Ads Oct, Nov, Dec.

    Sammy McClane in Joint Ventures

    Offer Currently Closed - All 3 Spots Taken Warriors: I have an extremely responsive list in the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online niche. It currently has over 98,100 subscribers. ... [read more]

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    Make 75% Commission with KWP

    Promote our new keyword tool, Keyword Prodigy and earn $35.25 on every sale. Click here for more information: Keyword Prodigy Affiliate Program You can contact us at info@keywordprodigy.com Thanks!

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    $398 min payout, we build you a list!

    Hi, Scott Gallagher here of Local Marketing Source, LLC. We're launching the Accelerated program 1st week of November. We've got a ton great ways to promote that are dead ... [read more]

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    Want FREE content for your IM list? (Use it to make RECURRING commissions)

    James Foster in Joint Ventures

    Hey everyone. It's James Foster. If you want free content to give to your list... interview me! I've got a new product out called Profit Offline Monthly (which pays $20/month ... [read more]

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    ==>*100% INSTANT COMMISSIONS JV Opp 5.17 epc - 7 Minute Cash Secret

    spiderweb in Joint Ventures

    "Your Email List Can Legally Steal The Keys To My $150 Working 7 Minutes Method While You Make Quick Easy Copy & Paste Cash!" Join Our JV Partner Program ... [read more]

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    New IM Membership launched - need affiliates!

    joefizz in Joint Ventures

    Hi there fellow Warriors! I have just launched a great IM membership site called Joefizz Inner Circle. Membership will give participants access to a variety of educational training modules, specifically ... [read more]

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    ==>Let's Do A WSO Together And Make Some Money!<==

    Hi, I want to do my first wso ever, but I would like to do it as a joint wso with a partner. We would look around this forum, find ... [read more]

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    Looking for 10 People to Review our New SEO Product

    mpettigr in Joint Ventures

    Hello, I'm looking for 10 reviews from warrior members for a new SEO software product we are in the process of launching. The reviews will appear on our sales page. ... [read more]

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    Complimentary Copies - 20, 70% Instant Commissions, Special Discount Coupons

    alniches in Joint Ventures

    Hi Warriors, 20 Free Complimentary Copies For JVs I'm giving away 20 complimentary copies for my new software launching on the 1st November 2010, in return for a testimonial and ... [read more]

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    Do you have a unique Facebook fan page monetizing technique?

    d4dirty in Joint Ventures

    Guys, I am a professional provider of facebook fans. I have a huge capacity and right now am looking to make a name for my service. I am looking for ... [read more]

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    [3 slots] I’ll guide you for FREE to create simple blogs that will sell for min $500 each

    jon99 in Joint Ventures

    The only expenses that are necessary will only be the domain, hosting costs and your time. The details: I will guide you to create blogs that will fulfill a minimum ... [read more]

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    Ad Swap in Self Help Niche

    Kelvin Nikkel in Joint Ventures

    I have a very small list in the self help niche and would like to do an ad swap with someone. My list is only about 100 strong but responsive. ... [read more]

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    My Last PLR Sale (25th October)

    EdmundLoh in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors, I'm doing my last PLR Sale for the year on 25th October, which is just next Monday. If you are in the Private Label Rights or Internet Marketing ... [read more]

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    Need Expert Interviews For WAH/Home Business Magazine - 25K+ Subs

    yours2u in Joint Ventures

    Hi I've been busy chasing my tail and various blog/site owners out there for interviews on my online mag, the TeleWorkers Digest, and it dawned on me that there might ... [read more]

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    Diamond backlinks JV going LIVE within 1 week

    Mikedb in Joint Ventures

    Hi, we are now setting up our membership site to sell Ultimate Diamond Backlinks outside the Warrior forum. The price will be $57 and after our upgrades it will be ... [read more]

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    Looking For AdSwaps!!!

    JonnyBalfour in Joint Ventures

    hey warrior im looking to book swaps for this month, ive got all dates free. Please skype me: jonnybalfour

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    Article marketing and link building.

    fskcramer in Joint Ventures

    I bought this site for several hundred dollars. I have made quite a bit when I was trying to market it. I want to start a ppc campaign for the ... [read more]

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    Site Flipping on a potentially VERY Valuable Site.

    fskcramer in Joint Ventures

    Looking for someone good at selling domains or sites. I have a site - planecrashattorney.org. this could potentially be worth a LOT of money. Find a buyer at the price ... [read more]

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    Attention All List Owners - EASY CASH! 12% Conversion! 100% Commission!(Instant Payouts via Paypal)

    Igor Kheifets in Joint Ventures

    Update: 6.10.10 250 copies sold! Only 1 refund! People are loving this product and asking for more! Perfect time to promote, if you haven't already! -->>Get Your Promo Tools Here<<-- ... [read more]

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    IM Training Program Ready To Ship

    Hello. My business partner and I have developed a full training and reference course to everything related to internet marketing. It is a wealth of information that is on CD ... [read more]

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    Diet / Weight Loss JV partners wanted

    daver99 in Joint Ventures

    I market a strong selling product in the weight loss niche. I am looking for people who may have a good customer base in the diet weight loss niches. If ... [read more]

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    New JV Opportunity - Hot Niche Software

    Marc Meole in Joint Ventures

    In a nutshell I have put 7 years of online marketing experience and 10 years of software development experience together and Have come up with the fast money tool. I ... [read more]

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    Forex Siphon Course - MEGA LAUNCH $139/sale

    warrior_money in Joint Ventures

    Dear Warrior fellows, You are invited to jump in another huge launch Forex Cash Siphon course. You will make a lot of commission money with this impressive launch. Here's the ... [read more]

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    Adswaps in IM niche

    glynlafferty in Joint Ventures

    Hey Guys, I have a very responsive list of 700 in the IM/listbuilding niche If you are interested in doing a swap contact me at support@marketingonlinewithyou.com Glyn

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    Buying Solo Ads In IM Niche: Send Your Details

    Greetings from Japan. I have a current product creation offer at James B. Allen's Product Hostage - Your Complete Product Creation Solution that I am running multiple advertising campaigns for ... [read more]

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    JV Opportunity - Niche Software

    Marc Meole in Joint Ventures

    Greetings, I have launched my new Niche software tool...You can get info on the product here: Fast Money Tool. I am offering a 50% commission. You can signup as a ... [read more]

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    Beta Testers Required. New Revolutionary Autoblogging Plug-In

    Looking for a number of experienced Warriors to beta test our soon to be launched WPblogmatic AutoBlogging Plug-in. All beta testers will receive a free fully working version with no ... [read more]

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    Plug and Play JV Opportunity: High converting, hight ticket, 50% - Webinar

    jdmitchell in Joint Ventures

    JV Opportunity: eTycoon Because I wanted to make sure you got all of the information about the JV opportunity I am mentioning as quickly as possible, allowing you to promote ... [read more]

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    Looking For Experienced Writers - To Post on Google News Source

    hobsdv in Joint Ventures

    Hi I run a Google news source website and i am looking for experienced writers to post News Worthy posts on the website. In return you will receive a link ... [read more]

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    Promote my service and get paid :) (Win an iPad or $500)

    Procode in Joint Ventures

    Hello, I am the owner of a private web hosting company and in efforts to expand we have created a very generous affiliate program that pays based on the amount ... [read more]

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    Free Product Review. Honest Video Testimonial Required.

    Looking for several experienced warriors to review our soon to be launched WPblogmatic Auto Blog software and to give an honest video review/testimonial. Contact me by PM.

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    Facebook Advertising Experts - Look Here HUGE $$$ Opportunity

    hustlenflow in Joint Ventures

    Hey warriors, I have an unlimited amount of facebook vouchers to use, but i am not too familiar with facebook ads. I want to JV with someone who already has ... [read more]

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    Do you have traffic? Facebook Opportunity.

    JasonP in Joint Ventures

    I have a great app on FB that needs traffic. PM me if you can provide, we'll split everything 50/50.

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    FaceBook JV ( New Idea )

    UAEW in Joint Ventures

    Hi i have new idea to build a list, but its not mailing list, it is a facebook friends list the idea is making JV between FB account to swap ... [read more]

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    The genius is in the program (serious inquiries only)

    MarketingMyInternet.com LLC is changing the future of internet marketing by giving any business a do it yourself approach to the subject. Bill Gates himself stated that - “The internet is ... [read more]

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    looking for banner ad/thank you page swap partners

    Igor Kheifets in Joint Ventures

    Hey, Igor Kheifets here. I have JVed with many of you here already, so you know I am legit. I am looking for Thank You page/Banner Ad swap partner who's ... [read more]