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    Rules for the JV section - Updated 12/21 STICKY

    Paul Myers in Joint Ventures

    REMINDER: This forum is not for selling ads. Ad swaps are fine, that's a joint venture. Directly selling ads is not. Rules for the JV Section Okay. A few people ... [read more]

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    Adswap - 500-700+ clickouts!

    tpettit in Joint Ventures

    Hey, I have a list of 3k+ and I am generating on average 600 clickouts per email the list is around the SEO, link building, link wheels and IM niche ... [read more]

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    Ad swaps for May, anyone interested?

    ScottTrimble in Joint Ventures

    Hey guys, We have a 16k IM list and we're looking for ad swap partners. We have some spots available at the end of this month (24th, 28th) or we ... [read more]

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    Looking for WSO Joint Venture Partner

    WilliamL in Joint Ventures

    Hey guys, I'm currently searching for a WSO partner who wants to create a product with me that first launches here at the Warrior Forum Special Offer Section, and then ... [read more]

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    [ADSWAP June 2010] I'll blast your offer to my 21,563 subscribers

    novasoft in Joint Ventures

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to set up some ad swaps to grow your list and mine too and I have slots free for June I can swap 21,563 + IM ... [read more]

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    Looking to JV with UK Bricks&Mortar Business Opportunity List

    AdamLCasey in Joint Ventures

    Hi I've had a brief look through this Joint Venture forum and most people seem to be in the IM niche. I was wondering if there might be anyone, who ... [read more]

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    Ashley Wright in Joint Ventures

    CLOSED - Thanks

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    Give this FREE Weight Loss Program to your list

    Chrissy Allen in Joint Ventures

    Hey Team, If you are in the weight loss Niche, You could tell your list to go and grab THIS Amazing FREE weight loss program. Many people lose 14 Lbs ... [read more]

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    World Cup Giveaway - MASSIVE Referal Contest

    simonjwarner in Joint Ventures

    Hi Warriors, Think Giveaways are dead? The World Cup Giveaway overs over a $1000 in referal prizes with a top prize of $400 http://worldcupjv.com YouTube - World Cup JV Giveaway ... [read more]

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    Receive your Mac Book Pro! Easy Promotional Contest!

    ianternet in Joint Ventures

    Hey JVs/Affiliates, With the release of Infinite FB there has been a great response to the ecourse. So far I have signed up a couple hundred to the membership site. ... [read more]

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    IM niche list for free social bookmarking bot offer

    abs007 in Joint Ventures

    Hi Guys - I develop a number of tools and am currently giving away a free social bookmarking bot and google rank checker- The bot posts to 9 top bookmarking ... [read more]

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    Ad Swap with 1000 subscriber Needed

    PascalSundhar in Joint Ventures

    Hai, I am having 1000+ subscribers (Bloggers and Thesis theme users) in my email list . If any one want me to ad swap with me send me PM.

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    great offline - online product

    ukbuddy2 in Joint Ventures

    looking for JV partners for this great offline - get online product I have I will do a % of the price proffit costs to people let me know if ... [read more]

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    10 IM-ers - May 25 - Lists start 1000+ [Group Adswap]

    Gelu Nastac in Joint Ventures

    Hi folks, Because the current adswap group that I host, has been full up of all the 10 slots available, I start training next adswap group event for list building. ... [read more]

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    Join me and help others with their training

    Hi guys Richard here again. As you may know I am passionate about coaching and helping others. I think that the first port of call for anyone online is getting ... [read more]

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    START Your Own SEO Website! One Time Opportunity , MASSIVE PROFITS!

    tanujdude91 in Joint Ventures

    About Us : We have been providing seo services to a couple of companies for the past 1 year. Our service is of top notch quality and we get no ... [read more]

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    Virgin Two Week Old IM List of 319 BUYERS Looking for Swaps

    E. Brian Rose in Joint Ventures

    I am building up this brand new list of people that have bought my products in the last couple of weeks ($28 to $49 price range). This brand new list ... [read more]

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    JV On My New Launch And Win An Apple iPad! Or cash :)

    Hey guys, I'm running a pretty killer promotion. I'm launching Google Grinder into the public waters soon. The first place promoter gets an Apple iPad! The second place promoter will ... [read more]

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    20k + List in IM Niche Looking for Swaps May/June

    BobBeckett in Joint Ventures

    I'm creating a huge "trusted" network of jv's and am looking for people to swap with this month with my 20k + IM Niche list that is growing very steadily. ... [read more]

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    Got an internet marketing list with 1k subscribers, wanna swap?

    covertguy in Joint Ventures

    I've got a list of 1,000 subscribers in the internet marketing niche and I'm looking to swap with people who have a list size near mine. Here's proof of my ... [read more]

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    I need 4 AD Swaps for JUNE!

    ivana in Joint Ventures

    Hi all, I am looking to swap with a list of 4500-6000 IM leads for these dates: June 22nd, June 24th, - TAKEN June 28th and June 30th! Please contact ... [read more]

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    JV: Weight Loss Supplements - Marketing Manager/Partner Sought

    iplusgold in Joint Ventures

    Hello Everyone, I currently am in the process of developing an **** based weight loss supplement which is delivered in pill form on a continuity basis. The site and shopping ... [read more]

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    NEW - Instant $197 Commissions (2 Weeks Only)

    Justin Michie in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors, I've just launched an new affiliate promo that pays 50% INSTANT COMMISSIONS on a $197 offer and 25% INSTANT COMMISSIONS on the $997 OTO! This is for my ... [read more]

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    FRANK KERN did the work, you'll get the profits

    kozmotm in Joint Ventures

    Frank Kern has created a simple, proven way to give your business an instant increase in profits. The marketing strategy is as close to turnkey as it gets. It takes ... [read more]

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    JV "Affliate Network" You Have Affiliate List I have 150000 Optins Aweber

    Im looking for a JV. Either or. Im giving 2 percent Lifetime. I own an affiliate network and im looking to recruite affiliates. Have a few hundred great offers. There ... [read more]

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    Now Booking Ad Swaps For May..120k+ - Fills Up Fast!

    ripperdav in Joint Ventures

    Hey guys, We are now booking our schedule for swaps in May. As most of you know in here already, I work for the boys from The Cambridge Business Academy ... [read more]

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    60,000 List looking for June Swaps

    I am the owner of a number of membership web sites that together total over 60,000 subscribers and growing rapidly. I am looking to swap ads with others who have ... [read more]

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    My Lists, Your Message

    allegrity in Joint Ventures

    Hello JV Warriors, Some associates of mine and myself run a few targeted survey websites and have some lists with opt-in subscribers. The details of the lists are below: List ... [read more]

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    Looking for Affiliates, JV's, Solo Ads...Already being promoted by Jim Cockrum and Skip McGrath

    JohnBullardJr in Joint Ventures

    I'm looking for Affiliates, JV's, Solo Ads, etc. Basically more ways to get my membership site out there. My site has already been promoted by Jim Cockrum and Skip McGrath ... [read more]

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    small list

    nksurf in Joint Ventures

    140 members opportunity seeker online they sign up with this site here SIGN UP FREE Thank you Nathan

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    FREE Backlinks And 100% Commissions On A $47 OTO

    John Taylor in Joint Ventures

    I'll make this short and really sweet... The Product: Viral Link Network (VLN) a brand new system that combines viral marketing with a powerful new script. The FREE script adds ... [read more]

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    I am buying Solo Ad Mailings

    Gravc in Joint Ventures

    Over the past few days I've purchased some great solo ad's and I'm now keen to get some more lined up for the coming week. I don't have space for ... [read more]

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    Quality PHONE CALL Needed: An easy phone sale..

    fahadhassen in Joint Ventures

    Hi, This is an easy sale for an experienced and confident guy who can call up and sell my domain name to a law firm, which is a highly established ... [read more]

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    Website Broker

    cmaq in Joint Ventures

    I would like to sell one of my websites. It is a unique networking website that has all organic seo traffic. I do not have time to work on finding ... [read more]

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    Adswaps 33K IM Niche....

    EWPotentials in Joint Ventures

    Looking to book some ad swaps and looking for new quality adswap JV's for continued monthly bookings. My list is now 33K and I offer 1200 to 2300 unique clicks ... [read more]

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    JV for my Loan Modification eBook

    gfonline in Joint Ventures

    I co-wrote and eBook about 18 months ago on the very popular topic of "Loan Modification". It shows you how to do it step by step with great resources. We ... [read more]

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    Looking for Affiliate/JV Partners

    shannanhearne in Joint Ventures

    Looking to do email swaps or set up new affiliate and JV partners. We offer a variety of IM/real estate investor products that are especially conducive to working with opportunity ... [read more]

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    Looking for a marketing genious...

    ktmurf in Joint Ventures

    Hello fellow warriors! I'm looking for someone to coordinate a JV with. I've got a couple awesome products and I've got a pretty good system for moving the products out ... [read more]

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    Got a Large List? Amazing Product to Give to Your Subscribers...FREE!

    Andrew P in Joint Ventures

    If you have a large list in the internet marketing niche and want to really make them happy. Let me give your subscribers free lifetime access to my fully loaded ... [read more]

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    A Very UNUSUAL JV Invite? (Must See)

    Tahir in Joint Ventures

    The question below answers WHY this is very unusual JV invite... How often are you asked to JV with an 80 year old? If the answer is probably never... then ... [read more]

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    Do You Have a Huge List? Great Free Product For Your List - Dont Hesitate

    I have a great social media and instant money product that I have recently created that I am willing to give away for free, provided you have a nice sized ... [read more]

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    Partner With Us And Earn an Easy $1000! - You don't want to miss out!!!

    Joe Walter in Joint Ventures

    Hey guys, My partner and I are once again on the scout for experienced JV Partners to promote our next highly anticipated product. Our previous product 'The Ghost Method' has ... [read more]

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    I'm Looking for List Swap Partners in the IM Niche?

    SMP in Joint Ventures

    Hi All. This is the same offer that I posted a few weeks ago and it's been successful so far. This is what I've got to offer:I have a RESPONSIVE ... [read more]

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    My JV to bring you more money and more visitors.

    What would you do with added exposure as well as some profit? I am looking for a few people interested in gaining some mass exposure as well as some ... [read more]

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    Ad Swaps: June/July?

    jempub in Joint Ventures

    Hey there again Warriors. Gary here. I'm setting up a few Ad Swaps for June and July. I have 57,114 subscribers in my Aweber account. I've done a TON of ... [read more]

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    WANTED: JV Partners/Affiliates for Very Cool Twitter Product

    Dear Fellow Warrior & Potential JV Partner, A product I recently finished is now being promoted on a website powered by Rapid Action Profits, aka RAP. If you're unfamiliar with ... [read more]

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    Ads swap with very responsive 30k IM list

    warrior_money in Joint Ventures

    Hi guys, Stephen, JV manager for Paul Walker here. We would like to find some serious JV partners to set up freebie cross promo with our list. Let expand our ... [read more]

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    Adswap for May - Responsive IM List of 1900+

    Simon74 in Joint Ventures

    Hello Warrior, I have 1900+ responsive list in IM niche, and I'm booking slots for May adswaps.. If you have list in IM niche, and you're interested, please send me ... [read more]

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    Need To Blast My Free Offer Of___ To Your List

    crankit98 in Joint Ventures

    Hi fellow warriors. I know nearly all email list here are IM niche so the response may be small. But I am offering Free PC Repair Articles and asking your ... [read more]

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    1.7K list booking adswaps for May

    Avdo in Joint Ventures

    Hi everyone, I have 1.7K list in IM niche, and I'm booking slots for May adswaps.. If you have list in IM niche, and you're interested, please send me your ... [read more]

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    1.2k IM Niche List Looking For Swap

    Malachi Kelly in Joint Ventures

    Hi Warriors, As the title explains my list size is 1,219 looking to swap with similar size lists in IM niche. Would prefer some sort of free offer. Here's the ... [read more]

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    Let's Grow Our List Together! (In the IM Niche)

    mbrig in Joint Ventures

    Hi there, my list stands at just under 1,000 and I want dramatic growth this year! If you do as well, let's work together. Best wishes and good luck. mbrig ... [read more]

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    13k list - I have ad swap dates open May 21,22,23,24, 28, 29, 30, 31

    b.super13 in Joint Ventures

    Hi everyone, I have some dates open coming up soon. I prefer double ad swaps. I just finished a double swap and sent 900+ clicks and counting to my partner. ... [read more]

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    Looking for Adswaps (5k IM subs)...

    AndyBlackSEO in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I'm looking to setup some adswaps. My list is responsive and consists mainly of subscribers who have an interest in article marketing, writing content etc. I am specifically interested ... [read more]

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    JV Partner with me: New Twitter Script with great potential!

    maxp76 in Joint Ventures

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for JV Partner to promote my new Twitter Script. You can see the product here (that's the WSO) If you have a list of people interestend ... [read more]

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    Build Aweber List Quickly

    Warriors, This sounds pretty interesting, so I decided to try it out. This website is a pyramid system that lets you build your email list quickly. You sign up for ... [read more]