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    Rules for the JV section - Updated 12/21 STICKY

    Paul Myers in Joint Ventures

    REMINDER: This forum is not for selling ads. Ad swaps are fine, that's a joint venture. Directly selling ads is not. Rules for the JV Section Okay. A few people ... [read more]

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    Adswap Make Money List 700 subscribers

    Gravc in Joint Ventures

    Hi People, I'm looking to do 4 adswaps over the next 4 weeks. My responsive List today consists of 704 Subscribers. The majority of this list is around 4 months ... [read more]

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    ListPlaybook.com - Looking for HUGE JV Partners with massive lists

    I'm the owner of List Playbook. I'm looking for HUGE JV partners. Send me a PM with answers to the following questions. I'll reply if interested: What size is your ... [read more]

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    Adswap with a pro!

    jfinley in Joint Ventures

    Hello, I'm looking to build my list. I have a great guide for making money online. I have 420+ and growing on my money making niche. I am looking to ... [read more]

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    Looking to Adswap in the IM niche list of 900

    chorton01 in Joint Ventures

    I have a very responsive list only looking for serious people: Reply back with the following: 1. List Size 2. Free Offer link 3. Date available

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    JV / Affiliates Needed

    rjacobs in Joint Ventures

    Upcoming offer soon to be released on May 10th is in need of More JV's & Affiliates. If you are interested and want to setup a list swap, please feel ... [read more]

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    Mass Control 2 - Finding JV Partners Question

    wwwc21 in Joint Ventures

    I got Mass Control 2 during the launch, but finally got around to actually going through the program. I'm linking to a very short part of his video program, as ... [read more]

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    ***UNIQUE NICHE*** We want more power sellers!

    tbjason in Joint Ventures

    We are looking for more power sellers!! Make some Big money! This is a rare product and one of a kind. Currently converting at 1/50!! Affiliate info here PageRank Affiliates ... [read more]

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    100% Commission - We Do All Support - Maximum of 12 Licenses ONLY - No Tire Kickers Please

    Hi Warriors We are looking for Warriors who would like to Market Our Software and Get The Full 100% commission. This is extremely limited as we will only offer this ... [read more]

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    Snohomish Ebook Store partnership opportunity

    ryansjones in Joint Ventures

    Hey everyone, in case of any of you are looking to make some extra cash, I do have an exclusive opportunity for at least one partner who has some experience ... [read more]

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    Take your project to the next level: serious inquiries only

    krull in Joint Ventures

    I'm experienced in video, and speaking and teaching on camera. Video editing and audio recording are my specialties. Article writing, ebook creation various manual labor, and somewhat html/design updating is ... [read more]

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    $1.36 Per Click (Directly Into Your Paypal Account)

    dseisner in Joint Ventures

    Would you like to promote a proven product with a proven sales page for 100% commission directly into your paypal account? My ebook, "The Octopus Blog Method" sells for $17 ... [read more]

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    Profit from the Next **** (early)

    wizard in Joint Ventures

    hey Warriors, we all know how hot **** berry was, right? I have something that's even hotter... Chocolate! we have Xocoslim - Lose Body Fat In The Next 3 Weeks ... [read more]

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    Mike Anthony in Joint Ventures

    Having maxed out on my popular backlink Package system I now offer a comparable system on A limited PLR basis. However with a new product on its way I have ... [read more]

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    Have Me Guest Blog For You (IM/SEO/MMO)

    koncorps in Joint Ventures

    Title says it all. If you're looking for someone to create a quality post and willing to allow me a few linkbacks in exchange (1-3) then let's get in touch ... [read more]

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    Unique JV Offer: Buyers, Sellers, JV/Affliates All Win BIG

    success4all in Joint Ventures

    Hi fellow warriors, This is your invitation to join a unique JV model you have never seen before where Buyers, Sellers, JV/Affiliate partners all win. A real Win-Win-Win JV: Seller ... [read more]

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    Announcing New Supplement Launch: Affiliates Wanted

    cmaq in Joint Ventures

    Today a new kind of supplement has been launched which can be found here: WELCOME to Vedic Relief. Vedic Relief has been developed utilizing Ayurvedic Medicine and has a very ... [read more]

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    I will give you 7,000 in Mobile Phone Industry for 7,000 in Internet Marketing Industry

    Mukul Verma in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors, I got a email list of around 7,000 people in the mobile phone industry from one of my niche websites. I am looking for a list of 7,000 ... [read more]

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    Do you want to start your own offline consulting business?

    Chris Ramsey in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warrior, I'm looking for one adventurous Warrior who wants to start their own offline consulting business. Here's what I'm offering... You get my high-priced "A to Z" coaching absolutely ... [read more]

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    Invest $250 and get paid $2500

    Dr.faizan in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I am going to start a new project for which I need someone's assistance. I want someone to invest $250 in my work and do work. The work needs ... [read more]

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    What to do of 100k Leads not opt-in.

    NetBizOnline in Joint Ventures

    Hi wanna ask your idea what to do with this list of 100k people interested in Bizniss opp.My friend give me this list from a website database it's has full ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketing Cash Cow Giveaway - JV offer

    Mark Hess in Joint Ventures

    May 1-15 I'm running an Internet marketing giveaway event. If you would like to be part of the event by contributing a product: Cash Cow Giveaway :: Welcome! If you ... [read more]

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    400+ RESPONSIVE LIST - Only 3 Spots Opt-In List - MMO NICHE

    Joe Benjamin in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors, I have a list with the following stats (so far). 427 (and growing) list of people who opt-in for a free "make money online" report. I get appx. ... [read more]

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    JOINT VENTURE: PLRGold: Blowout on 17th May

    EdmundLoh in Joint Ventures

    Hey there, I've got a big Private Label Rights launch coming up on 17th May 2010, and I'm extending this invite to any marketer in this area of the Internet ... [read more]

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    Ghostwriters, Article Writers, Copywriters -- JV

    thatgirlJ in Joint Ventures

    Hello fellow writers, Many of you might know me as a ghostwriter. Recently, I created a successful ghostwriting course. Word has gotten out that I've been working with some amazing ... [read more]

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    Looking to JV with someone in need of SEO

    CDawson in Joint Ventures

    Hello, I am an expert in SEO / Traffic Generation and I am looking for potential partnerships with any of you that currently are making websites and need help getting ... [read more]

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    Any warriors own a webinar company

    Is their any warriors that own a webinar room company? Either new or old works for me. My company is currently needing some and I wanted to give my fellows ... [read more]

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    NOW Make 100% INSTANT COMMISSION In Your PayPal On a NEW IM Product Every Month!

    Jay D in Joint Ventures

    Hi there, I am looking for JV partners, the list size doesn't matter as long as it is in the IM niche. I will be releasing new Internet Marketing related ... [read more]

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    Give your subscribers a valuable report + Warriors earn instant 100% commissions

    Howdy warriors, I have a JV opportunity I'd like to share with anyone looking to give their list some valuable info on squeeze page conversion tactics and make some quick ... [read more]

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    Looking to buy technology solo ad spots please

    crankit98 in Joint Ventures

    I am looking to buy solo ad spots on your lists. I pay you to send out my computer related ad to your list. Our products are currently selling on ... [read more]

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    Adswap with a list of 8,000+ Job-seekers

    LiveJobsCafe in Joint Ventures

    I have a list of Job-seekers who are obviously interested in making money. I have mentioned IM to quite a few of them and they say they wouldn't mind emails ... [read more]

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    Natural Remedies ad swap

    greenowl123 in Joint Ventures

    I have almost 300 in my natural remedies list if anyone with a related list is interested in swapping. They would also respond to weight loss offers. Thanks

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    Ad swaps for April and May, ANY size list!

    bestIMtools in Joint Ventures

    Hey guys, We're scheduling swaps for all of May, June, and July. Edit: April is fully booked! If you have a responsive list of any size in the 'internet marketing' ... [read more]

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    This is Best Product Ever To Promote To Your List. JV's Earn Big Commission + Free Traffic For Life!

    Jassim in Joint Ventures

    **Brand New** Viral Traffic Generating Technology (Worth $497 **FREE**) JVs Earn Huge Cash And traffic for life! + Get Free Push Button Traffic Software And Worlds Best 12 Social Media ... [read more]

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    how many emails are usually sent in adswaps? 1? 3?

    entry in Joint Ventures

    When you do adswaps with people how many emails do you send out to the partners email address? is it usually 1? or you can send out a series of ... [read more]

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    adswap with 150 subscribers (IM Niche)

    Wage Mills in Joint Ventures

    Looking for adswaps to build a list. I have over 150 subscribers on http://backlinkin.com and Giving out this product for free http://backlinkflood.backlinkin.com

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    Looking for a Business Partner

    adesbarats in Joint Ventures

    Hi Fellow Warriors, I have a business proposal I would like to put out there to see if there might be any interest in a partnership. I have worked for ... [read more]

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    FREE Macbook Pros - FREE Ipads & Much More

    dean_holland in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors You read that right, and thats just the tip on the iceberg! To find out how you win all this and more please click the below link Click ... [read more]

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    "Thank You" Page AdSwaps

    Igor Kheifets in Joint Ventures

    Hey all, My list is over 1100 and growing everyday. My funnel gets around 20-50 fresh leads a day. Here are some of my offers: "Undercover" List Building Warning! Exclusive ... [read more]

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    Traffic Swap. Skateboarding niche.

    Adam Roy in Joint Ventures

    Interested in doing a quick link exchange. My website is How To Skateboard Beginners Good traffic through SE's and other methods. Ranked number 7 on google for an 18,000 exact ... [read more]

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    #1 Hot SEO Topic Finally Exsposed! Never Done Before!

    tbjason in Joint Ventures

    Get on this hot train while it is fresh and new. This has never been done before and no one has exposed what I am exposing. I am looking for ... [read more]

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    I Will Pay for Solo Email Ad to Your List

    I am looking for list owners with a subscriber count of 5000+ for paid solo email ads. I have a free offer (NOT the one in my sig) in the ... [read more]

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    IM niche ad swap - small list but growing!

    smplylvn in Joint Ventures

    Hey, I am still pretty new to IM and i am really working hard on list building right now. My list is about 160 as of right now and growing. ... [read more]

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    159+ in IM niche - want to do an ad swap?

    dtendrich in Joint Ventures

    Hey there I have 159 as of my last aweber login. (I'm brand new to listbuilding ) IM niche with a few offline local businesses interested in making money online. ... [read more]

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    Adswap 188 subscribers

    bizousoft in Joint Ventures

    Hi Have a list of 125 subscribers, they all downloaded an article spinner and are pretty responsive. Have an available date for today and during next week. Please send ... [read more]

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    Let's book an AdSwap = 20k+ Subs in I.M. Niche

    joeykissimmee in Joint Ventures

    I'm booking adswaps for the month of May only. I have May 10, 12, and 14 open so hit me up if your game. I have a nice list of ... [read more]

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    Let's Adswap! 1775+ Subs in IM Niche

    dseisner in Joint Ventures

    Hello, I'm looking to do adswaps with people who have: 1) 1500+ subscribers in the IM niche or can deliver 200+ clicks. 2) A quality offering in the IM niche ... [read more]

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    Now booking adswaps for May with my responsive lists!!!

    dsmpublishing in Joint Ventures

    Hi guys i am currently booking in adswaps for may for my highly responsive twitter lists that have come from this freebie: Free Twitter Ebook Samantha Milner's Twitter Expert A ... [read more]

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    Looking for people with IM list for recurring income every month!

    Looking for people with list I am looking for people that have mailing list of any size. Through your list we could create an easy recurring income together for ... [read more]

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    swap ad

    nksurf in Joint Ventures

    my list are members of this traffic exchange site. The Traffic Garden 1500 admin@dollarsinpocket.com

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    looking for other coaches to network with

    Jarrett in Joint Ventures

    thanks. offer is currently closed =)

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    227 double optin subscribers looking for adswaps

    hello. i have a list of 227 people in self development / IM niche. hit me up if you would like to do an adswap. Thanks Morgan

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    Ad Swap with a little guy?

    Axl in Joint Ventures

    If anybody is interested in an ad swap I have a very responsive list of 450. I would even be interested in paying the difference of a bigger list off ... [read more]

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    Got at least 100 people in your IM list? Ad swap with my 300 people list...

    viane in Joint Ventures

    Hey guys, If you've got at least 100 people on your Internet marketing list, I'd be interested to do an ad swap with you. I've got about 300 people on ... [read more]

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    azland55 in Joint Ventures

    Hi everyone I have a very responsive 597 list in the IM niche. Would you be interested in doing adswaps? Let me know. Either PM me or leave a reply ... [read more]

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    Make $$$ in The Forex Niche

    cmaq in Joint Ventures

    Now is your opportunity to cash in on the Forex niche. We are in the midst of launching a new and exciting Forex Robot that is going to change the ... [read more]