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    Rules for the JV section - Updated 12/21 STICKY

    Paul Myers in Joint Ventures

    REMINDER: This forum is not for selling ads. Ad swaps are fine, that's a joint venture. Directly selling ads is not. Rules for the JV Section Okay. A few people ... [read more]

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    Adswap - 6,100 in IM Niche (Responsive)

    Hi, I'm looking for asdwap partners in the IM niche. My list is now at 6,100+ and I get about 250 - 500 clicks per mailout. If your list size ... [read more]

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    Act Quickly! - Make serious FAST Money This Monday - Thursday

    AndyBlackSEO in Joint Ventures

    Hi People, I've just had a brainwave which could make you some FAST money if you have a list. Here is the deal.... Tomorrow morning (Monday), I'll be mailing my ... [read more]

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    20 k list looking for ad-swaps

    SRB in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I have a 20k list in the IM Niche, I am looking for ad swaps. For dates please email "lawblack9@gmail.com" . Thanks - I look forward to hearing from ... [read more]

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    List size 4223, Email swaps open for NEXT WEEK! Will book you the same day within hours. Open now.

    bestIMtools in Joint Ventures

    As of today my list size is of 4223 subscribers in the 'make money online' niche. My FREE offer that I will be sending to your list is Free Internet ... [read more]

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    Looking for setting up mutually beneficial "integration marketing" swaps

    Igor Kheifets in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors, Currently, my funnel gets anywhere from 8-20 leads a day (on average). I am looking for partners who are willing to swap ads/banners on "Thank You" and "Download" ... [read more]

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    New Fresh Dating Product That Is Not Like The Others

    Ben Chin in Joint Ventures

    Hi all, I have just create a different kind of product in the dating niche and I am looking for JVs. I have seen alot of dating/attraction/seduction products out there ... [read more]

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    9873 IM Subscriber list for Ad Swaps

    webdude2000 in Joint Ventures

    I have a list in smartautoresponder.com of almost 10,000 single opt-in subscribers. About 1300 of these are WF "War Room" members. Looking for Ad swaps with lists greater than 2500 ... [read more]

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    Booking Ad Swaps IM Niche - 10k List...

    b.super13 in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I'm looking to book ad swaps... My list is a little over 10k and you can expect anywhere from 300 to 500+ clicks. Please contact me if you have ... [read more]

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    Market my Site CreateAndManageSchedules.com for 50% commission...

    dtarver in Joint Ventures

    Hello I am looking for a few people to market my site CreateAndManageSchedules.com for 50% commission. Please contact me at support@createandmanageschedules.com Thank you,

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    Looking for Marketers $100/mo payout - residual!

    micaheide in Joint Ventures

    We have just launched an SEO Reseller Program. Now instead of marketing SEO software that might make you $30-50 a sale, you can market a full blown SEO service that ... [read more]

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    Affiliates for gaming niche product wanted - huge demand, low competition!

    kubas in Joint Ventures

    Hi folks! You probably know about the most popular Facebook games which are the huge boom in gaming industry nowadays. Farmville - 83'000'000 players Cafe World - 30'000'000 players I've ... [read more]

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    New Product Testimonials needed...free review copy for you!

    DesmondTan in Joint Ventures

    hi guys, i have a new product launch coming up, the sales letter is at Affiliate Hitman . i will roughly need approximately 10 testimonials so pls mail me at ... [read more]

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    WSO JV. Ive got the products.

    enrikole in Joint Ventures

    Hei, Would any of you be interested in WSO JV? Ive got few products, but as you can see I have not much reputation here yet. Will do my best ... [read more]

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    Joint Venture| 50% Commissions| $197 Quality Product

    vegaschk in Joint Ventures

    Hey guys, I just created an awsome product geared towards business owners/entrepreneurs who need help in developing some marketing strategies that work. I am looking for JVs who have a ... [read more]

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    Get 100% Commissions on this HOT selling product!

    bertuseng in Joint Ventures

    I have a brand new product called, Ebook Reseller Extreme. As an introductory offer I priced it really low at only $7 for easy conversions. You can promote this to ... [read more]

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    Genuine ad swaps only!

    Ian Middleton in Joint Ventures

    Hi I have a few dates left for ad swaps in April - 15/27/28/29th and any time in May. My list is in the IM niche and I have had ... [read more]

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    Giving away iPads to Affiliates

    Ronnie Nijmeh in Joint Ventures

    Attention: JV Partners who love to profit & who want to win fun geeky prizes... Earn Cash Spreading the Word about The Rapid Product Formula - PLUS GET REALLY COOL ... [read more]

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    Need Help to Improve My Conversions - happy to share profits

    Tony Marriott in Joint Ventures

    Many Many thanks for the kind offers of help. I am sorted now so I will close this thread. Hi, Im have a web site that I have been working ... [read more]

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    Interested in a high-quality free product for your "thank you" page?

    joshril in Joint Ventures

    Fellow marketers... I have a couple of high-quality videos (that I created) on outsourcing that would be great additions to your "thank you" pages. If you're interested, let me know. ... [read more]

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    Looking for Adswap Partners - Internet Marketing Niche

    I have a list size of 155 subscribers. I use aweber, so all my subscribers are double opt-in. I am giving away a free report on website flipping. The report ... [read more]

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    calling the experts: I need help getting started, you help me I help you!!

    dbonline in Joint Ventures

    I'm really hoping one of you experienced marketers here can help me get started and also give me the chance to help you in return however I can. I'll try ... [read more]

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    Launch Thurs 15th 10am EST - You In?

    Kym Robinson in Joint Ventures

    Hello Fellow Warriors, I am launching my latest IM product this Thursday April 15th 2010 at 10am EST. Looking for JV partners. JV Blog is here with all details - ... [read more]

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    Need IM Adswaps? I have a 4000 person IM list - Can send between 550-650 clicks.

    Daniel Brock in Joint Ventures

    Hello, I am looking for an adswap partner for the month of April. I have a very responsive list of 4000 IMers who trust and respect me. (Obtained from forums, ... [read more]

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    JV - Earn Up To $533 Per Subscriber!

    Avdo in Joint Ventures

    Hello warriors, as an affiliate manager of Mark Vurnum, and his Lead Generation Videos III - offline Revenge, I invite you to our affiliate program! In short it means you ... [read more]

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    I need an experienced warrior partner for a JV so we both can sell my product

    GVA150873 in Joint Ventures

    Hi. I have what I call an excellent product for a WSO but I don´t have any reputation as a seller, that´s why I think I haven´t had any success ... [read more]

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    26K Responsive IM list... PM Me!

    CNP3 in Joint Ventures

    hey guys (and girls) I have 26K and am extremely reputable... if you CAN'T provide at least 300-500 clicks, then please don't contact me! I am only looking for legit ... [read more]

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    Brand New, Fresh Affiliate Marketing Product Launches *Today*

    I know you're busy and have a hundred things on your plate, so let me cut straight to the chase and explain exactly why this is one affiliate program you've ... [read more]

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    Question: What is the Best Affiliate Program you've ever participated?

    kishorem in Joint Ventures

    There are hundred of thousands Affiliate Program out there. To you personally, what is the one best affiliate program that you've ever participated? I mean the one that you received ... [read more]

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    Untapped Niche and Product, Looking for Affiliates

    mogulmap in Joint Ventures

    Hey all, My name is Chris and I run a website in the "Pigeon Racing" niche I just wanted to let you know that this is a super untapped niche ... [read more]

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    video content website

    Letter$ in Joint Ventures

    hey guys, i need someone that know a lot about youtube and can upload at least 5 videos each day. i'd like it to be 10 videos daily but im ... [read more]

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    JV - If you have any type of list in the PLR niche, promote this for 100% instant commisssions!!

    Ron Rajan in Joint Ventures

    Hi, If you have any type of list in the PLR market, you should sign up to promote the 'Fusion Code'. The front end is currently setup at $17 and ... [read more]

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    [JV Opportunity] - Your #1 Social Community Network for Internet Marketers

    Melani in Joint Ventures

    Removing the details as the pricing structure for the site has completely changed so need to re-write the JV offer.

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    IMGuruVids.com Looking To Promote You Through Blog/Video

    koncorps in Joint Ventures

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for some people who are interested in providing some content to IMGuruVids.com. I could post on your blog, you post on mine quality content only please. ... [read more]

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    detour in Joint Ventures

    Hello All, I noticed that many of us come on this forum to discover new ways to make money or to improve our current business Maybe the trick is that ... [read more]

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    Frontpage King-"Get Server Crashing Traffic" Affiliate Program: JV Partners get FREE COPY

    dougp in Joint Ventures

    Hello, im looking for serious jv partners and affiliates for my site, FrontPage King. You can check out the salespage here: "Frontpage King: Get TARGETTED TRAFFIC FOR FREE!" You can ... [read more]

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    SEO Affiliates/ JV Partners Promote HOT NEW Product! Not Released Yet!

    tbjason in Joint Ventures

    This is one of the hottest topics right now. This has NOT been released to the public yet. This has never been done before! Get your hands on this fresh ... [read more]

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    I got unlimited Webhosting Services

    rrielly in Joint Ventures

    Anybody that needs webhosting with unlimited bandwith I will be willing to help out......I need to convert the use of it some how! Maybe offer it up for FREE! Anybody ... [read more]

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    Looking for self motivated affiliates.

    casius in Joint Ventures

    Today's payouts we pay for our affiliates is from 80% to 120% per order. If you have knowledge in web hosting industry and have motivation working with web hosting. When ... [read more]

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    Sorry... Double Posting instead of edit... clumsy me! ;)

    Hello, Morgan here. I have a very tiny list of 34 people that I've just gottent over the past 2 days or so. I know this is not much, but ... [read more]

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    Ad Swaps Wanted-30K+ List-IM Niche

    Looking for a few new ad swappers in IM niche that can exceed my list size or match my list size in one or two mailings. I average about 1100 ... [read more]

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    Hot Products For The Men's Dating & Sex Advices Market

    SuperRyan in Joint Ventures

    Who else want to promote a highly converting products for the dating/seduce women markets? Intrducing... How To Have A Threesome By Next Week Sales Page ==> How To Have A ... [read more]

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    JV Partners/ Affiliates Earn with The Winners Mindset

    singerjay in Joint Ventures

    NEUROSOPHY.COM is launching The Winners Mindset on 20th APRIL 2010 and we are currently taking on quality JV partners and affiliates. The Winners Mindset is the complete personal success/ transformation ... [read more]

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    JV PARTNERS REQUIRED-U$894.6 + U$58.2 / Month Per Sale-7% Conversion Rate-Forex Niche<====

    Dear All Great Warriors, I am Joseph, The Affiliate Manager of The Forex Millionaires. To see the details, you can click here immediately: The Forex Millionaires Has been tested to ... [read more]

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    Ad Swap 130 subscribers but very responsive

    Ad Swap 130 subscribers but very responsive list I am in the Internet marketing make money at home niche. Check out my signature you can see my opt in form ... [read more]

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    Adswap: 800+ Responsive Subscribers (IM Niche)

    dseisner in Joint Ventures

    Hello, I'm looking to do adswaps with people who have: 1) 800+ subscribers in the IM niche or can deliver 80+ clicks. 2) A quality offering in the IM niche ... [read more]

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    FREE Targeted Traffic Gift for YOU & YOUR List...

    teazers4 in Joint Ventures

    Hello, I would like to offer you something that would be beneficial to you and your subscribers... My name is Neil Teasdale owner of ViralTrafficTsunami.com and being a new site, ... [read more]

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    Weight loss adswap

    my list is fresh and on fire, its just about 2K and growing Drop me a pM to schedule one together sean

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    Webinar For Your Product?

    koncorps in Joint Ventures

    Hey Guys, I posted a while back and got a few responses so I'm looking for another internet marketer interested in having a webinar done for their list/product. You can ... [read more]

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    a new diffrent type of adswap

    jaywilsonjr in Joint Ventures

    I'm putting together a group adswap. I'm looking for 4 other marketers to join this group. That is all I can work with at this time. If you've never done ... [read more]

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    Only 70 in list: need help building up!

    vanhoogy in Joint Ventures

    Hi All, I am small potatoes and only have a confirmed list of 70 very loyal folks. I am looking for a few people who would want to help a ... [read more]

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    Just in case you want to make easy $43/sale ...

    Alminc in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I just got my CB product 'Total Traffic Mastery' approved. It's a hot video course on SEO & traffic techniques for beginners/intermediate level. The product can easily sell for ... [read more]

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    Poker Niche Do You Want 75% of $47.95?

    myrtleian in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I have just put a brand new product up on PayDotCom called: "The Hold'em Hustler Super Survival Kit". It consists of four parts these being: [LIST]Mind your poker business, ... [read more]

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    Conversions through the ROOF!! YOU'VE NEVER seen a product with LOWER returns!! 70% Commissions.

    gacott in Joint Ventures

    Forget Clickbank and 60 days. We are using PayDotCom for this one folks! The current and running WSO is here http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...ompletely.html This software works, REAL WELL. Since launched we have ... [read more]

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    [WTB] - Solo Ad blasts in IM niche. Free product --

    money2k in Joint Ventures

    hello warriors. I have just launched my PLR membership website into pre launch. i am looking to build my list and would like to do solo ad blasts. My PLR ... [read more]

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    Adswap with a smaller section of my list

    Ashley Wright in Joint Ventures

    Hey warriors, I am looking for a few adswaps for this month and the next. As many of you may know I have a online IM magazine (CIM Monthly) so ... [read more]

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    closed. Thank you.