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    Rules for the JV section - Updated 12/21 STICKY

    Paul Myers in Joint Ventures

    REMINDER: This forum is not for selling ads. Ad swaps are fine, that's a joint venture. Directly selling ads is not. Rules for the JV Section Okay. A few people ... [read more]

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    AD Swaps Wanted.Up To 3500.IM niche

    jmandile in Joint Ventures

    Hey Everyone, Jeremy Mandile Here from wakeuptocash.com I've been steadily building my list over the last few months. send me a pm to set up an ad swap. I can ... [read more]

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    Any Fellow Warriors interested For JV to write regular Newsletter to my 7000 Get Response List?

    triosolutions in Joint Ventures

    Any Fellow Warriors interested For JV to write regular Newsletter to my 7000 Get Response List? I have list of subscriber more than 7000 in my Get Response Auto responder. ... [read more]

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    Let's Adswap - I have 2,400

    matthewd in Joint Ventures

    Hey, I have a list of 2,400 in the IM niche and am looking for some good adswap partners so we can grow our lists together. If you have less ... [read more]

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    Joomla Experts To Partner Up with Writer?

    Anomaly1974 in Joint Ventures

    I have been told that Joomla has about the highest learning curve of the CMS programs that are well-known and common ... but it is also the only one I ... [read more]

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    Lets Go 50/50 On A New ClickBank Product "ClickBank Commando"

    Lee McKenna in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors, I’ve just had an Idea for a new clickbank product... Clickbank Commando I’ve just snapped up the domain name www.clickbankcommando.com I think it’s a really good name and ... [read more]

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    Programmer/web designer available for projects

    seer in Joint Ventures

    I can make windows software,websites,unix php/mysql, ecommerce etc....open for projects,let me know what you are thinking

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    If You Are In The Self Improvement or Weight Loss Niche Please read...

    All this week we are doing a "Little Pinky" level membership drive. Regular price is $19.97 per month - special price is only $4.99 per month. I'm looking for promoters ... [read more]

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    Looking for jv's in the job/employment market

    footpod in Joint Ventures

    I am looking to jv partners for a new "get that job" online course. The course is aimed at UK job hunters and completely new. The course isn't on clickbank ... [read more]

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    Looking for JV Programmer

    anwar001 in Joint Ventures

    I am looking for a JV programmer who is good in .NET and php programming. If someone is good in this area then get in touch with me. We can ... [read more]

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    Adswap wanted for the 1st september with my 3,500 twitter list

    dsmpublishing in Joint Ventures

    Hi i am looking for an adswap partner for the 1st september to be sent out with my monthly tutorial which gets the best open rate out of all my ... [read more]

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    Looking for Ad Swap Purchase on Opt in Lists for IM

    Musa_Aykac in Joint Ventures

    Hi guys looking to purchase email sending for your opt in lists for a new product that has just launched Should be relevant to IM/Webmasters Let me know the list ... [read more]

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    Affiliates - Make 50% to 75% Plus Prizes & Cash Bonuses Promoting a Unique Product!

    Hi Ya'll, I have a unique, new product and I'm looking for some "kick a$$" affiliates to help spread the word. This product is in the Private Label Rights niche. ... [read more]

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    Presell Secrets X JV Invite - $6,685 Worth of Prizes Up For Grabs

    alvinhuang in Joint Ventures

    " If You Can Cut, Paste And Send An Email, Then You Are About To Make A Bucket Load Of Easy Money.... " Launch : 29th September, Tuesday 10AM EST ... [read more]

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    Who Has A List Of Copywriters?

    Chris Ramsey in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warrior, I'm looking to JV with someone who has a list of responsive copywriters available to them. In 2-3 weeks I will be launching an e-class on copywriting, which ... [read more]

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    Profit Siphon Launching 8/25/09 - Affiliates Wanted

    Shane Wilson in Joint Ventures

    Hey Everyone, My latest product is launching Tuesday, August 25th at noon and I need your help. The product is in the IM niche and is geared toward newbies to ... [read more]

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    25% commission - $5 Signup Bonus - Monthly PayPal Payments

    toffee in Joint Ventures

    Great Affiliate Program - 25% commission - $5 Signup Bonus Are you achieving your financial goals? Does your blog bog you down? Rev it up with links from x10media X10media ... [read more]

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    Exciting new upcoming launch (made with affiliates in mind)

    artsub in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I know you’re busy, so I’ll skip straight to the important stuff. I want to show you an exciting product launch coming up (prelaunch starts on the 7th Sept) ... [read more]

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    Let Me Pass A 6-Figure JV Brokering Job Along To You

    Back when Jeff Walker first released Product Launch Formula several years ago, he convinced people that they could do a big product launch. He gave them a step-by-step formula for ... [read more]

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    Looking For A Internet Mktg. Partner in L.A Area

    Seth Stewart in Joint Ventures

    I've learned enough about affiliate, article, CPA, reselling and other forms of Internet Marketing (thanks, fellow Warriors) to set up several profitable online income streams, and I'm not adverse to ... [read more]

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    AdSwap Sept 09 - I have a list of 21000. Honest adswappers only.

    JazLai in Joint Ventures

    Hey all, I am looking for adswap partners who are willing to do EQUAL affiliate-link swap with me in the IM niche.. for Sept 09. I can match your list ... [read more]

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    Give Your Subs Something FREE They Will Be Delighted :-)

    Musa_Aykac in Joint Ventures

    This is for anyone with a list related to IM, Webmasters, bloggers etc Give back to your subscribers and keep them sweet, offer them something FREE that is not only ... [read more]

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    Affiliates Wanted - New Clickbank Site - 70% - Twitter Success Tactics Video Course

    mikeyman120 in Joint Ventures

    Hello All, I am very happy to announce that I am launching my new site called Twitter Success Tactics - Twitter Video Tutorials. The site just went live. I am ... [read more]

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    Private IM consulting profit split

    Andrew Kryzak in Joint Ventures

    Hey fellow Warrior, Here's an easy way for you to make more money from your list and provide them with exceptional value. I've been a part time internet marketing consulting ... [read more]

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    Forex/trading list owners. Watch out!

    disi in Joint Ventures

    Hello there, I am newbie to IM but as some of you may have read in my other posts I am in 'internet business' for 6 years now. I am ... [read more]

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    JV Partners For Business Building Product

    seminars82 in Joint Ventures

    I am looking for JV partners in my product in the business building and IM niche. Below are the few ways of partnership that I'm looking for. 1) Partner promoting ... [read more]

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    Graphics Parnter Needed

    havplenty in Joint Ventures

    Hello All, I am looking to launch a product in the next 30 - 45 days (Product already conceptulaized with preliminary planning on paper) and I am looking for a ... [read more]

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    Web developer looking for JV Partners for product creations

    seer in Joint Ventures

    I have about 15 years developing websites for small business and big corporations,i have experience in ecommerce backends,design,video editing,hosting and anything that has to do with a web presense,im looking ... [read more]

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    Advertise on PR2 Site - 45k visits - over 500k impressions/month

    toffee in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I have 3 Ad spots available on www.musicXposure.com (no rotation)All pages, 468x60 Top Header: $30.00/month Home Page 468x60 Under the search box: $25.00/month Home Bottom + Result Pages, 728x90: ... [read more]

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    Give Away My *Brand New* FREE Software - Earn $40 Commissions...

    mainown in Joint Ventures

    Hey There, Hopefully, all is well on your side. I just released my brand new software & I think your customers & subscribers will love it. It's called "Instant Video ... [read more]

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    Brand New Product - Be First to Your List ...

    Will Edwards in Joint Ventures

    Hi There My Warrior Friends We are about to launch a new making-money product. The product itself is aimed at Newbies and consists of a series of 30 videos. They ... [read more]

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    AdSwap: I Have A List Of 6,000 Subscribers/Customers

    Adam Carn in Joint Ventures

    Hi Warriors, I have a list of about 6,000 subscribers/customers in the "Make Money Online For Newbies" niche. I would like to do an adswap with Warriors with a list. ... [read more]

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    Programmer for Partnership / JV

    stma in Joint Ventures

    I'm working on a new membership - need a programmer with php experience to handle a constant flood of new scripts. You should be comfortable working with curl, scraping, and ... [read more]

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    WTS 125x125 Ads/ Internet Marketing Blog & SEO Blog. Cheap Advertising. 15,000 views +

    willyboy104 in Joint Ventures

    Hello everyone. I am offering 125 x 125 Ad Banners for a flat rate of $10 per month. Only 8 Available. - Alexa Traffic Rank: 155,500 - Twitter Followers: 500+ ... [read more]

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    Looking for a Good Product For an OTO! Great Opportunity!

    Tom Brite in Joint Ventures

    Hey, Im in the process of starting to build a site which will give away a free report on advanced competition checking in google and highlight loads of methods to ... [read more]

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    CPA Dominance is Looking for Affiliates.

    jvalentin in Joint Ventures

    Hello fellow Warrior Members, I am looking for affiliates to promote my new membership site CPA Dominance. It's a CPA (Cost Per Action) training site with lots of free bonuses. ... [read more]

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    Advertise On My Blog For Free

    Mr McDonald in Joint Ventures

    How would you like to advertise on my blog for free? All You have to do is write a short IM related post/article, then add a sentence or two at ... [read more]

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    Looking for Warriors Who Organize Live Seminars

    Hello Warriors, If you organize live seminars for 100 or more attendees, I have an "add on" that can provide you with some extra income. I don't want to go ... [read more]

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    Super Affiliates Wanted for Hot New Continuity Personal Development Product! Pre-Launch: 18 Aug

    richgrad in Joint Ventures

    Dear Warriors, Do you have a personal development list? If so, you want to get in on this right now: http://tinyurl.com/r32t5y This is a hot, new, continuity product that's proven ... [read more]

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    Ok...Ill Promote your Website...I will.. I promise

    JeffMitchell in Joint Ventures

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to shoot this post out for anyone who wants to join my Content Syndication Network. I want to get a group of people who have certain ... [read more]

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    Converting at 10.19% | Over $1 Visitor Value | 100% Instant Paypal Commissions

    JamesPenn in Joint Ventures

    Hi Warriors I had a challenge with my girlfriend when I finished creating my new product Accelerated List Building. I bet her that I would sell more than 1,000 copies ... [read more]

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    A great opportunity to make a TON of money for very little work!

    kswr123 in Joint Ventures

    Hey guys! I recently launched my latest digital product for IMers, Ecover Templates Pro Rather than regular marketing, I am looking to do some JVs until I get some free ... [read more]

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    IM JV -1 Sale = $ 499.50 commission

    MavisAA in Joint Ventures

    I have a number of IM products ranging from $ 397 to $ 4,997 per sale and I am interested in making you a 50% JV offer on each. Check ... [read more]

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    Do You Have Service Based Professionals on Your List?

    donnamos in Joint Ventures

    I am looking for JV's with others who promote to service based professionals. We have a new online application we want to promote. Simple Marketing Pro provides a solution for ... [read more]

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    Imnica Mail Affiliate Contest

    Imnica Mail has been growing at an unbelievable rate! We have honestly been shocked at how well received our service has been! Our customers are raving about us, and we ... [read more]

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    Expert JV Affiliate Partner Needed for Hair Care Specialist

    DigiSumo in Joint Ventures

    Hello Warriors, I'm looking for an expert JV super affiliate partner to help with the promotion of a World renowned hair and skin care specialist new natural hair care line ... [read more]

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    Branded Report Free for your subscribers in the Health/dieting niche

    If you promote products in the health and wellness / dieting niche and you have a subscriber list then I have a report for you. Sign up for our affiliate ... [read more]

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    JV with Odinn Sorensen & Eric Tan in Graphics Giveaway 2

    erictan in Joint Ventures

    New JV Opportunity In Design & Graphics Niche Recently Odinn Sorensen and I opened the Graphics Giveaway 2 for JV partners, and already it's a great success with 165 activated ... [read more]

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    jamesburchill in Joint Ventures

    This message is no longer valid and has been deleted.

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    Promote backlinkflood with us and earn a lot more than just your affiliate check.

    success4all in Joint Ventures

    Find out how you can make a lot more than just your affiliate check without any extra effort by promoting backlinkflood affiliate offer with our win-win-win jv group: http://www.warriorforum.com/groups/w...-jv-group.html

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    Adswapping Tips

    Andy Fletcher in Joint Ventures

    As a follow up to Ken's post about being careful who you deal with here I thought I'd share what I've learned in the world of adswaps. 1. Adswaps are ... [read more]

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    Email Copywriter Needed

    abdoue in Joint Ventures

    Hey, I need an email Copywriter asap I am willing to pay a good percentage of what I make from the email you write for me. Or we can also ... [read more]

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    Partnership: TellYourBossOff.tv (Unique Opportunity)

    xealinc in Joint Ventures

    Okay I wasn't sure where to post this because it isn't your typical opportunity. The purpose here is to create an online community and share in the results. A couple ... [read more]

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    In the work at home or make money newbies niche? I've got a product for you!

    Hello! I'm looking for people who have sizable lists in one of the following niches: -make money online -work at home -work at home moms I'm re-releasing my very underpromoted ... [read more]

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    750+ IM list - Looking for Ad Swaps

    Simon Stanley in Joint Ventures

    Hey guys, I have a very responsive 750+ IM list and growing fast. These leads have all been added over the past month or so which explains their high response ... [read more]

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    Nearing COMPLETION (PC Technical Industry)

    Intrepreneur in Joint Ventures

    I'm looking for someone who will work along side me with getting my PC product out onto the marketplace in style. I would like this person to bring a little ... [read more]

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    Hot SEO launch endorsed by big names and paying huge commissions

    Andy Fletcher in Joint Ventures

    Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce that I've just launched Backlink Flood. My brand new SEO system. This isn't some rehashed rubbish and to prove it I've got endorsements from ... [read more]