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    Rules for the JV section - Updated 12/21 STICKY

    Paul Myers in Joint Ventures

    REMINDER: This forum is not for selling ads. Ad swaps are fine, that's a joint venture. Directly selling ads is not. Rules for the JV Section Okay. A few people ... [read more]

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    JV Partner(s) Wanted in Promoting IM Products

    softstor in Joint Ventures

    I am looking for one or more people in promoting Internet Marketing Products. Each of these products are complete packages that include many short "How To" videos. You have the ... [read more]

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    More then 75% of the share will be yours! Looking for high traffic sites, to put CPA ads on

    krisbeckers in Joint Ventures

    Hi there, I don't wanna sell anything or give some free report away. I just have a simple question. As we are here to help each other, I'm looking for ... [read more]

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    Looking for Excellent Branded Health Products

    healthstatus in Joint Ventures

    My website is HealthStatus.com, it is 13 years old and we get over 600,000 visitors per month to the website and rank high for keywords such as "ideal weight", "calories ... [read more]

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    FRESH 80,000+ Email List in IM/Make Money Niche - 4,000 Clicks Guaranteed

    IMelite in Joint Ventures

    Hey warriors, I'm looking to do some ad swaps or solo ads, I have a respectable list of 80,000+ subscribers, this is a fresh list, I've never done a solo ... [read more]

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    Looking for Event Co-Hosts! Build your list by 5K-10K! No Work!

    abelchua in Joint Ventures

    Hey Warriors, I"ll be running a big event that will be getting you lots of subscribers and JV Partners. We're aiming for a 5K to 10K event. You'll build your ... [read more]

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    URGENT - do you have a product that you would like to include in my BlackFriday Sale

    Lilach in Joint Ventures

    Hi everyone I'm looking for quality products that I can add to my BlackFriday sale. Please can you let me know ASAP if you have something (or knows someone who ... [read more]

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    Nerd Warrior looking for Fast-Talking Warrior

    tandren544 in Joint Ventures

    I am an employed software engineer (aka big geek) developing a php-based niche service. I have a target demographic, design and marketing experience, but I am looking for someone with ... [read more]

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    Seeking Investor to scale up my method.

    NetBizOnline in Joint Ventures

    Method: I have method that's already making me money in a smaller scale looking for investor for help to scale it up to earn more. Proof: I can show some ... [read more]

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    wb2rem in Joint Ventures

    Hi, I am interested in doing a Adswap Free Squeeze Page Blast. I have 7K on my double opt in Forex Newsletter subscriber list. I can send 100-2000 Clicks. Please ... [read more]

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    Looking Investor for my WSO Which i will lauch in 2 days - 60/40 split

    WildaGorskic in Joint Ventures

    Hi Let me be to the point , I have my own eBook - its a valuable eBook and worth reading for the price of 11.97$ for which i am ... [read more]

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    Got $12,000? Make $1000/day

    napoleonfirst in Joint Ventures

    $143 for a $55 investment. Proof in the JV link. http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...ml#post5092820

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    **JV Opportunity Must Read, seriously read the damn post!

    vpunch in Joint Ventures

    WARRRRRIORS, Okay I am just going to be straight up with this. I am an extremely motivated internet marketer that is doing everything he can to push out my own ... [read more]

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    Looking for Offline Marketing Lists

    Pointer in Joint Ventures

    I'm in the process of growing my offline marketing list. To get opt-ins, I'd like to advertise a free product I recently created on other offline marketing lists. If you ... [read more]

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    DATING NICHE ONLY - Will Write For You If You Mail For Me

    MeTellYou in Joint Ventures

    Hey, I have a ghostwriting wso that's doing quite well. I am trying to kick start my list in the dating market, so I'll happily write for you if you ... [read more]

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    Msn Adcenter Account JV, Easy 25% ROI

    avatar1 in Joint Ventures

    hey guys, If anyone of you are in the Usa and has or can create an Msn Adcenter account that I can use to promote cpa offers, I can pay ... [read more]

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    Sell Stays In Exclusive Private Mansions - More Profitable Than Ebooks :-)

    I'm looking for partners who can help sell stays in multimillion dollar private mansions, complete with servants :-) You don't need to be in the travel industry, but just know ... [read more]

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    JV - We own ~1000 Travel & Food Cartoons, open to proposals to monetize

    localvseo in Joint Ventures

    We are the owners (and original creators) of close to 1000 single panel cartoons that focus on either Food or Travel (2 different series of cartoons). These were in newspapers ... [read more]

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    I will Provide 2 High quality articles for 1 back link on your blog - Lets get benefitted

    A14 in Joint Ventures

    Hi Yes , I will provide 2 High quality and Unique articles of 400-500 each for free .In return , out of the 2 articles i give you , 1 ... [read more]

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    I will provide high pr backlinks for your site

    Matt Broody in Joint Ventures

    I will provide high pr backlinks for your site You can provide also backlinks for me, some solo ad or just subscribing to my newsletter

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    What can we do with Call Centers?

    xpatflipper in Joint Ventures

    I'm involved in the Philippine Call Center industry right now. I work for a guy who has a unique internet presence that brings us lots of leads from people looking ... [read more]

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    Horror Niche - Decent Opportunity

    PhilJensen in Joint Ventures

    Hi everyone I've stumbled across a decent opportunity in the horror niche. I purchased a great domain and I've obtained some nice PR5 links from an content fresh horror website. ... [read more]

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    Looking for investors for a profitable business

    primitip in Joint Ventures

    I'm running this site for about a month and a half now and made $750+ in profit. That's all with very small effort made in term of promotion. I want ... [read more]

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    Need investor - JV for my Membership site - Huge income potential .

    WildaGorskic in Joint Ventures

    Hi We are going to launch our membership site on free stuffs like eBooks , PLR Articles ,Tutorials , video tutorials etc on making money niche . We are ready ... [read more]

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    FREE Copywriting Service

    napoleonfirst in Joint Ventures

    I am offering 3 trial offer of my copywriting service. Please PM me if you are interested.

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    Jarrod in Joint Ventures

    Deleting this.

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    Free Backlinks - Senuke Campaigns in Exchange for Unique Articles, Content, Etc.

    GoogleDreams in Joint Ventures

    Hello there, I run a backlinks service on my internet marketing website (and here on the warrior forum which you can find in my signature). I am willing to trade ... [read more]

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    Wanted: Solo Ads from SEO/Backlink Niche

    InitialEffort in Joint Ventures

    Hello, I'm looking to pay someone to do a solo ad for my service or market my offer as an affiliate. I've done this before with other online marketers with ... [read more]

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    Do you have an Offline Marketing List?

    Pointer in Joint Ventures

    Hello, I have a new Offline Marketing product that I just completed and I'm looking for list owners in the offline marketing niche who would like to give it away ... [read more]

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    ***CLOSED***Anyone Want A List of 30K+ ???

    goindeep in Joint Ventures

    I have a list of 30K+ The list has first name, last name and email. List has been created in 2002 and data has been added up until 2011. The ... [read more]

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    Everyone Uses this...Electricity! Get paid to help lower peoples rates!

    rustystyles in Joint Ventures

    Hello my friends, I am looking for an experienced person to generate traffic towards a link I have. The customer will earn a $50 cash credit for switching their residential ... [read more]

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    Seeking wso investor 50/50 split

    BabyMama in Joint Ventures

    I have several wso's that I am looking to launch in the next few weeks/months. All of them would be digital products such as ebooks or video courses. I am ... [read more]

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    [Beta testers wanted] SEO Jobs Market Classifieds Website

    Hello, I'm looking for warriors that offer SEO services to help me test a new SEO Jobs marketplace that I have created. The site consists of four main listing areas: ... [read more]

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    Instant Paypal Commission. Holiday Blowout Sale.

    MrSonic in Joint Ventures

    Hi, If you have an Affiliate Marketing, Make Money, Home Biz email list, social media audience, etc, please consider instant $27 commission. 25 Turnkey Affiliate Sites for $27. Click the ... [read more]

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    JV Partners wanted for Religious service.

    ZAWonderBoy in Joint Ventures

    I can not offer anything in the form of money at this stage. What I can do however, is to offer ad space on both the site and in the ... [read more]

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    JV's needed for giveaway event.

    owey in Joint Ventures

    Hi if you haven't heard about it yet there is a new JV giveaway event called Ultimate Essentials giveaway which has just launched looking for jv's. This is the first ... [read more]

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    If You're Good At Driving Traffic, Let's JV - HUGE PROFITS

    jryan8121 in Joint Ventures

    I have a great high-converting online IM/Biz Opp product, but I don't have the traffic I need yet. If you know how to generate targeted traffic, and can send hundreds/thousands ... [read more]

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    Need a JV Partner with Holiday Music to Share

    I have a WSO that I'm going to launch this week and need holiday music that can be used in a product to sell. For instance, I am rendering a ... [read more]

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    $15,000 Coaching Program Pays 33% Commission

    This is a higher-end coaching program that actually converts quite well, and does pay $5000 in commission per sale. You do need a large list that contains serious business owners ... [read more]

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    Gaskins in Joint Ventures


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    Adswap wanted - 1,144 active subscribers

    footbag_man in Joint Ventures

    Looking to do an adswap in the IM niche with someone of a similar size list as myself. I currently have 1,144 active subscriber and I can provide proof of ... [read more]

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    Free Upgrades to My First Giveaway Event

    Alexis Kenne in Joint Ventures

    Hi Warriors, I've just launched my first JV giveaway event and I'm currently looking for contributors. ... More than 190 Marketers have already joined.... You'll earn 100% commission for all ... [read more]

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    Emarketingknights.com Looking for Moderators with plenty of advantages for their job

    A14 in Joint Ventures

    Hi This is an internet marketing forum .Feel free to take a look at it . I am currently looking for 13 moderators for the forum , 13 moderators for ... [read more]

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    Google Places Joint Venture: Bring Offline Clients I Make Listings

    Dhira in Joint Ventures

    I have a few clients and am looking to add more to my Google Places business. If you know businesses who need local Places listings, let's work together. I'll create ... [read more]

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    BrianBPerez in Joint Ventures

    QWRQWEQGAWASDASDB ASBASVWQEWBBQBQ QW EQW Originally Posted by Asshole Vouch for this guy right here sold me a solo ad DAMN Really nice guy i recieved more than 50 case.

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    Seeking list?

    dwave in Joint Ventures

    Hello all I'm looking for a list that has a real system attached to it like aweber. Not a list on note pad. Willing to pay $$$$. Please pm me ... [read more]

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    Invest With Me $600 and We'll Get 1000 Highly Targeted Subscribers in Less Than a Week (PROOF)

    Important: Make sure you read the entire thread completely so you understand the whole concept! Hi Warriors I'm new here but not in the business online, I have almost ... [read more]

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    [OFFLINE] Start a Real, Profitable, Long-Term Business NOW! Partners Wanted ASAP

    Tools For IM in Joint Ventures

    To All Warriors Interested in a Legitimate, Long-Term Business Opportunity: This thread is a tough one to write, as my intention is to separate the wheat from the chaff. In ... [read more]

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    50% partnership - Guaranteed Investment

    Hello my friends, I am looking for an experienced business person interested in having ownership in a distributorship. The distributorship consist of exclusive software, programs, resources and tools for coaching ... [read more]

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    Looking for adswap 4,100 list internet marketing - make money online niche

    Looking for adswap 4,100 plus list internet marketing - make money online niche. Give me a screenshot, let's set up a date and roll. My offer Teach Me Internet Marketing ... [read more]

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    Needs Aussie Subscribers

    infomaniacs in Joint Ventures

    Hi I have a pet deals site which I need more Aussie subscribers for. As most of us Aussies are pet owners, I'm not particularly after targeting pet owners, it ... [read more]

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    Looking for JV partners - affiliates

    zamzung in Joint Ventures

    Hello Warriors! I'm making this thread because I looking for JV partners, or to be exact, affiliates... I doing a little test with one of my products and would like ... [read more]

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    Bing2x in Joint Ventures

    HI Guys, Im selling my small Fresh IM list for limited time as i will be focusing for a new job. I got my list from PPC campaign, i get ... [read more]

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    Credit Repair, Debt Relief, Personal Finance Niches

    Talltom1 in Joint Ventures

    Hey all, Looking for ongoing working relationships in these specific areas and niches. I have products that I want to promote to your lists, and I'm also looking for products ... [read more]

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    Adswap finance / invest / forex

    cmaq in Joint Ventures

    I have a RESPONSIVE list. If anyone is interested in doing a swap let me know. Please email me via my profile and or pm me your email / skype ... [read more]