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Unread 10th November 2009, 10:22 AM   #1
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Default [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]

WSO of the Day - November 10, 2009

See The Shocking Methods This Newbie Uncovered to Bring In $4,000 In Just 24 Hours
If You Can Read and Write, You Can Make These Methods Work For You, Too

The purpose of the "WSO of the Day" is to bring you top-selling, high-quality WSO offers at an even better price. These WSOs have already proven to sell themselves, so you won't find a lot of hype here.

For all of the details on the WSO being offered, click the grey "View Original WSO Thread" button. But, make sure you come back to this thread to make your purchase, as only the "Buy Now" button in this thread will give you the special "WSO of the Day" price.

TODAY'S OFFER: "Emergency Cash Methods"

Have You Ever Worked 12 Hour Days Only To Earn $10 Per Day? Is That The Life You Are Looking For?
Just Implement The Blueprint Contained In This 78-page Guide And You Can Leave That All Behind

What all can you learn from this WSO?
  • My UNDERGROUND technique to spot a profitable niche within minutes(No need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive keyword research tools).

  • The secret resources I use to get the best quality PLR material for FREE(You'll also find a few resources where you can get your articles written for as low as $0.30 per article).

  • Step By Step Demonstration of my KILLER "Youtube Quick Cash" method.This has been the most appraised part of the whole "Emergency Cash Method" guide.Several warriors went on to saying that the "Youtube Quick Cash" method is alone worth much more than the price of report.This is the EXACT method that has enabled me to earn $700-$1000 per day from VIDEO MARKETING alone.

    These techniques are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE and anyone who uses them will be able to generate HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS per day not only from info products but also from CPA,Domain parking as well as Adsense.

  • My "Forum Private Messaging" super tip which generated me as much as $2800 in 7 days during my very first launch.

  • The exact methods(sample messages included) I use to get tons of joint venture partners and affiliates(These include the top secret method I use to get any GURU to promote my products).

  • ... and much, MUCH more!

Great testimonials and Warrior reviews are a MUST for WSO of the Day offers. Here are just a few...

Originally Posted by Razer Rage View Post
Excellent ebook. At $7 it's a real no brainer. EVERY newbie should have this report, it literally has everything you need to get started.

Personally, I'm going to apply some of the techniques I've learned in this ebook. I'll let you all know how it turns out (wont get started today, I don't have enough time. ).

Originally Posted by pheonix44 View Post
I have read and reviewed the blueprint and I have to say it is good. Some people who are more advanced may find it to be material they are already aware of and they may already be applying it. But I believe the key to it is actually following what is being said.

Outlined in this report are various methods one can use to generate money quickly. Do not go into it thinking that 24 hours from now you'll have one thousand dollars. What you are doing is making a product and then using various methods to make money fast by offering an irresistable offer to people.

There are so many methods outlined that anyone can start and see money in a few days its insane. I personally am going to apply some of these as a means to use my content to make more money.

I also like some of the ways he outlined to use the methods for beginners and then what to do after you have a little success. I think some of these methods are awesome, if you have a little bit of money to outsource some of the tasks it can be really powerful.

I was already thinking about using this module for some of my content, but now I see how it can be done and scaled to make big money. Please people do not think you are going to get rick quick. If you take this seriously and put it to work then in a short time you'll see a nice amount of money. You'll then be able to use that money and your success to scale things up and to leverage things to a higher level of income.

You may think I'm full of S*** but believe me when I tell you I rarely do reviews on WSOs, but I honestly believe to the person who takes this seriously and who is willing to invest some of their income back into this business can be making at least 5 figures a month in no time.

Your ability to make six figures as with anything will come down to how much you want to scale and leverage off of your previous success. How much of your profits you want to reinvest, and how much are you willing to spend in order to hire people to put in the time and energy to help your business explode.

I'm going to seriously put this to work. I am already coming up with a plan of attack. I don't know if I would flip off my sites once they were profitable, as long as I had my buyers list then maybe. Overall for 7 bucks this is a good report. Like I said if you are advanced you're probably aware of some of these methods, but if you're not then take it seriously and just do it. Don't focus so much on the 1000.00$ in 24 hours headline.

Once you see the power you'll understand how you can make much more then that, but you'll still have to put in the time or pay other people to do it. Good report, and I plan on using this module to build more income from my content. Go for it guys, instead of buying that double quarter pounder value meal after work pick this up instead.

Originally Posted by coreytucker View Post
I bought and read this wso. I will say its worth the $7! Its a lot of information to look over really and it is a bit vague on some steps. None the less, this is a solid little plan that can make you some decent cash if you follow it. Not only that but the OP is very helpful when asking questions via Pm.

It really has me motivated to launch a product and make some quick cash. I have a whole plan lined up actually after reading this report and really think it will make me $5,000 within 7-10 days! So im pretty happy about the report! It may not be anything new to advanced warriors but the important thing is it provides solid quality info on the way to promote a quick product you create.

Overall this is way worth more than $7! I would be happy with my purchase if this was priced at even $20! Good work!

Originally Posted by NickR06 View Post
Thank you for this guide. The nearest report that I have seen to this cost $77. It did not include your strategies for attracting targeted traffic. I bet an upsell (on video) of you going through a project from market research to going live would be a big seller.

Thanks again


Originally Posted by wordwizard View Post
Hey Vivek,

the reason why I focused so much on the title was because it was the title that I had a problem with.

Your report itself is excellent. Especially for the price it's an outstanding value.

And now that I have read it all the way through, I have to say that it does include much more of the emergency fast cash stuff than I originally thought.

I guess I should have waited till I had finished the report before commenting.

In fact, I will put a few of the techniques to use later today.


This report has sold nearly 300 copies before today, and the feedback has been excellent. Get it today for just...

This offer is time limited.

As with all "WSO of the Day" offers, this offer will expire within 24 hours of being posted.

This offer is quantity limited.

We have set a strict limit on how many copies of this offer will be sold at the low "WSO of the Day" price. Once that limit is reached, this offer will be closed. No exceptions.

"WSO of the Day" Information

Want more details on the "WSO of the Day"? Want to be notified of all future "WSO of the Day" offers? Click Here for All of the Details

Questions? Comments? Testimonials?

If you have a question that is not addressed here or in the original WSO thread, ask away. Add your comment below and we will respond as quickly as possible.


Mike Lantz
WSO of the Day | WarriorPlus

Terms and Conditions: The "WSO of the Day" is a very special offer that lasts 24 hours or less and is sold in limited quantities. Due to the nature of this offer, we have certain rules in place regarding refunds and chargebacks. Refunds will be made according to the policies of the original WSO or up to 7 days after purchase, whichever is shorter. Under no circumstances will a refund be issued after 7 days unless the product/service was not delivered as promised. If you plan on buying just to steal the product and get a refund, don't bother. You will be banned. Chargebacks and disputes are not permitted. If a chargeback or dispute is initiated by the buyer, said buyer will automatically be banned from future "WSO of the Day" offer purchases. No exceptions to this chargeback policy will be made.
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Unread 10th November 2009, 02:27 PM   #2
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Default Re: [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]

How much have you earned from these methods? Thanks!
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Unread 10th November 2009, 04:17 PM   #3
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Default Re: [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]

I just finished reading this report and it has some great information for getting quick traffic. I checked some of the resources that was provided and they are excellent.

This is well worth the price.

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Unread 10th November 2009, 07:52 PM   #4
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Default Re: [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]

Originally Posted by Tyvan View Post
How much have you earned from these methods? Thanks!
Hi Tyvan
The first time I implemented this method,I made $2800+ in 7 days(Using just one traffic-getting technique mentioned in the guide(There was no list,no JV partner or affiliates)

The second time I implemented this method,I earned $4000+ in the first 24 hours period.That product went on to making me Over $16,000 in the 7 day period.Later I sold that site for $21000 UPFRONT CASH.

Since then my earnings have been increasing with every product launch.

Recently I launched a product in internet marketing niche which RAKED IN $8000+ in the first 24 hour period.

Now I am planning to launch "Emergency Cash Method" at a grand level and I am certain that it'll EASILY be a SIX FIGURE launch.

The potential with this method is almost INFINITE.

This is the only method which works EQUALLY WELL in the SHORT as well as the LONG run.

The best part is that you instantly get control over your earnings.No fear of third party interference(Like lead shaving or rejection of the leads in case of CPA) or Waiting for weeks or months to get your earnings.

You have full control over the amount of traffic you drive,the no. of affiliates and JV partners you get and finally the sales you generate.

The beauty of this method is that it produces passive,residual income.There are several FREE traffic-getting methods in the guide which produce residual traffic for months even years to come.So you reap the rewards of your one time efforts for a long-long time.

The other beauty of this method is that it provides you a list of qualified buyers(You can generate a list of thousands of buyers in no time.Affiliates love instant commissions and they will do anything to see money instantly in their PayPal account thus providing you the valuable sales and even more valuable QUALIFIED leads without any effort on your part).

Once you get the list ,your earning potential is virtually ENDLESS.You can promote unlimited products in the back-end.

This method has immense scale up potential and I have discussed about several resources where you can get your jobs done(Like articles,videos,copywriting ,posting and social bookmarking) literally for PENNIES.Isn't good to EARN $5-10 for every $0.10 you spend??

Moreover this method gives you a place in the IM world.Other marketers start RECOGNIZING you.Lucrative Joint Venture offers start FLOWING IN.People start prioritizing you over other affiliates and offering special commission rates.

What is more the CPA networks start accepting you without any GRILLING(and many times without any interview).I am telling this from my own personal experience.Before applying the "Emergency Cash Method" ,I applied in 3 CPA networks and got REJECTED by all of them.

Then I determined to focus on my own business and started to implement the techniques OUTLINED in the "Emergency Cash Method" guide.

After doing several successful launches in various niche,I decided to re-apply to those networks about 2 months ago.I included the details of all my successful websites and product launches as well as the amount of traffic I have been able to drive.

To my UTTER SURPRISE,I was instantly accepted by all of them.No interview.Nothing.

Since then I have applied at several other CPA networks and every time succeeded in getting accepted WITHOUT ANY HASSLE(in fact, now a large part of my income comes from CPA marketing).
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Unread 10th November 2009, 08:19 PM   #5
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Default Re: [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]

will your method work for any niche?
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Unread 10th November 2009, 08:40 PM   #6
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Default Re: [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]

Originally Posted by anwar001 View Post
will your method work for any niche?
Hi Anwar
YES.The "Emergency Cash Method" works in every profitable niche(and there are thousands of them).

You'll find a SECRET TECHNIQUE inside the guide which ENABLES you to spot a profitable niche within minutes(Without having to buy any expensive keyword tool).
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Default Re: [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]


Can the method used to promote affiliate products? Or I need to create my own product?

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Unread 11th November 2009, 02:14 AM   #8
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Default Re: [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]

Originally Posted by wilson View Post

Can the method used to promote affiliate products? Or I need to create my own product?

Hi Wilson
You can use ALL of the KILLER traffic-getting methods described in the guide to promote any affiliate product of your choice.You don't need to create your own product for that.

In fact,I myself generate almost 50% of my income promoting affiliate products using the Traffic generation techniques DESCRIBED in the "Emergency Cash Method" guide.These techniques are effective on any product you can imagine.
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Unread 11th November 2009, 04:52 AM   #9
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Default Re: [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]

Hi superaffiliate09,

Is your traffic method mainly coming from youtube?

And do you provide any outsource resource for making videos?

Because I have never used video marketing and I have quite strong accent that would undermine the video power. Best route for me is to hire a native english speaker to make a video for me if that is the case.

Btw, congratulations to your success and thanks for your share.
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Unread 19th November 2009, 11:32 AM   #10
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Default Re: [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]

I read your report and have implemented a few of the traffic techniques. I made a video to post to YouTube, but I don't know how to get a link to my product (which is on my blog) in the video ( or near the video). Can you explain how to do this?
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Default Re: [WSO OF THE DAY] => $1000-2000 In 24 Hours - Too Good To Be True? <= [SAVE 55%]

Hi Vivek,

I purchased from your original thread some months ago. Today Ive launched my first WSO. Your guide gave me the kick start to get this one out...

To anyone that is not sure, Vivek's products are a no-brainer, absolute top quality...


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