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Unread 16th Mar 2012, 08:51 AM   #1
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Default [Mobile offline infinity] Instant mobile and offline credibility

Mobile offline infinity Marketing Force
Become an instant expert both mobile and offline
Well, here it is – Mobile offline infinity Marketing Force – the eagerly anticipated relaunch of the huge hit offline marketing force! And it's even bigger, and better than before.
Those of you who already use Offline Marketing Force will already know the success scale of this powerful training package, and don't worry – if you've already paid for the offline version, congratulations – you can ignore the price, because you've just received a completely free upgrade :-)
Mobile offline infinity Marketing Force contains absolutely everything the offline version contains, but has been stuffed full of new content, new training, and lucrative bonus features. Everything contained in the offline version is here in the new mobile launch, plus all of the following new material:
Mobile Training (the same training I utilize to get all my SMS clients)
Brand spanking new bonus material
A mystery bonus (very exciting, but I don't want to spoil the surprise!)
Offline education videos to show your clients exactly why they need your services

And the best news of all? You get the whole lot, for one low, introductory price!

This improved and updated training package will cut out all the trash you don't need to know, and quite simply provide you with the quickest, and most importantly the safest route to very successful online business.
As a highly successful online entrepreneur myself, I am making stacks of cash creating mobile websites for many clients – I have found it to be a niche that pays back way more than I have ever invested – and as my success grows, I can give you all the tools you need to do exactly the same.
If you want to transform yourself into your area's local expert, then you have come to the right place. This package will contain:
A video series that will just keep your clients reeling in. I've often found that they come in at such a rate I've had to start turning them away!
Videos specially tailored to bring you clients from every walk of life imaginable, including salons, mechanics and restaurants
10 PLR articles on reputation management, teaching you exactly how to build your reputation and manage it to your advantage
10 PLR articles on the specific field of mobile marketing and how to make a ton of money from it
A pre-written series of 20 auto-response emails on offline marketing
A 20 page report to sell to clients on offline reputation management services

In fact, if I keep on listing everything this package contains, we'll be here all night! But just to show the topics covered by these articles, here is a screen shot of all 20:
And when it comes to the bonus video's that are included, well just take a look:
Not to mention all the extras and bonuses that are included Here is a sneak peak inside

Yes That is a secret MEGA BONUS !!!
Oh Ya I forgot about the bonus videos included These are videos you can use to train
your clients on exactly what your services do.
If you want to buy these videos elsewhere as a separate package, it will actually cost you more than I am charging for my entire training package!
And the great news is, it includes the video I use to send to my own potential clients when I want them to buy my mobile websites. Remember – If you want to succeed, there is nothing else you need! This package includes absolutely every tool you will need to succeed. Nothing else is required!

Now, if all this sounds too good to be true – and believe me when I say it isn't – then it is worth noting exactly what it is that makes Mobile offline infinity Marketing Force so unique.
Well, Mobile offline infinity Marketing Force is not a package that has been thrown together in the space of a day by an amateur. What separates it from all of the nonsense out there, is that it is a specially designed training package by – and here's the secret – somebody who actually still uses the techniques today, and is hugely successful in doing so. It has been carefully formulated and tested, and includes everything you could possibly need to begin your very own successful business in next to no time at all!
And because the entire package comes at an extremely low price ($17 – you can't even buy a decent meal out for that price), you are risking virtually nothing by deciding to start up your own proofed-and-proven business.
But why mobile marketing?
Mobile marketing is red hot market right now, and it's because cell phones have advanced so rapidly, and most users are accessing websites with them. Before, websites could only be accessed with the use of a stationary computer. But now, the internet is available everywhere, and it's all down to the rapid advancement of mobile technology. Businesses and corporations have already seized upon this knowledge and begun exploiting it for the money machine that it is, and when mobile technology is climbing higher every day at an alarming rate... why not join in?
Using my videos to reel in more clients than you can shake a stick at is extremely profitable. Think about it. With over 25 billion web pages already in existence, the owners of these are definitely going to want to tap into the market of several billion mobile users (I mean, who wouldn't – it's a gold mine!), and once you have mastered the simple art of creating mobile websites, my package will guarantee you a huge number of clients, for a long time to come!

So why am I only charging $17 for this life-changing product?
Well, to put it quite simply, I am already earning a fortune. I don't need to charge extortionate amounts of money for a product that will teach you how to make money – because I already make money every day, and lots of it! But, as a token payment for me taking the time to share my secret with you, I am willing to offer this product to a limited amount of buyers – the ones who are serious about making money – for this low, low price. I believe that somebody who is serious about business should not have to pay out the nose to get started.
If you're serious about getting rich though, buy it now, because once the trial is gone, it really is gone, and I will be bumping the price back up to the standard rate. This is simply a limited opportunity for those who are actually serious about making money, and enabling them to do so without losing an arm and a leg.
Not only do you get all of the above but you also get tons of training!!!

And the question is not 'What have you got to lose', but more 'What would you like to gain?'.
See you at the Ritz!

Originally Posted by zphil View Post
Man Oh Man, am I glad I stumbled upon this WSO This WSO is well worth the small price he is asking, initially I was mainly interested in the reputation management info and the auresponder follow up emails. I opened this package up and started reading and found that this is oh so much more, I didn't evenget through 50% of what is in this WSO. This is huge amount of extremely helpful and informative information. If you think you might need any of this just buy it and you will get what you need and so much more. 'Just Buy it you will not be sorry'!!! Good Stuff!!!
Originally Posted by whodeeni View Post

I am amazed at the amount, and depth of content and bonsuses that
are comprised in this WSO! I found 5 pieces of actionable content as
I read Mobile Fight Club from cover to cover! This WSO is basically a
business in a box. I mean how many people sell you great ideas that
are untested and we let them get away with it?

Chris is teaching his readers what he does in his own offline mobile
marketing business day in and day out! The mobile CPA stuff (one of his bonuses) that he's basically "retired" from to give more attention to his offline consulting biz are WSO's in their own right!

I've counted at least 10WSO's rolled up into this one and i'm only a 3rd
of the way through everything! The PLR is top notch, and the bonuses
are insane

As a buyer of this WSO, all you have to do is decide which area you want to focus on, and put the blinders on. I've learned more about mobile marketing just from reading two of your ebooks than i'd learned from someone i paid to coach me Chris!

You have seriously underpriced this WSO too! You've given us warriors everything that's needed to compete in the mobile marketing space. Strategies that are working for you in the field, content on top of content
for your autoreponder, & professionally made prospecting video's for under $10? I know this is the WF but God you're Generous!

Congratulations on another fine job Chris!


Originally Posted by anteek View Post
Hi Chris, This look like a fantastic value WSO for offline and mobile marketing. I am still going through the large amount of material in this WSO, but I am very impress so far. Thank you also for the Surprise Bonus.

PS. Overall this look like a Great Value product for anybody involved in Offline Consulting and Mobile Marketing. I highly recommend it!
Reviews on this WSO
Originally Posted by Rick Wagoner View Post
Chris has put together another exceptional product with his latest work. I bought primarily for the offline reputation report and was very pleased with the quality of the information. That product alone is well worth the cost of the WSO. Highly recommended!

Originally Posted by kingcup View Post
I bought this the other day but not had time to look through it all properly as I had a presentation to do.
A quick look though and I saw some articles on mobile stuff that I could use straight away (the next morning) for my presentation almost as it was.!! Made the WSO worth the money just for that.
Fantastic info here and looking forward to getting into the rest of it.
Originally Posted by decox View Post
Man, I have to say this wso is awsome. I picked it up yesterday just for 1 of the products that went well with a new project.

However after I went over it all I find that I have a use for EVERYTHING. How cool is that. By the way, it's allreally good stuff and if you are into off-line marketing, you really should have this.

I'm just saying,
Dale Cox
Base Line Technologies
Originally Posted by Kalem View Post
This is an outstanding product that has a couple of 'negatives,' in my opinion. However, the 'negatives' that I perceive are outweighed by the quality of the content. Another 'negative' might be the 'overwhelm' of the product. It is a lot of information (and, so far, all that I've had time to read is solid stuff - no fluff). It is difficult for me when I get products like this. The product overdelivers on what is promised. And it overdelivers on what I was looking for. But, there is so much great idea inspiring content and resources included, I find it hard to stay focused on my projects! (I almost feel like a kid in a candy shop)

Anyway, I highly recommend this product if you're looking to establish your expertise and credibility. The reports and the emails provided are worth 10x the price of this WSO.

Above everything else that this product includes, it "delivers" what it promises. And, for me, that is the quality of a product.

Worth every dime!
Originally Posted by jaypoole View Post
Here is my review for what it's worth..

I'm not an affiliate, or in anyone's 'club' and so I've tried to keep it as neutral as possible..
  • There is a lot of content in this WSO
  • It could easily be sold at the same price with far less inside - though I did get the review copy which is an absolute bargain
  • Most of the content is excellent - especially all the video & the 40 page Client magnet report
  • There is some fantastic extra bonuses that by themselves are almost worth the WSO by itself
    [+]The bonus videos amounted to another 30 minutes or more of video that can be sent to clients/put on your web site
  • This is of great quality and your clients will be very impressed
  • A little (just a little) of the content seemed light/insipid in comparison
  • With all the content I do wish the powerpoint slides could have been made available for local presentations

The videos cover each short topic in the right style and will be very useful to use with your offline clients. I'd love to have the Powerpoint slides too if that was possible though.

Explaining the negative points...
It's PLR I know but the articles section that was broken down into separate topics seemed light on the ground. Comparing the quality between that and say the Client Magnet bonus is like chalk and cheese. These articles didn't seem very informative - Not a lot of information on Yelp, Google Places etc although it is far within the capabilities of anyone selling services in this area to beef these up a little.

They are too general to be much help to your clients - especially since you can wow them with the videos anyway.. but they're articles so the nature of the beast is they'd probably just be posted around in order to build links and traffic back. In my opinion though, articles that don't 'excite' will not enhance your reputation to prospective clients.. I shouldn't get too tied up with this small element because these short articles only represent probably <2% of the value of the whole content anyway - just I'd thought it better to leave them out as it detracted from the great quality elsewhere. The bigger all in one document for On-line Reputation Management is a lot better.

The method for highlighting the mobile site differences is definitely going to land you clients. It's been done before but in this WSO you get an example of a video that's been made to highlight the inadequacies of a non-optimised site versus an optimised one, as well as a video behind the video - explaining how to go about finding the tool sand emulators to get it made.

The bonus videos are great too.. Over delivery there..

So all in all - tons of content - nothing absolutely mind blowing - but extremely useful, professional and well put together...

Value for Money: A
Content: A-
Uniqueness: B
Ease of Implementation: A
Originally Posted by yoejeff View Post

Great content on the videos. I have not seen them all yet, but the ones I have are fantastic. I think this will help me a lot with my offline marketing to businesses. Thanks for the great WSO.


Originally Posted by rileycoyote View Post
Hey Chris, You have put together a real nice package. I have purchased a couple of your previous WSO's and have not been disappointed. This in my mind is a very timely topic and your offering is a great help to me. The quality is outstanding and you have presented it well.


Originally Posted by websitesforprofit View Post
Hey warriors,

This is a huge package (I don't need to list because that's done well above), just mentioning because it would take me much more time to make a detailed review.

However, what I've seen so far is great value for any offliner to get quickly setup to acquire clients for sms marketing, mobile websites and fanpages. For mobile websites there is a good video tutorial how to prepare a personalized video you can send to prospects. These type of videos are the best way to get clients ready to give you cash. I'm quite sure they have the highest conversion rates and you don't even need to visit the prospects and no cold calling required.

I've also read the reputation management report which is PLR. That is top quality and it is written in such a way that the local prospects will need your services. I'd give it away for optin and then use one of the other tools like autoresponder, articles and a video to get them closer to give me orders.

If that would be all it would be already well worth, but there is much more like the autoresponder series and articles. Some spellings may need correction (anyway you should change them a little to your own style) but the content and style are absolutely suitable to save you lots of time or money (if you outsource).

I think everyone can see that this is not a course on how to establish your offline business but it is a very good toolbox to actually implement and get your stuff setup.

All in all a very useful product to establish yourself as an expert and convert prospects into clients.

Originally Posted by maplesma View Post
I bought a review copy. I can tell you this right now just from the information in the ad...

This is exactly what I have been "needing / looking for" for my business sales page. It has everything! I think that every warrior needs this WSO!

Originally Posted by MissV View Post
Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for this package.

I haven't had time to go through everything
yet (there is soooo much here) but I did
want to let you know that the sales video
is worth the price alone.
Trying to inform
a prospective client is difficult for me when
I feel like they are just waiting to say "no"
instead of learning what they need to know.

This information provided is so compelling that
if they are at all concerned about the future
of their business they have to listen.

Looking forward to going through all the rest
of the goodies!

Reviews from my last WSO included as a bonus in this WSO

Originally Posted by Rick Wagoner View Post

I really like the low key approach of these videos. They explain the concepts in a clear, easy understandable manner and are also visually attractive. As usual, you did a great job with this project!

Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post
Hi Chris,

I downloaded your WSO and went through it. Here is an excerpt of the review that goes out to my subscribers:

Overall rating:
This is an excellent WSO. You are going to get 5 PLR videos that you can give potential clients. The videos are professionally done and deliver a good basic education for your customers and position you as an expert.

Originally Posted by Tuddy View Post
Great deal This was well worth the 9 bucks.... I've been looking for new videos for my lead gen sites... Thanks Chris!!!

Dan Hornburg

Originally Posted by slickback View Post
This is exactly what I been looking for. You highlighted all the important benefits to sell these services. Clear and straight to the point. I just sent the sms video to a customer and he just confirmed that he will be trying out the service.

I haven't offered any other service but I definitely can see being able to upsell them on mobile website and seo service just by sending them these videos.Thanks again!

Originally Posted by kimberly Aita View Post
I don't want to say how great these are because I feel it would just entice more competition lol, but really these are excellent videos and the price? well, lets just say Creck doesn't realize what he is selling here... hehe
Originally Posted by Scitknot9 View Post
Hey Chris,

Bought this not long ago!! Another great package you have put together here. I always look out for your stuff!!

Click Here, to start along your road to riches.
And remember – you will always have free access to any upgrade or add-on I ever produce.
That's because, like you, I hate paying for subscriptions!

Affiliates sign up here
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Default Re: [Mobile offline infinity] Instant mobile and offline credibility

Reserved for FAQ

THIS IS A NO OTO WSO you get everything!

ATTENTION if you purchased offline marketing force you have been upgraded for free please see the same link or PM me if you lost the link

20 page reputation management report is a sales style report to help you get offline clients to use you as a reputation manager

Article topics

all articles for both sets over 400 words

Why You Need to Mobilize for Your Business
Mobile Website Tips Reasons
Your Business MUST Have a Mobile Website
Benefits of Using QR Codes in Your Business
Powerful Ways to Use QR Codes
The Benefits of SMS Text Message Marketing
Things Your Text Messages MUST Have
SMS Text Message Marketing Mistakes
SMS Text Message Etiquette Tips
Why Use Mobile Coupons in Your Business?

1.why businesses need to monitor their yelp,city search, google places reviews?
2.What is yelp?
3.What is City search?
4.What is google places
5.What are the other review sites businesses should monitor?
6.What can business do to increase positive reviews?
7. What can businesses do to counter negative reviews?
8.Why are these review site relevant?
9.Why should a business have a google places listing?
10.What other ways can a business be proactive in gathering positive reviews?

Sample video this is just a sample from one of the bonus videos !!!

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Default Re: [Mobile offline infinity] Instant mobile and offline credibility

REF; "ATTENTION if you purchased offline marketing force you have been upgraded for free" I have purchased this original package before and was very please with it, but I can't find the links as I have purchased so many WSO this year. Could you please have a look at your buyer list for my Paypal email and forward the link for the upgrade. Thank you and good luck with this WSO, if it is anything like the original package I am sure it will be a huge hit and very useful to offliner like me.
Best Regards Anteek Netshop

Last edited on 16th Mar 2012 at 02:10 PM. Reason: email address removal
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Default Re: [Mobile offline infinity] Instant mobile and offline credibility

anteek I have sent you a PM or I should say I am about to lol.
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Default Re: [Mobile offline infinity] Instant mobile and offline credibility


I also purchased Offline Marketing Source (PayPal #
) but can't find the download link. Would you please PM it to me.

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Default Re: [Mobile offline infinity] Instant mobile and offline credibility

Yup PM,d
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Default Re: [Mobile offline infinity] Instant mobile and offline credibility

Is this different than the Mobile Marketing Force that I purchased on March 4? That one was one hellacious deal, if this one is different I'm all over it.
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Unread 17th Mar 2012, 06:02 AM   #8
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Default Re: [Mobile offline infinity] Instant mobile and offline credibility

Dee there is no need to buy this one as you should already have access to it (if not PM me)
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