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[Brand New!] How to Get Free Content for Your Website
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How to Get Free Content for Your Website

Google likes sites that add content on a regular basis.

Deep down, you know that.

But if you struggle to add new, fresh content to your website on even an occasional basis, you also know that it's easier said than done.

I'm a prolific writer and I still struggle to add new content to my site each and every day.

So I know it's not easy to write content for your site daily.

But what if there was another way to get good quality content for your website?


Or even get paid for it?

I've done both of those methods.

In this WSO, you'll discover how to get good quality original content written for you by other people.

Whilst you can use sites like EzineArticles for some of your content, that's already been used elsewhere on the web, so it doesn't count as original.

Plus - no offence - they've almost certainly got more site authority than you have, so they'll get shown in the search results before you do.

And there's a maximum of 25 articles a year that you can reprint from them. On a maximum of 10 sites owned by you, so that's 250 at most - always assuming you're staying within their terms and conditions.

That's only one every other week, which really isn't enough content to keep Google happy or start making you a living from the internet.

The first place to get free content, happily written for you by other people, is guest posting.

In my view, Blogger LinkUp is the best place to do this.

They've changed things around recently and it's a lot easier than it used to be.

You're not stuck with an email a few times a week.

I'll show you around their site and take a look at a few of the current requests.

You'll see what I'd look for if I was writing content and what I'd avoid like the plague.

So that you don't make the same mistakes as some of the people posting on there.

No offence intended to the sites I pick on - it's personal preference - but by following what I show you, you'll get a much better chance of getting good quality posts from the site.

The next method I'll show you is how to get people to pay you money to put their guest post on your site.

Yes, you read that right.

I've been paid to put up a guest post several times now and you can do the same.

I'll show you inside one of my Fiverr gigs.

I'll also give you the inside story - because not every Fiverr sale is a success.

Some people will buy your gig but won't bother to read the instructions you give them.

It's a pain in the neck.

But it happens.

And Fiverr doesn't really know what you asked for as your gig requirements, so the clock has started ticking even if the buyer just puts in a few words. So you end up cancelling their purchase, but that's just a part of doing business.

The next thing we'll cover is putting a request for guest posts directly on your Wordpress site.

There are a few plugins out there - I'll show you the one I'm using on one of my sites.

It's easy to use and you don't need to get potential guest posters to register on your site or do anything complicated. They just fill out a form and the article is there, ready for you to approve or deny.

Initially it won't get much in the way of guest posts but once you get indexed by Google, you'll start to get them. Some will be spam - that's the nature of these things - but you can always send those to trash. Some will be worth using, which is free content for you!

Then we'll go on to videos.

Strictly speaking, you will be creating this content.

But most people seem to find videos easier than writing.

The videos can be slideshows with you talking over them - that works well and I'll talk you through the basics of producing those.

But they can also be that thing you've always read about on internet marketing sites but never quite done.

Interviews with other people.

If that's crossed your mind before but you weren't quite sure how to do it, this is your chance to find out.

If you've got Skype - free - then there are programs out there that will record both audio and video from Skype.

Not as professionally as someone like Mike from Maine does but certainly decent enough quality.

Pamela is the program most people choose and you can get a good version of that for free if you're prepared to jump through a couple of online hoops. (Otherwise it costs money)

There are various models for monetising interview an expert but we'll cover the easiest way - interview them, sell the product you've interviewed them about as one of their affiliates.


Which is what makes it effective.

And is why most people miss doing it - they're looking for the super-complicated, needs an expensive piece of software (paid monthly of course) before it works properly type of solution. Which is totally unnecessary!

I'll cover how you can start this and get experts to say "yes" even if you've just started your website.

Sure, the acceptance rate won't be as high as it will be once you're established.

But it won't be zero either - you'll get some interviews under your belt sooner than you ever imagined.

Then there's the final elephant in the room - they always seem to work their way into internet marketing.

That's overcoming the standard internet marketing attention deficit disorder.

It's probably the single biggest cause of failure for internet marketers.

Most ideas work.

But you need to keep at them.

So the final part of this video reminds you to do just that, rather than buy this and put it in your "that's a good idea" pile.

In fact, whether you buy this offer or not, go with that last piece of advice.

Work the system for more than a handful or minutes or hours!

In a few months time, if you've been doing this - or any other reasonable method you've bought from me or another vendor here - and not dashing off in another hundred directions at the slightest provocation then you'll be looking at a nice extra chunk of cash in your Paypal account.

It's up to you.

The methods I'm showing you here work.

Steadily - you won't get server crushing traffic any time soon.

And when you keep doing them, they work really nicely.

Not quite on auto-pilot (that only works for planes on the boring bit between take off and landing) but as close as you're likely to get for a real business.

You owe it to yourself to do this:

  • Buy this offer
  • Work at it - you can always drop me an email if there's anything I haven't explained clearly enough for you
  • Keep working at it rather than buying another WSO tomorrow and another the day after and so on
  • Really build up an internet site to be proud of
  • Smile as other people discover you and agree with you enough for some of them to buy the things you're recommending and earn you a commission

Click the buy button now.

You'll be taken direct to the download page - no upsells (although there will be some other related stuff you can buy if you want) - then watch the video and take action!

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Re: [Brand New!] How to Get Free Content for Your Website
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