How do I create "membership" for my web site?

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Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get my web site/blog up for months and my designer/builder is playing the fool. So I'm thinking I should probably do it myself since I know basic html and I could use software to help me along.

But the big problem I have is that I want to make my web site a "registered members" site; as in, certain areas or features would be members only and I don't know how to do that. Is there a straightforward programme that can help you with that (I think I've heard something about google)? Or am I gonna have to rely on undependable site builders to set that up? Really and truly, I'm tired of depending on other ppl.
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    There are membership scripts available to secure a "members-only" area or directory on your website. I actually have a couple at hand that uses Paypal for payment processing.

    Just create your website as usual, then create a folder/directory with pages that are solely for your members and use the script to secure them. Visitors can't view the "protected" content without the proper login credentials.

    That's just one way. Are you selling a product, a service, or content? There are various scripts for each option.
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    You may use a password protected folders approach. This won't require any programming except maintaining a file with usernames\password, e.g. "htpasswd".
    Keep it somewhere outside of your web folder "public_html" , i.e. nobody must have an access to it via browser.

    Then put .htaccess file into your folder that you you wish to protect. In this .htaccess file wrote something like:

    AuthName "Private section fro my users"
    AuthType Basic
    AuthUserFile /home/myhostingusername/tmp/htpasswd (path to the mentioned file with passwords)
    require valid-user

    As for creating and managing htpasswd file simply google for "htpasswd generator". There are tones of freeware tools, both online and downloadable utilities.

    So, every user will be asked to enter password to enter that protected folder and the usernames will be even shown in your web logs.
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    To put it simply... yes. But you have to secure it. One example is what indigo had suggested.
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    Well, for the above suggested method, you have to manually enter the user credentials. If you want something that's automated where the user gets to create his/her own username/password after payment, then you have to use a script or software.

    I have a membership script on file that does that... but only if you accept Paypal payments.
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    Base your website on Wordpress. Then get a plugin that adds full blown membership functionality to your website. You'll be up and running in about 10 minutes.
    If you really value SEO features and squeezing all bits of SEO juice for high rankings - check MemberWing (signature).
    In any case are plenty of choices for Wordpress based membership portals - free and commercial - so Wordpress is the right platform to start building from.

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    Hi Mitch,
    that's how MemberWing's Digital Content Protection works.
    You place the material of your classes content inside 'protected' directory and non-members will not be able to access it even if they know the direct link. See this:

    1. The ways to protect your online property.
    2. How digital content protection and data anti-theft works.

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    May be worth you taking a look at the SubHub membership website platform.

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