How can I upload missing images in my wordpress site's home page?

by Significantincome 5 replies

This is my website I developed this site trough my developer and dont have any contact with him. Is there any one can advice me How can fix my issues (moissing social media icons, missing images in my websites home page)

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    It looks like a number of the image urls are pointing to the developers server. This is a pretty easy fix. All you need to do a find a replace on all the urls to point to the new location.

    For example on your example page the source code of the site has the Twitter icon here:, but it actually resides here: on your server.

    Same thing with this image:, which is actually here: on your server.

    In order to fix this you just need to do a database find and replace. This is the WordPress plugin I recommend:

    Once the plugin has been installed just open it up and in the find section enter and then in the replace section enter

    This will then go through your database and correct the image urls.

    ** Just make sure you backup your database first **
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      Thanks for your help. I did as you said but can you explain from the plugin installation process ?

      Can You explain me how can i upload it from my server ?

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    After you have downloaded the plugin from the link I previously sent, login to your WordPress dashboard and click the Plugins link from the lefthand sidebar.

    Once there click Add New and then upload the zip file you downloaded. Once uploaded simply click the activate button and the plugin will be ready to go.
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      I have successfully activated plugin. My Problem is there after how can I upload the above images (currently my website is in my server).

      Can I upload the images from my server. If I can, Can you explain me how ?

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    All you need to do is open the find and replace plugin (should be accessible from the sidebar under the Tools tab). Once it is open enter:

    In the "Search for" box.

    Then in the "Replace with" box enter:

    Uncheck the dry run box then click the "Do Search and replace" button.

    Just please, please, please make sure you back up your database first.
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