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Review and suggest my website template designs
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    What do you think is lacking with your website? What is your goal upon designing or the creation of the website? What exactly are you hoping to achieve with the current template that you're using for your website?
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    You have 123 design templates in stock - fully agree with EasySimmons, be more specific which template to review, aim, etc.

    Visit me: and let me know your thoughts about my site.
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      The first area of concern is that the English is poor in many places. It doesn't look professional to business people to have a poor standard of English.

      The next area of concern is that the site is not mobile friendly. Get a Responsive template/theme. The site will be penalised in Google for not being mobile friendly, or at least not given preference.

      You have many images without ALT text. I only checked the Home Page.

      Your Home Page is very slow to load. 17 seconds and 7.6 MB. Make sure all of your images are compressed

      The images in your Portfolio have no links, so it's not easy to check the Websites and if you did them. I did find one Website( Pochampally)after trying to search for some of them but it doesn't have your name on it as the developer.

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