which type of site is best is best html5 or php ?

by kajay85977 12 replies
I want to create my own site, but can't decide which type of site is best html5 or php?
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    I think you're a little confused. There are two things that can work together.
    If you want to create your first website start with wordpress that is in php and you can use html5
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    hello empresa,
    I just create my own site (http://www.chhajao.com/about.html ), This site is all html base and now i want to convert this site into wordpress, so can you help me?
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    Originally Posted by kajay85977 View Post

    I want to create my own site, but can't decide which type of site is best html5 or php?
    To create a website, you need to know HTML at the very least. Knowing HTML only can only bring you static websites with no logic, but with web programming language running back-end, you can do more such as user registration, etc.

    I recommend you to use PHP, as it is more widely supported

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    If you want dynamic website with functionality of adding pages, products, content, etc. then use PHP.
    If you want fast and static website then go for html5.
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    What kind of site are you looking to have?


    Wordpress is probably easiest to get started, but there are other solutions (such as landing page builders) if you don't need a full fledged website.
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    I think it would be better to start with wordpress. Because it has both PHP and HTML5 functionality.

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    Better to start with wordpress website it has both functionality PHP and HTML5.
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    Hi kajay85977,

    It has to be HTML, because web browsers don't run PHP code. HTML5 is just the latest version of HTML, any previous version of HTML works in all modern web browsers, but none of them run PHP. You need a web server with PHP server installed to run PHP, it only runs on the server, not web browsers.

    To clarify, you do not need to choose between those two languages. PHP is server side scripting, it is generally used to create HTML for rendering in your web browser (client-side). So use PHP server-side if you want, but only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will run in all modern browsers. Server-side scripting languages are used to dynamically generate client-side code, like HTML5. So they work together, and you need both for dynamically generated web pages.


    Don Burk
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