Need help with Website Adsense please

by ripinder Singh 4 replies
Hi Guys,

I was hoping if someone on here could help me / guide me figure out what I have done wrong with my website.

I had Adsense on it, and as a rule with google, you could only place 3 ad's per page (I am using the google Adsense plugin)

Now even after deactivating it, I still see the ad's showing up. But in different places.

A few days back I did install another plugin for Adsense, to try and place the ads in a better position but within a hour or so of playing around with it I deactivated it and deleted it.

The site is

I have tried doing a restore to before I added the second plugin, suspecting that it was the cause, but the ad's are still showing up. When I was only using the googles Adsense plugin the ad's were working fine and showing up as I had placed them.

Also tried seeing them in Chrome and safari and in both the places the ad's show up in different places.

Any advise would be really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.
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    Maybe you have caching enabled on server or on website. Also try to clear browser chache.
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    I don't really have chaching on the site, and I did try and clear the browser chache but it still shows up. Its funny when I access it when I am logged into wordpress and access the site from there, it does not show up. But if I see it from another browser it shows up.

    thanks for your feedback. appreciate it.
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      Seems that website caching is enabled.
      It is enabled on server side.

      Contact server admin to disable caching or wait some time in order to server clear the cache.
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    Pavle you were right, it was caching on the server side but also a plugin I had used interested some code into my theme which was causing the issue.
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