Need Your Opinion..!

by Abderrahman Elguaoussi 10 replies
Hey Guys,

Have just build a new website and need your opinion.
How did you like or dislike it? how is the speed?...
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    Originally Posted by Abderrahman Elguaoussi View Post

    Hey Guys,

    Have just build a new website and need your opinion.
    How did you like or dislike it? how is the speed?...

    I just visit your site, it looks great but load time is very slow. Here you can check:

    Hope this will help you.

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    Looks good but takes more time to load.
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  • Thank you buddy,
    it's really a great tool..will try to improve the speed
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    hey guys
    i have build new web site and i need comment for this web site
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      Originally Posted by medapps View Post

      hey guys
      i have build new web site and i need comment for this web site
      First impression is that the Adsense advertisement is badly placed in that white space as it become the focus for the page, which is not desirable. You've also got sidebar adverts so I would keep those and lose the horizontal intrusion.

      Apart from the horizontal advertising, the page is quite attractive.

      On the bottom RHS there is half of a Google ad showing.

      You need more text content. I suggest an intro block of text where you explain what the aims of the site are.

      I'm unsure why you have your domain name redirected to the Blogspot sub-domain. Not a good look for SEO. Use your domain name.

      I don't understand why there is the English/French mix with some recipes having French title and content and others having English. Confusing!

      You have HTML code displayed for Soupe de Poireaux.

      You need to add ALT text to all of your images.

      Your Home Page title is very poor. Use up to 70 characters wisely.

      Your Home Page has no Meta Description. Big error.

      There are no Meta keywords. Not a big error but you could have some anyway.

      Using upper case letters is "SHOUTING" and not very polite and is also hard to read. Draw attention to body text by using bold text or italics, not upper case.

      I don't see English in your language selector. Is it there somewhere?

      The Home page is a very large file size. Optimizing your images will help.

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    I like the website, but it does take some time to load. Tested on Chrome and Safari from Warsaw, Poland.
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    Would agree with the others, very nice site but a little slow on the loading, should do well, good luck
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    The site actually loaded really fast for me. Did you fix the load speed already? Or maybe I just have a good connection here. I'm in Portland, OR in the USA.

    Other than that, I think it's a great site. It looks very professional. The only I would like is less scrolling down to find things. I did notice the menu in the top left of the page which helps.
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    It looks very beautiful, pros. u can use optimization tools to cut the size of images for speed up
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    hey , I opened your website on different browsers ,its just the loading time that disturbed otherwise thumps up for your efforts. nice work done.
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