How to make a animated gif using Powerpoint.

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I have created a short tutorial on making simple animated gifs using Powerpoint. I would like someone to try it out so I know if it is easily understood and helpful. Please give me your feedback.
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    For clarity you have it pretty good. I noticed a few typos, like extention.

    But, this would be vastly improved if you put all your directions in separate tables of about 500 pix wide instead of letting them string out across the page. Put a good page background on Animations for the page or table background work fine. A sample animated background is up at You CAN Lower Your Monthly Payments By Refinancing Your Mortgage if you need to see it. Use see source to see how. Even though it is just background for one table it could be for the whole page if mine wasn't so overpowering
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    The directions are pretty clear. I would put each step in a separate table no more than 600 pix wide, and put samples between tables.

    Your primary page has the gifs stored on your site. You could break the bandwidth regs pretty quick if someone discovers it to friends and they use the html you furnish as is.

    Oh, welcome to the forum -- and good post.
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    Good points. Thank you.
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    Thankyou for the tip - I would echo the above and add - take out the reference to Powerpoint if - any graphic program capable of savings a gif will do - you might also add a link to gimp - a free program - people love freebies - chuckle
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