Xsite Pro Question: Possible to import html templates?

by Mad Dawg 10 replies
Hey warriors,

The title pretty much says it all. I got a graphic designer to do a wonderful html template for my site, but now I have no clue how to import it to xsite pro. I'd really rather not have to redo the whole thing in frontpage.

Does anyone know how to import an hmtl template, borders header, footer, and all, into xsite pro?

Thanks warriors!

Noah "Mad Dawg" Tyrrell
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    Hi Noah,

    Go to "Page Layout"... For example, at the top it says "Header Panel" and you can upload your own header image from your hard drive. You can do the same with the footer and background. Just remember to also adjust the width of your left panel and right panel.

    All the best,
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      Thanks Francouis,

      The template has a different background in the margins up along the header template than it does along the rest of the margins. Is there anyway to control this in xsitepro? Its the only thing I cant make look right.

      Thanks again!
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    I too have problems with importing templates into XSP. If it's just the basic header, footer and margins I'm okay, but I have no idea how to do tables (that I want content inside).

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      I get asked this all the time so i just made a video about it.

      The short answer is you need to publish your site to your desktop, then import all the images into XSitePro's resource manager. Open up your web layout tab and reset the panels to match your old template and then use the images where appropriate - header/footer/background, etc.

      When bringing in the content from the site you should strip the html code via a text editor and then paste it into the design tab of each page, then reformat.

      If you need a designer to do this for you there are plenty of very competent XSitePro designers around. Check the WSO section because quite often there are $69 specials for custom templates and i'm sure they would rather copy an existing site than make one from scratch.

      The XSitePro forum also has lots of designers who are really good at XSitePro.
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    the import button is for xsitepro .xse format not html sites. you can also import articles that will create pages automatically

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