How to make a registration form and connect it to Mysql in cpanel?

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I am not a web designer apart from few basic stuffs which i know, I have been asked to make a small site for a event in school.The site has few pages of info which i have done in Html...they told me that i should have one page in the site for registration form to collect the details of the student participating in the event.

I have Cpanel hosting with hostmonster, can anyone tell me how to make a registration form and connect it to my MSQL in cpanel....I see lots of code available in google but they are all going above my head...can anyone tell me easily how to do this with my cpanel hosting...
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    Thank you worldpeace888, actually I am having problem with this too. I am working on mysql using xamp, and in hostmonster you will see mysql. but the thing is, I am having trouble with my php code for my password that is not connecting to my database, but I think I uploaded it correctly.

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