Help putting a flyer in an email

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Could someone please tell me how to make a flyer (in pdf) appear in the body of an email instead of sending it as an attachment?

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    There's no easy way that I'm aware of that will let you embed a PDF file directly into the message. PDF will need some type of viewer, and normally a mail client or web interface will not be able to do that directly within the email message. There may be some hairy way to do it, but it's probably not a good idea for compatibility reasons. My advice is to either post the PDF somewhere and include the link in the email, or simply convert the PDF to an image and include that either directly in the email or as an attachment.

    I'm not sure if there are any converters online, but I know you can easily convert a PDF to image using tools like Photoshop. If you need help let me know.

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    The easiest way is to convert the pdf to an image and place it in your email.

    If this is not possible, you will have to attach it.

    To convert a pdf to an image check out this tutorial -> 6 Ways To Convert A PDF To A JPG Image

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