Can anyone help remove slide show from WordPress

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I have a blog in the Gazette edition of Woo themes and I want to replace the home page slide show (image carousel) to a static image. The annoying slide show must go--I have tried to change it but it only breaks the theme.
Need some suggestions---Woo themes requires a paid support to get any answers...
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    Hi Julia,

    There is a function call for the gallery plugin in your theme files.

    Possibly you need to remove that from index.php, home.php ....

    If you can PM me your blog access details, i can do this for you,
    as I am not sure about exact files names of this theme, i cannot
    tell you specific files lines to change...

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    Thanks, but it looks like I am stuck with the slide show--I got it working again. It is a finicky theme but I may drop you a note later if another site just has to have this adjustment.
    Thanks again...
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    Hey Julia,

    Getting rid of the carousel and adding a static image in it's place is actually quite easy and you don't have to screw around with any complicated code or anything that will induce a headache. lol

    First, just disable the carousel.

    From your Wordpress admin, go to the "Theme Options" under the "Gazette" header in the left sidebar of your admin.

    Now that you're on the options screen, click "Home Page Carousel" to open up the options specific to the carousel.

    Here you want to disable the carousel by unchecking the box next to
    "Check this box if you wish to display the carousel on your homepage."

    Click "save changes", and now the carousel will be gone from your site's home page.

    Ok, now add a static image in it's place.

    You will need to edit a file, so whether you do that from file manager in Cpanel, or FTP is your choice.

    The file you want to open is default.php and is located here:

    When you open that, you will want to place an image tag (that will show your static image) right at the top of the code, just below the first line that reads:
    <div class="box">
    Simply add the image tag with a couple line breaks afterward so that it doesn't sit flush against the excerpt boxes.

    Just find the url of your static image and add this code:
    <img src="" width="590" height="270" alt="My Image"><br /><br />
    As you may have noticed above, the image size that will fit nicely (the same size as the default carousel) is 595px x 270px

    Obviously, you could add CSS and style the image, etc. if you want, but this is the basic steps to get the static image in place.

    Just save the file, and you're done.

    Hope that helps.
    If you get stuck on something, let me can also feel free to PM me.

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      But I am dead in the water from the see, I do not find any "home carousel" anywhere. I have looked for it before with no luck.

      My dashboard shows "Gazette Edition Options"...then I see "general settings" but no "home carousel" there nor under "appearance--editor". Am I missing something or are we seeing different versions of Gazette themes?
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