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Hey Guys;

I've helped out a few of you, trouble-shooting your WP questions.. And so I've decided to allow anyone to ask me FREE Of charge in this thread, how to fix there WP Problems.

I am certified according to certmetrics, to work on wordpress. However, I don't trust that certification.

So TEST ME warriors

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    I have several questions for you. Thank you so much for your help. I am not familiar with word press and woo commerce

    There was a design company that offered to help boost sales for my client by doing a website redesign and migrating everything over from Shopify to Woo Commerce. They charged my client $6,000 and from what I can tell on the dashboard they just used a cloning plug in and migrating tool for the shopping cart and only used the image optimization for speed on the main pages. They also stated SEO and mobile optimization. All speed tests have failed and I site visits have dropped significantly. I am wondering if that is because they didn't pay for the additional extension keeping organic SEO from previous shopping cart. Oh and there are several pages they left live with just the template and gibberish.

    Currently they want an additional 150 a month to do any updates including word press updates or security updates for our shopping cart. Is this standard for a website design company who is also charging us 49.00 a month to host our site.

    Can Shopify shopping carts be used with word press templates as we did not want woo commerce?

    I can't log into the dashboard because it needs a word press update for the database. Will this mess up my site?

    I tried to update a plug in on my shopping cart because I couldn't get the price to change and stay and it messed up my whole site.

    Does wordpress have a theme or plug in's available that can include a shopping cart and loo similar to the yeti cooler site.

    Thank you for your help. I feel like once the pages were cloned over and the shopping cart was migrated over they left us high and dry. There were even products in the shopping cart that have no value or the tax wasn't correct and they said it was not their problem.

    We have less than 500 products and 4 pages that were migrated over. Does a rebuild of a template site with 5 pages and a shopping cart take several weeks in your opinion?

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