Help Please: how to create HTML link to a zip file

Profile picture of the author SShip by SShip Posted: 01/11/2011

I have a website that is selling a group of products but I can't seem to get the zip files into aweber as a group for the purchaser to get immediately after they purchase. I'm wondering how to create html link to a zip file.

There are 107 products they will get for $27. I have uploaded them to my server as,, etc... I am completely stuck now and can't seem to find anything online about it. I would like to create a link to these files on the server to put into AWeber so the customer can have them delivered directly after purchase. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!!
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    Thank you!

    Where do I put the <a href="">File</a> ?

    I don't know what to do after putting the zip files on the server.
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    Istvan Horvath
    On your download page.

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