How do I get anchour text to move to the next line?

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I want a list of anchor text like so:

Link A
Link B
Link C

At the moment when I try and put them on separate lines it still just goes:

Link A Link B Link C

How do I correct this?
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    try this:

    link A<br />
    link B<br />
    link C<br />
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    Nope tried that .

    I also tried
    which worked until I tried putting another link in now I haven;t been able to get it back

    Ok I got it.

    I just put the

    on a different line.
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    the lines should look like this:
    <a href="urla">link A</a><br />
    <a href="urlb">link B</a><br />
    <a href="urlc">link C</a><br />
    unless you have styled the br using CSS, this should work.

    using </br> is deprecated, the correct syntax is <br />, if your document is XHTML. Otherwise, strict HTML will allow <br>

    good luck
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    Thanks, yes mine is xhtml.
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    It would be extremely useful if you tell us where exactly is this occuring.
    In a XHTML website you hand coded?
    In a WP site? If WP, in a post? in a widget? in a template?
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    It's ok I fixxed it now but it was in a page doing anchour texts/internal linking to another page (in WP).

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