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Hey guys,

I know there are millions of PhotoShop tutorials out there but I'm looking for one that serves and absolute, and I mean absolute beginner.

All the tutorials I've found with Google so far so far keep asking me to do stuff that I then spend 30 minutes looking up how to do.

My end goal is to be able to design my own WordPress themes.
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    Have you tried this one yet? I have been using ps for years, but a friend said this one is good. I hope it helps.

    Basix | Psdtuts+
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    Thanks. Im loving this tutorial
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  • Profile picture of the author txconx It's $25 for a regular 1-month subscription. You can easily finish the basic courses on Photoshop in a month.
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    I second PSDTuts. Great free tutorials covering a wide variety of things to do.
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      If you want a free video tutorials, just search video to youtube and I think videosurf have it as well. Lynda.Com is a good source also but you must pay for it but the advantage is, you can watch video there step by step so you will learn it from basics to advance.
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        Photoshope is one of the best Application or the software for the purpose of the Designing and there are so many tutorials you can see from the Internet from which you can get the Live Demo and so you can get the proper ideas about the Photoshope.
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      I second PSDTuts. Great free tutorials covering a wide variety of things to do.
      yes I love the site too
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    Ive said this on a nother post to some one, nip over to Free Video Tutorials For Beginners Learning Web Design he shows you how to design your site in photoshop, then slice it up, then code it up.

    Saved me a few hours lol.

    Good luck

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      Originally Posted by sibster View Post

      Free Video Tutorials For Beginners Learning Web Design[/url] he shows you how to design your site in photoshop, then slice it up, then code it up.
      this is really nice link works and saves time!!
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    Have you heard of the TotalTraining suite? They're just fantastic.

    Google it. That's how I learned to use Dreamweaver and Photoshop.
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    Yeah. Photoshop is the best software to design any website or logos. I know when i have started my career in designing, at that time i was learning it and still now after invention of many photo softwares, still i am using that software only.
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    hey thanks, i love this software..
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    I still don't have photoshop and I'm ust getting started in web design. I've been using and seems to work very well for a free service. I was wondering if anyone has used it and what limitations it may have with regards to web design?
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  • Profile picture of the author IM Alex is also a good place to check out, that's where I learned most of what I know about Photoshop.

    If you're in doubt, you're not in doubt.

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    Photoshop is a standard name in graphic design for web use, print layout, & more. Recognized world-wide as the industry-standard, Photoshop offers of the most robust graphics editing experiences available. Learn tips & tricks, icy effects, & how to make use of the Photoshop tools more effectively.
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      I also recommend Lynda for learning the basics. Nicely laid out and doesn't cost very much as another poster mentioned. I've never seen PsdTuts before but I am going to check them out.

      After you go through the basics and if you want to get into creating minisites I HIGHLY recommend by Nicolaas Theron. I learned so much from this site. Not only on minisite creation but on blending techniques, colors, transparency, etc. I think it might even be good for a beginner to Photoshop.
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    I also prefer to use Lynda.The guidance is much better than the other tutorials.We are freshers. So, better guidance is required.It also made the teaching very easy.Now I just love to work with Photo Shop.
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      To learn photoshop you have to visit the w3school sit. W3school is so nice site and this site contain tutorial of so many programming language. It language is easy in understand and implement.
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