How much to charge for simple wordpress site design? and for Dreamweaver design?

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Hello warriors!

I wanted to know how much to charge for designing a simple wordpress website? i dont know how much to charge, as i design site by myself, but now i have got a client. So i need to design a website for them. here is a screen shot of the similar website. The design should look like this. SO...

So what should i charge if i use wordpress to design the site and what should i charge if i design site in Dreamweaver and photoshop?

Pls let me know...

Thank you!!!
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    if you are going to design logo and other graphics too for your client apart from the website, then i think for wordpress it should be no less than 200$..

    If you are going to do the same thing in dreamweaver, double the prices..
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    oh, if you're planning on creating logos and graphics, then yes, you could up the price slightly.

    also depends on your competition, how clued up your client is and how much money they have.
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    I agree with Trisha, if its a small project that won't take you too long to finish, then give them an estimate of hours, and charge hourly. Tell them that you will set up an excel sheet that describes everything you got done. That gives them a sense of security if you decide to charge a higher hourly rate.

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