What is the best website platform?

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I am wondering what you all think is the easiest website platform that can be accessed through a user name/password (software doesn't live on your computer). I have clients that want to be able to make changes themselves to their websites later on. (Point-of-reference: Joomla and Drupal are not the easiest). Has to be cheap or free, and you can put a decent shopping cart on it. No steep learning curve.
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    the flexibility that wordpress has recently introduced is ridiculous, you can do so many things with it. (this is coming from a long time joomla enthusiast)

    Sites such as themeforest.net show expamples of amazing ways you can code a template. This site has created a means for normal people to make money off of making truely amazing work. They don't need a business, they just create a bad ace product and it sells like wildfire.

    You can use custom post types that have special fields making it very easy for the lay person to correctly present a certain type of content.

    You can create a "white label" backend dumbed down for the user.

    Elliott condon has a great new "advanced custom fields" plugin, that i think is currently one of the most powerful up and coming wordpress plugins ever made for creating custom post types and page templates with super easy administration ability.
    If you simply google elliot condon and look at this plugin, you'll understand what im talking about.

    Im particularly excited about using it to create ratings / reviews / rankings type pages for affiliate sites, but the point is that it adds fields in the post type so you can very easily add content and create items associated with other fields etc.
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    I would also go with WordPress, and ditch "a client" that wanted "free or cheap" as this would reflect on what you can deliver within a cheap or free budget.

    There are loads of good paid and free plugins for WordPress, the research, testing, load testing and tweeking of these will take a bit of time, I cannot see how you could scratch the surface in "1 day" it would take that in research.

    Lastly your time is money is that time going to be "free or cheap"?
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    addaminsane@ Well I was looking for this info too, Thanks
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    You get what you pay for in my opinion and the thesis theme for wordpress is the best Content Management System on Offer. Its a premium version of the standard wordpress framework which you can customize or simply add a premium skin/theme.
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    I would also recommend Wordpress for a CMS. Basically any webmaster knows how to use it these days, and if not, it is very easy to learn.
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    wordpress is the ideal fit for what you and your base will need down the road. Very user friendly and easy to teach via phone/chat.
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    I am going with Wordpress also. It is by far the most supported and the most flexible.
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    As i know i think HTML, java script and u can also use c# as a base for website platform.........
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    Thanks for the tips and recommendations all. I myself have always been a huge fan of wordpress. It does have the best user-end functionality and I think it also has the best longevity as compared to other CMS's they update very frequently.
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    Wordpress would be the easiest and have the smallest learning curve.
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    Use of Wordpress is universal. Several other options for building a good website are Joomla, Zen Cart and VirtueMart. They are all user friendly and easy to use.
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    WORDPRESS is hands down the way to go, not to mention there are a ton of plug-ins that will make your life so much easier
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    i am working with wordpress its looks good for me
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    I got my answer, I will use wordpress as you all are agree with website platform.
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    I would suggest you to go for wordpress. It is user friendly and at present everyone is familiar with it and those who are not, can easily learn it.
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    I suggest you use Wordpress too it's easy to learn and use, but mainly has a big community following that is always adding to the plugins, so you can add a lot of functionality to your site that would usually cost you lots of $$ to hire a programmer for. I've been putting all my clients on it for years and they love it.
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    I will suggest Drupal, but I read your content, so aside from drupal, wordpress is a best choice also
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    I am using word press and I definitely go with word press.
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    I want to build a Website with an out of the box tool to be SEO friendly, easy to build pages, able to build an email list, and with contact forms.I appreciate the suggestions. Do any of these come with software to build a Website? If so, which is best?
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    I am using word press and I definitely go with word press. So, for me the best Option for the website is wordpress, it is 100% user friendly and you dont have to know too much HTML to get around. Am happy to always make great sites from wordpress.

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