Redirecting Domains...Please Help!

by goin4it 9 replies
I have recently purchased several domains that i intend to redirect to certain pages of my main site.

My first question would be .... is this frowned upon in the eyes of the all mighty goolgle?

The second question I have is ... what is the best way to do this?

I currently have my main site hosted on a VPS through another company. The domains that I just purchased are being hosted through godaddy. I can redirect them through godaddy but I am already paying for an VPS to host the main site and would like to consolidate the domains to that host.

Would the best thing to do in this situation be to set up an iframe? And will the domains themselves be able to be MetaTagged?

If an I frame is the solution is anyone able to do this for me?

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    Don't think it is frowned upon... but only if the domain name is NOT relevant to the landing page...

    1. From Godaddy... Can u can enter the URL where you want the domain name to redirect?
    2. Can you add the domain name to ur VPS server/setup DNS records fro it... then change the DNS (Hosting Server) setting on Godaddy to point to the VPS server
    3. Yes u can setup a page for each domain on godaddy, and create an iframe to pull the main page... not highly recommended but if you have to u can... but i would try the first two suggestions first...
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    Is this an attempt to receive the page rank of the old domains or just their traffic?
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      Dont do the iframe thing!

      As pabrigowar has already suggested:

      -checkout your VPS control panel and find out where and how to add additional domains (you probably have to create a virtual host in apache..) and email your hosting company if you need help!

      -next thing is to setup the IP/DNS records in the Godaddy domain control panel for the selected domains and everything should work fine.

      I highly suggest to contact godaddy and/or your hosting company and let them explain to you exactly what you have to do! they are supposed to help - thats why you pay hosting costs
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    pabrigowar and andrejvasso ..... Thank you very much for this extremely helpful information! Now the next step is to figure out how to do this. I am currently using Linode and it is not a managed host. It may take me a while to do but i think i can figure it out with the info you two gave me. Thanks again!

    dixon.... This is an attempt to gain the traffic from those domains. The content on the page that the domain is totally relevant to the domain which the domain is completely relevant to the search terms if that makes sense at all...haha!
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      Hi Goin4it,

      I have had to take these steps myself on a unmanaged vps too and yet I have had some great help from the support team. I am sure your hosting provider is happy to help in case you are stuck and write it an email, allthough its an unmanaged plan.

      glad to help!
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        Wouldn't htaccess redirects in the root of the domains work? Code such as this:

        RewriteEngine on
        RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$
        RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301]

        Any requests to are automatically remapped to in the above example. being the domain where the above htaccess file code would be placed.
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          Originally Posted by Mkj View Post

          Wouldn't htaccess redirects in the root of the domains work? Code such as this:

          RewriteEngine on
          RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$
          RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301]

          Any requests to are automatically remapped to in the above example. being the domain where the above htaccess file code would be placed.
          This works if the domain is already pointing to a server and you can host a .htacccess file there. However, Goin4it, has multiple domains but didnt point them to his VPS yet.

          Therefore, there is no "document root" for these domains on his server yet. He needs to add the domains to his server (virtual hosts in apache) and assign the ip/dns @godaddy. Once thats done, each domain will point to a specific dir on his server (will be set in the virtual hosts configuration) and he is able to put files (.htaccess,html or w/e) in there and access it.
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    Hahahah!! You guys crack me up..... im a newbi at all of this and have no idea what your talking about. I can assure you that i am going to research whatever it is that you are saying and figure it out though!

    I have another curveball for you....has anyone ever set up a wordpress install on an unmanaged server? If so any tips?
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