Can someone help me with Wordpress pages?

by Beatrice 5 replies

Yesterday I uploaded an affiliate link (probably in the wrong directory) and since that my wordpress website has gone "wonky". I asked Hostgator to help me, but they only made things worse. I no longer have access to the pages I have created in Wordpress and can't update them.

I would love if someone had some time to talk on Skype.

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    It would really help if you were a bit more specific than "wonky" )
    Can you log in to the admin panel at all?
    Were you running any backup service plugin (for example EZPZ backup)
    Do you have FTP access or access via cpanel to the WP directory?

    I know it doesn't help this time round, but I always install EZPZ backup as one of my first tasks for a new site and I create a new backup every time before installing a new plugin. Saves hours of work if a plugin reacts badly to something else :-\
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      Hello Karen!

      ..sorry I uploaded a file (containing a cloaked link) into a directory. On my website I should basically have 2x pages - 1 squeeze page (which was initially created by Fiverr under the name patric.php) and a thank you page (default template).

      Now when I type my website url in a browser, the squeeze page appears (although not the one I want), but the main problem is that I cannot grab it to edit it in the Wordpress Dashboard. the patric.php template is no longer there.

      I asked Hostgator for help yesterday, and I think they have "messed up the plugins"

      Can you log in to the admin panel at all?
      Were you running any backup service plugin (for example EZPZ backup)
      Do you have FTP access or access via cpanel to the WP directory?
      Yes I can log into the admin panel
      No, I was not running any backup service plugin
      I have FTP access and also cpanel access via Hostgator

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        Since you've uploaded a file, have you tried connecting to your host through FTP and deleting the file manually? Perhaps that'll do the trick.
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          It's been my experience that WP doesn't really work too well with squeeze pages and the like. My advice would be to delete the WP installation and upload all files as HTML through your CPanel interface or FTP.

          I'm guessing what's probably happened is that the page you uploaded over-wrote something with the same name in the WP database, which is why you're now seeing the "wrong" page when you go to your site.
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    Hmmm... I am confused: I thought I heard everything that can be said about WP - however, I don't understand what is "uploading a link" in a directory...

    You can upload files (of different type) but not a link, which is just a string of letters.

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