Best eCommerce Platforms?

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I am going to build an ecommerce site and am wondering what would be the best platform. I am currently running a ecommerce site on wordpress but am not that pleased with it. Looking for something that is a little easier to customize and has good support. Maybe drag and drop too. Would also prefer something that is a onetime fee and not monthly but am open to the best solution.

been looking at magento commerce, 3cart, americommerce and a few others.

thanks for the help
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    If you like wordpress and want to continue using it I would recommend using shopperpress theme. There are quite a few nice, easy to use ecommerce plugins and themes for wordpress

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      I will share eight shopping cart “must haves” that I believe can help you select the proper ecommerce platform for your business and your marketing plan.

      1. Pick an SEO-friendly Cart
      2. Coupon Code Support
      3. RSS Capability
      4. Cross-selling Functionality
      5. Customer Reviews
      6. Product Sharing and Recommendations
      7. Multiple Images, Image Zooming
      8. Manage Campaign Landing Pages

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    Several options are open to you. Magento. VirtueMart. Zen Cart. Drupal. Choosing among these what suits your work best is the important factor. All these e-commerce website platforms are open source, user friendly and free. They come with a lot of interesting features and are greatly flexible.
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    Do keep in mind Magento will require some time to learn but once you figure it out, you will realize how powerful it is. A lot of our clients use Magento for setting up their eCommerce website.

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    I agree with haymanpl

    Its been really good and effective also much more easy and reliable.
    Personally I consider Magento to be the best shopping cart software for E-commerce websites

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    There are several other things to consider, security being a major factor. Are you going to accept credit cards? Be familiar with PCI compliance standards.
    What information are you going to keep on-site? It is against most merchant accounts to store credit card numbers. Something you do not want to do.
    How many products are you going to have? If only a few then most any shopping cart will suffice. If it is a large number then you will need sufficient storage and processing power since some of these systems are resource hogs.
    Most systems have trials, if not free. Set up a development server and test them until you find one you like.
    Research for any security flaws and hacks for any system you have your eye on. Hacking seems to be running rampant now days, so having a secure system is a must. When you do set up your system be absolutely sure to lock down your server or hire someone to do this. There are many scripts that look for vulnerabilities in these shopping carts and you will get tested on a daily basis.

    Good luck!

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    Magento is the best one with the most features out of the box. That's what we use for our clients.

    However Ecwid has a nice drag and drop feature. It depends on what your needs and budget is. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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    Hello everyone,

    I am wondering what are the best eCommerce solutions?

    I am using wordpress shopperpress at the moment and absolutely hate it, its extremely slow, bugs out alot and is just a general pain in the a**.

    I would like to use something else but there seem to be so many different options out there, I would really like to see what solutions other people are using.

    I don't have any coding skill so would like something thats drag n drop. Would also like something thats flexible too tho, maybe with themes like wordpress? or is easy to change the layout with.

    Thanks in advance
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      and i would like to use something that has an integrated shopping cart, ie can use paypal pro or something similar
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      There are quite some good ones in the market but which platform to choose depends on your needs.
      Wordpress ecommerce plugins are one time pay if you select a paid ones are not so good. Magento is a good one but its complicated and costly. Joomla virtuemart is again very complicated and bulky. You can try shopify which is good but its premium.


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    I think Joomla and Magento will be the best if you are going to build eCommerce website. WordPress is also great and popular CMS, but it is good for blog building. Joomla has eCommerce extentions, as example you can use the most popular VirtueMart component. Magento aslo has a lot of eCommecre extensions.
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    You may have just had a bad experience with wordpress - make sure you check some of the ecommerce themes at Otherwise shopify is great if you change your mind about a monthly fee
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    I'm using joomla, it has a lot of plugins special fot that
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    The answer to the question is more complex than the anecdote based claims most of us make. There are many ecommerce products out there, and I am not going to make snap claims that one is best. Many are good, a few are not.

    Magento gets a big mention, and I agree that it is a good product. It has limitations - but they are quite possibility not relevant.

    The first thing you need to establish to choose a system for your ecommerce is exactly what you are hoping to achieve. What are your products. How do you wish to display them. What customer functionality and searches do you wish to include. What back office tools to you need. How will you do your inventory control. What reporting are you looking for. Will you want/need integration with other software, such as an accounts package.

    Without a detailed specification, it is unwise to make claims as to which is best.

    However, there is good news! Many of the products mentioned above are actually, when you have become conversant with them, pretty versatile!
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    wordpress is a good choice
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    Really don't know why you want to change Wordpress to another platform, but I can recommend you joomla. Joomla has a lot of ecommerce plugins, especially you should check virtuemart.
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    Try I find it easy to use and it works the first time.

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    The best platform that I have used is by far Magento.

    It is strictly for eCommerce, like OSCommerce, but I feel that it's just a 'big kid' ecommerce platform. Better features, faster and more versatile IMO.

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