I just wondering if it is possible to dictate what browser will open in an <a> </a> tag?

by ansokclifford 4 replies

I just wondering if it is possible to dictate what browser will open in an <a> </a> tag?

is it possible? do you know how? pls help
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    You mean to "force" the user to view your site in IE (instead of Chrome) or in Firefox (instead of Opera)?

    I don't think so. And why would you want to do something that will definitely annoy everybody?

    In my browser I even over-ride those "instructions" like 'open in a new window'.

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      yes thats what i meant, forcing the user to open site in IE instead of chrome.

      i just want to show theme my site in different browsers for compatibility
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    And how do you know what OS and what browser is installed on my machine - if I am the user?

    That's not a viable idea...

    Make screenshots!

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    No, you can't force a link to open in a specific browser, but you can use a "browser-sniffing" script and:
    1. Prompt a user to use a different browser to view your website (e.g. "This page is best viewed in Firefox")*; and/or
    2. Serve up different pages/site versions according to the browser used.

    *BTW Not saying this is a good idea, websites should be cross-browser compatible, just saying it's possible.
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