Optimizepress vs Flexsqueeze (wordpress themes)

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I cant decide between Optimizepress or Flexsqueeze. Which one is better for content, review sties, adsense, and sniper sites. I know the big thing for both of them is membership sites and squeeze pages, but im for now i just need to know about what i listed above.

Btw price is not a deciding factor for me.

Thank You!
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    Neither. Optimizepress is a theme for sales pages and squeze pages, it also creates membership dashboard pages (it does not create membership websites!!!!). Flexsqueze as far as I know creates sales pages and squeze pages.

    For adsense get a regular blog theme.
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    I only use Optimizepress it's easy to use for squeeze pages and sales pages and comes with all sorts of buttons for headers with PSD that you can use photoshop to design yourself.

    Full video tutorials comes as standard here's what you get:

    OptimizePress Essential Viewing

    OptimizePress Basics Training

    Squeeze Page Setup Tutorials

    Sales Page Setup Tutorials

    Launch Setup Tutorials

    Membership Page Setup Tutorials

    Blog Setup Tutorials

    Video For Web
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    Personally I would go for OptimizePress.
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    I've been doing some research along these lines as well and it looks like optimizepress is going to be my choice.
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    optimize press provides the framework for many different types of pages and funnels including squeeze pages. it also works with membership sites. far and away better than flexsqueeze
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      Does flextheme allow you to use different headers for different pages on a wordpress site? I am looking to have a unique header per page of my site.

      Thank you.
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    As a happy owner of Optimize Press, I wish I could say the same for Optimize Press 2.0, the 'concept' was great... the new theme/plugin reliability, pricing, and layout... completely unstable! - I waited months to buy OP 2.0 and am highly disappointed!

    I actually was looking for reviews on Flex Squeeze as an alternative to OP 2.0.

    Honestly, I think the ONLY real solution is to create your own theme, unfortunately... I am not that qualified... but, the more I have to learn "How to fix" these premade themes, definitely getting closer, lol.
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    I haven't tried Optimize but I am more than happy with Flexsqueeze.

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