Odesk Hourly rate

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OK I am for the first time looking into Odesk and I'm creating a profile. One of the first question I come to is what do I charge? I'm never sure where to go with this one. I've been in the IT field for many year. When doing contract work as systems and network support I always charged between $95 and $125 an hour. On the other hand when doing the same work as an employee the going rate seems to be around $35/hr. Now obviously this is different work than web design or graphics. While I have been working with web design and graphics for years it has always been for my own sites and my own projects. I know years ago I used to do graphics for t-shirt screen printing and for that work I would charge $35/hr. Just off hand I'm thinking this may be a suitable hourly rate for both graphics and web design/ site creation layout and design.

Would appreciate any thoughts on this. Anyone's personal experience.
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