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    all depends on the type of affiliate site you are creating... there is no hard and fast sure
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    which is the best way to make a eCommerce or affiliate site?
    with joomla or with wordpress?
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    An affiliate website should look like a regular website that is trying to help people. It should use your affiliate links or ads, but shouldn't be spammy. Afterall, nobody will go to a page full of links to affiliate places. They need a reason.

    The moral of the story - let's not make websites that are just link after link to earn you money. Actually make a website that is providing value to people.
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    An affiliate website should be one that has enough information to inform the user of the product or products, and also has a similar theme to the buyers page, this will allow for the user to transition smoothly to the buyers page, and not seem timid when they switch websites.
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    First of all you should have quality products.
    And site should be attractive to get more conversions.
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    A affiliate website should be informative but interesting to your customers and viewers. I have beena publishing my own E-Books for years now and affiliates normally love the chance to try out a product to promote after I can provide them with proof that it converts well. If you are thinking about trying out a new product try emailing the seller first to see if they have any kind of affiliate tools available for you to make your work load easier. As a Publisher I realize that I will make more money if your sales increase which means that I am not only going to provide you with proof that my product concerts but I also offer free sales letter copies, active forum list, text/video reviews and whatever else might help you.

    Some may even offer you whole landing page designs that are proven to convert well for that particular niche.
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