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I have searched around and all of the ones I have found seem to be outdated or gone.

Are there alternate ways to creating a sales page with wordpress besides getting a new domain name?
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    Not sure what you mean ? ... Create a sale page, what do you want the page to do. Why not just make your own sales page. Maybe I am missing the question. You might have to re-word your question. Sorry
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      I can create a salespage on wordpress, but it will always have the border, header, and footer around it.

      I have attempted many times to make custom php page but that hasn't worked out too well.

      What I am asking if there is a plugin for wordpress that allows you to make a plugin, so it doesn't have my current theme template on it.
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    If you want to create sales pages, its should be match with your wordpress theme. You can use single theme with attractive view, especially for sales pages purpose and design.
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    Can anyone recommend a really good sales page plugin. I have tried Optimize Press but feel I am not getting good results with it.
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    Have you ever though of creating an HTML page that links back to your wordpress blog?
    There isn't any plugin that just does sales for you - it should be designed custom for your product.

    If you're having trouble creating the pages with wordpress or by itself I recommend getting a new theme, one that is more tailor made for your product

    Maybe this one will help, http://www.wpsalesautomator.com/

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