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I have a website that I installed wordpress on using Fantastico. The website is for the sale of a product I am creating.

I want to have one page on the domain be a sales page and another page be a download page where the customer can download the pdf and videos after they purchase. I will also have a contact page and privacy page.

I want to protect and hide the download page so that tech savvy people won't be able to find it if they somehow search my domain files. Is there a secure way to do that?

Are there any other security measures I should be taking? Thank you.
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    There are many scripts, etc.. that can be used to protect a download page and someone is going to jump in here and tell you I'm quite sure.
    You can use such a simple script, or use better premium methods like:
    wp emember + wpestore
    DAP digital access pass
    and there are certainly more.

    I could spend the next 2 hours just talking about your download page, but I'll give you a summary.
    I've been through this with hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years.
    It is way easier then many people would imagine to get into your "secret" pages that you think are protected. There's more then one way to access the downloads then just your download page.
    It's actually pretty shocking how many download pages/websites can be accessed with just a small amount of effort by a knowledgeable person, and it's not just newbie website owners, but big name gurus!

    A lot of time, effort, community feedback, and thought has been put into many of the top plugin/estore/member plugins (like above), and if your product has any value, then spending a few bucks will easily pay for itself fast.
    Nothing is foolproof, but download page/product theft is rampant so you want to do what you can.
    There are many more options out there, but one's above work very well.

    EDIT: Also wanted to add, you could protect your download area like ft knox, but if your site is vulnerable, it won't matter to a persistant hacker. Think of your wordpress install like a simple house with four walls. In the basement of the house you have a locked room with your valuables (downloads), but somewhere in the house you leave a window unlocked. All they need to do is get into the house, and your stuff in now vulnerable.
    Security is so underrated and overlooked. WordPress out of the box is pretty good, but not good enough. Tweaking is needed.
    digwp.com has some decent articles about security as well as perishablepress.com
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    Alright, here is one way you can avoid people "stealing" your files from the so called "hidden areas"

    If you are making a landing page for a single product, then use this plugin to get the paypal buy now button, WordPress › WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart « WordPress Plugins

    In the plugin settings, it will ask for a thank you page url or the url of the page where your customer will go after puchasing the product. Create this page on another domain, insert the url here. Your files will be in a different domain and hosting account, and not this one where you are selling it.

    However, you might have to modify the plugin a bit so that it functions for a single product only and not multiple products.
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    Can you guys tell me if the plugin S2 member would suit my needs? Thanks guys.
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      Originally Posted by iconoclast View Post

      Can you guys tell me if the plugin S2 member would suit my needs? Thanks guys.
      I don't use it but I know many people do.
      They do have Amazon Cloudfront and S3 integration that that could be helpful. (you would need an Amazon account).
      If your seeking a free solution, also check out easydigitaldownloads.com which is also free and has many addons available.
      It's created by pippin williamson who does some excellent coding.
      For an online turnkey solution, you may check out e-junkie.com as well. It's not free but very cheap.
      "David has managed the digital side of my retail business for over 8 yrs
      and I can't imagine working with anyone else. ~ Carrie Silva | TheDoghouseLLC
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