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Hello warriors,
Some of my friends say to me that my blog isn't good enough. but i think it is okay.
yet i still feel that the blog need some work which i can't figure out at this moment.
But with your opinion about how it looks and what to add or remove i work to improve it.
The blog is the make money niche and here is the link to:

Appreciate your opinion.
Thank you.
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  • Profile picture of the author Red Shield
    Hi, here is my review :
    • Your sales letter is good, but i think too many color? So the main point is rather "lose" when you used too may color for the sales letter.
    • Add a nice header, it will add more impact for visitor.
    • Change the background color.
  • Profile picture of the author LogoDesign4u
    you site need a logo. you website need a title.
  • Profile picture of the author curationsoft
    the proof images are annoying, i think its not necessary to show too much images that are almost the same.
  • Profile picture of the author premiumdesigns
    The sales page is goo as it is on white background, but I will suggest please add an attractive Header and a nice pattern in the background.
  • Profile picture of the author curationsoft
    i think the front page is scattered with promotional text or images

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