Want to convert wordpress site back to XsitePro

by Adam Jackson 5 replies

I have a larger site that someone converted over to wordpress approx. 2 months ago. I'm considering converting the site back to XsitePro. What would I have to do to do this? I'd like to remove wordpress and reupload the site with XsitePro.


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    Originally Posted by Adam Jackson View Post

    I have a larger site that someone converted over to wordpress approx. 2 months ago. I'm considering converting the site back to XsitePro. What would I have to do to do this? I'd like to remove wordpress and reupload the site with XsitePro.
    Xsitepro is a client side app (at least my copy is) while WP is a database driven server-side app. So you will be converting dynamic (WP) pages back to static pages generated by XsitePro. Right? So, I think that this is not a conversion, it is a re-build.

    Therefore, the only way that *I* can see to do this is to copy all the content pages one by one over to the client side (rebuild) then upload it back again to the server side.

    Maybe someone else has other ideas?

    By the way, why are you going back to static.
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    Thanks Ed. My rankings have dropped across the board and I prefer Xsitepro over Wordpress. I may design small sites with wordpress, but I want to keep my main large site home with Xsitepro.

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      taking care of it for you...check your email
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        I am also facing this problem.

        I have several wordpress sites and it is causing problems for my hosting provider, hostgator. They have suspended my sites several times this month because they said it causing a a high load on the server.

        I have deleted quite a few plugins scripts until it is almost bare of plugins and each time, my site was restored for a few days before it is suspended again.

        I am thinking of shifting them back to html site to avoid any more suspension, as I am afraid all these suspension may affect my search rankings in future.

        Can anyone advice if there is any possiblity to convert my wordpress sites back html format without loss of search engine rankings? By the way, all my wordpress blogs permalink ends with .html now. Does that makes things easier if I decide to do the conversion?
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          I'm surprised to hear you lost ranking with Wordpress - all I can think is maybe you need to work on the setup and configuration?

          What SEO plugin did you use? Caching plugin? Were all your URL's the same? Did you 301 redirect old urls to the new if they changed? Have you installed an XML sitemap plugin? Submitted the correct feed URL to some feed aggregators?

          Are you using an SEO optimized theme? <h1> tags around titles - NOT the site name on each page? <h2> <h3> tags and so on used as they were on the old site?

          Usually wordpress ranks better then static sites in my experience. The only other potential problem is if you're getting a LOT of traffic, and your hosting isn't up to snuff to handle lots of traffic and a CMS / database driven site. If your site is slow Google may penalize you in the rankings.

          You can check site speed at Pingdom Tools

          If all else fails, the only way to go back to xsitepro that I know of is to manually copy/paste your content out of Wordpress. Tedious stuff!

          Good luck.
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